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Sicilian Defence Rauzer Variation SI 28.

3 (B65)

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by Alexey Kuzmin

1. e4 c5 ployed by Nisipeanu against event of him accepting the

2. Àf3 Àc6 Tyomkin in the European Junior bishop sacrifice is provided by
3. d4 cd4 Championship, Holon 1995, and the game Beliavsky-
4. Àd4 Àf6 until the recent game Topalov- Tseshkovsky, 49th Soviet
5. Àc3 d6 Nisipeanu, Bucharest 2006, this Championship, Frunze 1981.
6. Ãg5 e6 position had not occurred at
7. ©d2 Ãe7 grandmaster level. On this occa- By Comparison
8. 0-0-0 0-0 sion the Romanian grandmaster Let us look at the position after
9. f4 Àd4 had to fight against his own 11.®b1 and compare it with that
10. ©d4 ©a5 innovation. given in the previous diagram.
11. h4 But let us go back one move.
During the last few years numer-
ous games have been played in T_L_.tM_
T_L_.tM_ the forcing variation 11.Ãc4 jJ_.lJjJ
jJ_.lJjJ Ãd7 12.e5 de5 13.fe5 Ãc6 ._.jJs._
._.jJs._ 14.Ãd2 Àd7 15.Àd5 ©d8 d._._.b.
d._._.b. 16.Àe7 ©e7 17.Õhe1. Its conse- ._.qIi._
._.qIi.i quences have been worked out as
far as the endgame, but Black’s _.n._._.
_.n._._. defences still remain fairly solid. IiI_._Ii
IiI_._I_ 11.®b1 often occurs, and only _K_R_B_R
_.kR_B_R after 11...h6 or 11...Õd8 12.h4.
The advance of the h-pawn on It is obvious that, for opposing
The move 11.h4!? was first em- the 11th move, like the king 11...e5, the king move is much
move, prevents the immediate more useful: the a2-pawn is de-
development of the bishop to d7 fended, and there is the possibil-
on account of the 12.e5 break- ity after ©d2 of exploiting the
through. What else does Black tactical resource Àd5. This ex-
have? He can either himself ad- plains why, compared with a
vance e6-e5, or else try to pre- couple of hundred games with
pare the continuation of his 11.®b1, there have been only a
mobilisation, without changing few tries with 11.h4. But, as is
the pawn structure in the centre shown by the Topalov-
with 11...Õd8. If he chooses the Nisipeanu game, things are also
second plan he must at the same not so simple after 11.h4 e5
time prevent e4-e5 – this is the 12.©e3!. After 12...ef4 13.Ãf4,
aim, and not the immediate as chosen by the Romanian
threat to the bishop, that is pur- grandmaster, the subsequent

sued by h7-h6 now or on the next pawn sacrifice 13...Ãe6 is prac-

move. An illustration of the tically forced, since after
Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu problems that await Black in the 13...Õd8 14.Ãc4 Black’s positi-

Survey SI 28.3

on is unpromising. But, as shown 12.©e3 h6 13.Ãe2 Ãd7, which continues the mobilisation of his
by the further development of occurred in the source game forces without advancing in the
the game, Black does not obtain Nisipeanu-Tyomkin, 14.©g3!? centre. Here we consider only
full compensation. 12...Ãe6!? ®f8 15.e5! looks strong, with a the plan for White that is analo-
13.f5 Ãa2 needs testing. This dangerous attack. gous to the variation with 11.h4
looks extremely risky and it al- After 11.®b1 the plan of ad- (Nisipeanu-Tyomkin) – 11.®b1
lows White a whole range of vancing e6-e5 is acceptable for h6 12.h4 Õd8 13.Ãe2 Ãd7
possibilities, but to demonstrate Black only after the inclusion of 14.©e3, after which Black
an advantage for him is by no 11...h6 12.h4 e5. Here note should continue 14...Ãc6. As
means easy. should be made of new attempts shown by the development of
In other lines (11.h4 Õd8; 11.h4 by White: 13.©d2!? (Volokitin- events in the games Pikula-
h6), apart from the possibility of Miroshnichenko, German Damljanovic, Pancevo 2006 and
transposing into the usual move Bundesliga 2005/06) and Zelcic-Kharlov, European
order by 12.®b1, White can also 13.©e3!? (Kurnosov-Guseinov, Championship, Warsaw 2005, in
try to use the tempo more effec- European Championship, the subsequent complications he
tively. Thus after 11.h4 Õd8 Kusadasi 2006). Black usually has sufficient counterplay.

