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Research Title:

ALASA IN 2014/2015

Language as a tools of communication for interacting with environment. Without
language we coulden’t make interaction to each other. According Bloch and Trager said
“language is a system arbitrary vocal symbols by means of which social group cooperates”. It
means that language is use in social group for communicating. In the world there are so many
language. One of the language use in the world is English, because English has became an
international language right now.
In learning English, there are four skill must be mustered. There are: listening,
speaking, writing, and reading. Reading is an important skill that should be mastered by the
learners of English through all over the world. It is a skill that should be owned by the
students and cannot be neglected in the teaching-learning process for it support the success of
the students in their study. Yorky (1968:91) says, “Reading is probably the most skill students
need for success in their study. It means that through reading, students will get more
knowledge. Because reading is an activity that students always do on their lives which creates
chances for them to exercise their creative thinking skill to what they have read, as well as to
gather information, knowledge, opinion from printed material. It can be said, the more
students do reading the smarter they will be and the more the students get knowledge the
better their lives will be successful in their study and lives.
Futher more, Hallman in Stone (2009:39) says that reading is a fundamental goal that
children must master in order to be successful in school and in life. Also, reading is a visual
means of acquiring and retaining information. By reading, someone can get information,
ideas, opinions, from the text she or he reads. For example: when the readers read jounals,
newspapers, magazines, tabloids, books, and so on which have been written by different
people, so they can gain the new information. When someone wants to enrich their
knowledge, he/she must be diligent to read. So, if they have a good ability in reading, they
will have a better opportunity to gain the knowledge in their study. In this case, the students
have chances to exercise and cultivate their creative thinking skill to what they have read.

Then. the researcher concludes that Fit It strategy is can be used to increase the students’ ability in reading comprehension because the sudents can help the students to reinforce the meaning of the text. the activity also helps children clarify words. In KTSP 2006 SMP. The object of the action is the students’ ability in reading comprehension by using Fit It Strategy. the activity can be easily adapted for working with older students by using Fit It strategy. the motivation of the students in learning English is low. To overcome the problem above the rule of the English teacher is needed so much in order teaching learning process run well. the material taught by English teacher is so complex so that the students were not able to comprehend. In reaching this purpose. According ESA Region (2006:9) says the purpose of Fit It Strategy is to reinforce meaning and defenition of vocabulary. the researcher will use Class Room Action (CAR) research. there are some things that affect the students’ ability in comprehending text. Because the purpose of Fit It strategy is the students are able to reinforce meaning and defenition of vocabulary. the researcher use Fit It Strategy for the students at the eighth grade of SMP Negeri 2 Alasa. what the hope of the curriculum and Minimum Competence Criterion has been decided not achieved yet. . Based on the experts’ opinion. reading is one of skills that must be taught to the students. But. in which the students are hoped to master and comprehend the meaning from a short functional text. the wish of the students in learning reading is less so that they think that reading is a boring activity. namely: The students were not able to comprehend the reading text. While the subject of this research is the students at the Eighth class of SMP Negeri 2 Alasa. Based on the observation of researcher and information from the English teacher in SMP Negeri 2 Alasa. the boring atmosphere in the classroom during teching-learning process takes place because the teacher used his power and forces the students to follow his teaching method without paying attention for the students so that the students are bored to follow the teaching-learning process and even make them sleep. the Minimum Competence Criterion(MCC) has been decided is 60. although designed to work especially well with elementary-aged students. the vocabulary owned by the students is minimum.

Pd. F. atas perhatian saya ucapkan terimakasih. M. Adieli Laoli. PENARIK HATI ZEBUA NIM. S. 7. Drs. Nursayani Maru’ao 5. Penarik Hati Zebua NIM : 112108036 Jenjangpendidikan : Strata satu (S-1) Fakultas : Fakultas Pendidikan Bahasa dan Seni (PBS) Jumlah SKS yang Telah diselesaikan : 138 SKS Sehubungan dengan rencana saya untuk menulis skripsi pada semester genap Tahun Akademik 2014/2015.. Yasminar Amaerita Telaumbanua. S. INSTITUT KEGURUAN DAN ILMU PENDIDIKAN (IKIP) GUNUNGSITOLI FAKULTAS PENDIDIKAN BAHASA DAN SENI (FPBS) PROGRAM STUDI PENDIDIKAN BAHASA INGGRIS Jl.Pd. Ellyanus.p. 3. Dra.YosSudarso 118/E-S Gunungsitoli.Pd. Kristof Martin Telaumbanua. M. 2. Berkenaan dengan hal tersebut saya mengajukan nama-nama Dosen Calon Pembimbing Skripsi: 1. Ketua Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris Jalan Yos Sudarso 118/E-S Saya yang bertanda tangan di bawah ini: Nama : F. Dengan hormat saya mengajukan Topik/permasalahan skripsi sebagaimana terlampir. Februari 2015 Hal : Pengajuan Dosen Pembimbing Skripsi Lampiran : Satu lembar KepadaYth: Dekan FPBS IKIP Gunungsitoli u. Hormat Saya Pemohon. Demikian permohonan ini saya ajukan. M. (0639)21616 Nias 22812 Gunungsitoli. 112108036 . Hidayati Daeli.Pd. S.S. Sulasmi 6. Dra. 4.Pd. Telp.

Gunungsitoli.Pd.0119047902 NIDN. 0101066003 *) Must concern with education field **) cross unnecessary part . Februari 2015 Name : F. Februari 2015 The Chief of Research Bureau of IKIP Gunungsitoli Dra. M. S. The Chief of EnglishDepartment. and other research and observation) which are registered in Research Bureau of IKIP Gunungsitoli is suitable/not suitable **) to be a thesis title. Signature : Approval The Academic Advisor Lecturer.Pd. Hidayati Daeli. NIDN. 0130047702 Thesis title *) that is submitted by the student has been checked. PENARIK HATI ZEBUA NIM : 112108036 Program : S-1 Department : English Education Faculty : Education of Language and Art Thesis Title : Increasing the Students’ Ability in Reading Comprehension by Using Fit It Strategy at the Eighth Grade of SMP Negeri 2 Alasa. Yasminar A. Telaumbanua. Based on the list of scientific works (scripts. Gunungsitoli. Nursayani Maru’ao NIDN. dissertation. thesis.