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The idea of dreams being even loosely based upon revealing the future is
completely ridiculous. Dreams must be of a present tense. This is proven by the
fact that you are asleep. Here is a theory of the actual interpretation of a dream.
The method of interpretation is a code like form. The dreamer must consult a book
of symbols and reveal the meanings of the symbols in the dream. An example: I
have dreamed of a motorcycle, the dream book would explain this as
transportation of either the body or the mind. Of course, with the rest of the
dream explained it becomes more clear. In addition to the transportation I have
dreamt of a wedding. The dream book would explain that it is an engagement,
having nothing to do with the fact that it is a wedding. I am learning that I will be
transported to an important engagement, either physically or psychologically,
judging by the current problem in my life I, as the dreamer, would have to decide
whether it was psychological or physical. Usually certain people or places have
nothing to do with the actual problem being dealt with. If the dreamer was doing
something wrong with or to a friend it doesn't necessarily mean that friend is
involved in any way at all. Say the dreamer is beating a close friend, some may
say that this would mean the dreamer and the friend are having a problem. The
fact that the friend is recognized in the dream may have nothing to do with the
actual problem. Just because it is a specific friend doesn't mean the dreamer is
having a problem with a friend, it may be his own tension inside. The fact that he
is beating someone signifies that he is releasing stress, the fact that it is a friend
signifies that it is some ones fault and not the dreamers. Moving onto another
method would be taking social status into play. This method was introduced by
Artemidoros of Daldis. His interpretation suggests that the same dream for the
rich man would have a different meaning for the poor man. I can disprove this
logic with a simple argument. The dream is taking place in the deep psychological
side of man, which social status comes into no part because it can change so
easily. Say a rich man is dreaming that he is crashing a car, the car would
symbolize his life, which obviously means that he has some kind of problem on his
hands that is destroying his life and brutally. Say a poor man dreams the same
thing. Obviously this means something is destroying his life swiftly and brutally.
They mean the same thing, social status does not come into play in the dream
world. In the dream world the only thing that matters is the mind and soul. Some
authors have suggested that dreams are based upon predicting the future.
Impossible. Some may argue that the unconsciousness leads to a separate part of
the brain being activated, the problem is, how? How can a person unlock a part of
his brain in the state of sleep. How does it unlock, and how is it possible that one
person can see the decisions of others. Telepathy is fake. It doesn't exist, doctors
have studied the brain, and yet people insist on believing. Dreams are not based
on the future, they are based on the problems going on in ones life at the moment
of the dream. A dream is a way of solving a problem without interaction with other
people. It is a way of blocking out other input, a way of extreme focus. The
problem is, the solution is in a metaphor, and many people would rather take the
time of talking it out and solving it them selves in the conscious world than solve
a complicated metaphor. So dreams can be disregarded, as they have been for
thousands of years. It takes an extremely obvious dream for someone to notice it.
For example, in the bible, Jacob solving the pharaohs dream, fairly simple. The
seven fat cows, after which came seven lean ones that devoured the former, were
a symbolic substitute for seven years of famine in the land of Egypt, which
according to the prediction were to consume all the surplus that seven fruitful
years had produced. But it took a calling for the pharaoh to understand that it was
significant. Supernatural being? An all powerful god? Highly likely. The
supernatural being is the one that gave the signal to discus the dream. Dr. Freud
would argue with me over the realism of the interpretation of dreams. He would
argue that the symbols is completely false. “The worthlessness of both these
popular methods of interpretation does not admit of discussion. As regards the
scientific treatment of the subject, the symbolic method is limited in its
application, and is not susceptible of a general exposition, In the cipher method
everything depends upon whether the `key', the dream-book, is reliable, and for
that all guarantees are lacking.” What Freud is regretting to say is, if there is a
reliable key source, which of course takes time, the symbols are easily seen and
interpreted. In conclusion, interpretation of dreams is common and fairly easy. I
have finished a topic that took Freud an entire book to attempt to solve.