Nisipeanu’s Move Volgograd 1996] 12...ef4 [12...Ãe6!? 13.f5 21.©e4Ê; 16...©e5 17.Õd2 a6 18.Ãe2Ç]
11.h4 (13.©e1!?) 13...Ãa2 17.Õc6 bc6 18.Ãe2 Àd7 [18...Õb8
19.Õd1 ©c7 20.e5å] 19.Õd1å ©c7
Topalov,Veselin 20.g3 [20.g4!? Àe5 21.©g3å] 20...Õb8
Nisipeanu,Liviu-Dieter T_._.tM_ 21.©d4!? [21.Àa4 ©a5 22.©c3 ©c7Ç;
Bucharest m 2006 (4) jJ_.lJjJ 22...©a4? 23.Õd4!ê; 21.g4!?]
1.e4 c5 2.Àf3 d6 3.d4 cd4 4.Àd4
Àf6 5.Àc3 Àc6 6.Ãg5 e6 7.©d2
._.j.s._ 21...©g3 [21...Àf6 22.©d6 ©b6 23.b3
h6Ç] 22.©a7 Àf6 23.®b1 [23.©e7
Ãe7 8.0-0-0 0-0 9.f4 Àd4 10.©d4 d._.jIb. ©e3 (23...h6 24.©d6!å) 24.®b1 Àd7
©a5 11.h4 ._._I_.i 25.©d6 ©b6 26.Àa4 ©b7 27.Ãc4!å]
_.n.q._. 23...h5 [23...h6 24.©c5 ©c7Ç] 24.a4
[24.©c5å] 24...Ãg4?! [24...©e5!
T_L_.tM_ LiI_._I_ 25.©d4 ©a5 26.®c1 Ãg4Ç] 25.Ãg4
jJ_.lJjJ _.kR_B_R hg4 26.©d4! ©h4? [26...Õe8 27.a5å]
._.jJs._ 14.©e2 (14.Ãf6 Ãf6 15.g4 (15.©e2!)
27.e5! Àd5 28.Àd5
29.Õg1!ê ©h2 30.Õg4 Õc8

d._._.b. 15...Õfc8 16.g5 Ãd8â; 14.Õh3 Õfc8 31.Õg7! ®h8

._.qIi.i 15.©e1 Ãc4 16.®b1 Ãf1 17.©f1 Õc6
_.n._._. 18.Ãf6 Ãf6 19.Àd5 Õac8ÿ M.Golubev;
14.g4 d5!â) 14...Õfc8 (14...a6 15.Õh3! b5
IiI_._I_ 16.Àa2 ©a2 17.Õa3 ©c4 18.©c4 bc4 _._._Jr.
_.kR_B_R 19.Õc3å) 15.©b5 ©b5 16.Ãb5 a6
17.Ãd3 (17.Ãd7 Õc7 18.Ãf6 Ãf6 19.Àa2
11...e5 [11...Ãd7 12.e5 de5 13.fe5ê] Õd7 20.Àc3 h5¤) 17...Ãc4¤] 13.Ãf4 _._Ji._.
12.©e3 [12.©f2 Ãe6? (12...ef4 13.Ãf4 Ãe6 [13...Õd8 14.Ãc4Ç] 14.Ãd6 [14.a3 I_.q._._
Ãe6 14.Ãd6 Ãd6 15.Õd6 Õac8º) Õfd8º] 14...Ãd6 15.Õd6 Õac8 _._._._.
13.a3? (13.Ãf6 Ãf6 14.f5 Ãa2 [15...Ãa2? 16.Õf6 gf6 17.Õh3!ê]
(14...Ãd7å) 15.Õh3!ê) 13...ef4 14.Ãf4 16.a3Ç Õc6?! [16...Õc3?! 17.©c3 ©c3
Õfc8º Gabrielsen-Simola, Copenhagen 18.bc3 Àe4 19.Õd4 Àc3 20.g4å; _K_._._.
1996; 12.©d3 ef4 (12...Ãe6? 13.f5 Ãa2 16...Õc5?! 17.Ãe2 Õfc8 18.Õhd1 h6
14.©b5!ê) 13.Ãf4 Õd8?! (¿ 19.Õd8å; 16...©c7!? 17.Õd2 ©e7 32.Õg4 [32.e6? ©c2 33.®a2 Õc4=]
13...Ãe6º) 14.Ãe2 (14.©b5!? ©c7 18.Àb5 (18.©a7? Õc3¤) 18...a6 32...Õc4 [32...©c2 33.®a2 Õc4
15.Ãc4Ç) 14...Ãe6 15.Àd5?! Ãd5 16.ed5 (18...Õfd8 19.Àa7 Õa8 20.Õd8 Õd8 (33...©c4 34.®a3!ê) 34.Õh4 ®g7
©a2 17.Ãf3 b5ç Tarasov-Evdokimov, 21.Àb5å) 19.Àd6 Õc6 20.e5 Àg4 35.©g1ê] 33.©d1 Õg4 34.©g4

