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I. Multiple Choice

1. Teacher : Good morning every body. 13. The teacher writes on the
Students : , sir! a. Board c. Window
a. Good bye c. Good morning b. Floor d. Door
b. Good luck d. Good evening
14. That is a (penggaris)
2. A : How are you today? a. Pencil case c. Eraser
B : fine. b. Book d. Ruler
a. I am c. We
15. B _ _ _ _ B _ _ _ _ = . (papan tulis hitam)
b. You d. They
a. Bag c. Whiteboard
3. Mrs. Andien : Hello. I am Mrs. Andien. Whats b. Blackboard d. Book
your name?
16. The T _ _ _ _ _ R is teaching in the classroom.
Andra : is Andra.
a. Student c. Doctor
a. Your name c. She
b. Teacher d. pilot
b. My name d. They
17. Sixty three means
4. X : do you live?
a. 71 c. 63
Y : I live at Orchid street no 10
b. 83 d. 73
a. When c. Why
b. Where d. Who 18. 49 in English is
a. Twenty five c. Fourty nine
5. Ajis : Ron.
b. Fifty two d. Fifty four
Roni : Good afternoon Ajis.
a. Good luck c. Good night 19. Teen plus fifteen is
b. Good bye d. Good afternoon a. Twenty five c. Thirty four
b. Fifty two d. Sixty one
6. Nice to meet you. Means?
a. Senang bertemu denganmu 20. 20 x 4 =
b. Sampai jumpa a. Eighteen c. Eight thousand
c. Apa kabar b. Eight hundred d. Eighty
d. Semoga mimpi indah
21. The number before twelve is
7. Mom, this is Mutiara. my friend. a. Nine c. Thirteen
a. He c. We b. Eleven d. Fourteen
b. She d. They
22. 11, 13, 15, 17, Whats the next?
8. What is this? This is a (kapur) a. Twenty c. Thirteen
a. Duster c. Glue b. Nineteen d. Fourteen
b. Map d. Chalk
23. I like red color. What is red color in Indonesia?
9. I am reading a. a. Hitam c. Merah
a. Book c. Ruler b. Hijau d. Kuning
b. Eraser d. Chair
24. What color of chili?
10. Chair, White board, and table are things in the a. Red and green c. Purple
b. Black d. Grey
a. Bathroom c. Classroom
25. Reddi is wearing brown cap. The underline
b. Kitchen d. Bedroom
word means
11. What is it? It is a (lem) a. Coklat c. Merah
a. Book c. Glue b. Abu-abu d. Biru
b. Ruler d. Tipe-x
26. Brown, White, black and blue are names of
12. The students sit on the a. Fruits c. Colours
a. Table c. Chairs b. Animals d. Human body
b. Cupboard d. Wall
27. The elementary school students uniform are 31. We have ten
a. Blue and white c. White and grey a. Hands c. Feet
b. Red and white d. Green and red b. Fingers d. Eyes

28. The refrigator is in the 32. What is Wajah in English?

a. Garaje c. Classroom a. Arm c. Face
b. Kitchen d. Bathroom b. Elbow d. Ankle

29. There is a for our car. 33. We can see with our
a. Living room c. Bedroom a. Mouth c. Eyes
b. Garage d. Bathroom b. Nose d. Ears

30. Microwave, gas stove and glass are things in 34. We use to walk (kaki)
the a. Hair c. Elbow
a. Kitchen c. Bathroom b. Foot d. Ears
b. Bedroom d. Ceiling
35. I have long (rambut)
a. Hair c. Stomach
b. Chin d. Tongue
II. Write T for True (Benar) or F for False (salah)!

This is Sakura. She is a student. She is going to school now. She wears her uniform. It is red skirt and white shirt.
She also wears a red cap, her shoe is black and her sock is white. She has purple bag.
1. Sakura is a teacher ()
2. Sakura is at home now ()
3. Sakura wears pyjamas ()
4. Sakuras shirt is white ()
5. Sakura wears white shoes ()
6. Sakura does not wear cap ()
7. Sakuras bag is purple ()
8. Sakuras uniform is red and white ()
9. Sakura wears socks ()
10. Sakura wears red cap ()

III. Answer the questions based on the text above!

1. Who is Sakura?
2. Does Sakura go to school?
3. What colour of Sakuras skirt?
4. Is Sakura a student?
5. Does Sakura go to school?


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