©e5 35.c3 ®h7 36.©d4 ©e6 Niknaddaf,Ali 19.Õhf1 Õac8 20.Ãe5 ©e5 21.©d4 Ãb3
37.a5 f5 38.b4 ©e2 39.©d5 ®g6 Abdoul Maleki,Sh ½-½ Nataf-Lugovoi, Montreal 2003) 15...Àd5
40.©d6 ®g5 41.a6 f4 42.©c5 ®g4 Teheran ch-IRI 2001 (7) 16.ed5 Ãg4ÿ 17.Õe1 Ãf6 18.Ãd3 h5º;
43.a7 1-0 1.e4 c5 2.Àf3 Àc6 3.d4 cd4 4.Àd4 13.©d3 ef4 14.Ãf4 Ãe6 15.Ãe2 Õac8
Àf6 5.Àc3 d6 6.Ãg5 e6 7.©d2 16.Àd5 Ãd5 17.ed5 ©a4 18.c4 b5º
Ãe7 8.0-0-0 0-0 9.h4 Àd4 10.©d4 Nakamura-Kotronias, Philadelphia 2000]
Nisipeanu,Liviu-Dieter ©a5 11.f4 h6 13...hg5 14.hg5 Àe4
Holon Ech-jr 1995 (2)
1.e4 c5 2.Àf3 d6 3.d4 cd4 4.Àd4 T_L_.tM_ T_L_.tM_
Àf6 5.Àc3 Àc6 6.Ãg5 e6 7.©d2 jJ_.lJj. jJ_.lJj.
Ãe7 8.0-0-0 0-0 9.f4 Àd4 10.©d4
©a5 11.h4 Õd8 12.©e3 [12.®b1
._.jJs.j ._.j._._
Dashko-Mamian, Krasnodar 2001] 12...h6 d._._.b. d._.j.i.
[12...a6 13.Ãe2Ç; 13.e5!? de5 14.Õd8 Ãd8 ._.qIi.i ._._Si._
15.fe5 Àd5 16.Àd5 ed5 17.Ãd8 ©d8 _.n._._. _.n._._.
18.Ãd3Ç] 13.Ãe2 [13.e5? de5 14.Õd8
©d8 (14...Ãd8! 15.fe5 hg5ç) 15.Ãf6 Ãf6
IiI_._I_ IiIq._I_
16.fe5 Ãh4 17.©e4 Ãg5 18.®b1º _.kR_B_R _K_R_B_R
Bioret-Plachkinova, Sautron 2001; 13.Ãc4?!
Ãd7 14.e5 de5 15.fe5 Àg4! (15...hg5 12.Ãd3?! [12.Ãe2?! d5! 13.Ãf6 (13.e5 15.Àe4 ©d2 16.Õd2 ef4 17.Õf2
16.hg5 Àg4 17.©h3¤) 16.©g3 hg5 Ãc5 14.©d3º) 13...Ãf6 14.e5 Ãe7º; ¿ Ãe6 18.Õf4 f5 19.gf6 Ãf6 20.Àf6
17.©g4 ©e5ç] 13...Ãd7 [13...b5!? 14.e5 12.©e3 Õd8 (12...d5?! 13.e5 (13.ed5!?) [20.Ãd3!? Ãe7 21.Àg5 Ãg5 22.Ãh7
de5 15.Ãf6 (15.Õd8 ©d8 16.fe5 (16.Ãf6 13...Ãc5 14.©g3å Àh5 15.©f3 d4 ®h8 23.Õf8 Õf8 24.Ãf5 Ãh6 25.Ãe6Ç]
Ãf6 17.fe5 Ãh4 18.©e4 Ãg5 19.®b1 16.Àb1!) 13.Ãe2] 12...e5 13.©e3 20...Õf6 21.Õf6 gf6 22.Ãb5 ®g7
Õb8â) 16...hg5 17.ef6 Ãf6 18.©e4 Õb8º) Àg4?! [13...ef4 14.Ãf4 Ãe6=] 14.©g3 23.Õd1 Õd8 24.Ãe2 f5 25.Ãf3 Õd7
15...Õd1 16.Àd1 Ãf6 17.fe5 Ãd8 18.©e4 [14.©e1!] 14...ef4 15.Ãf4 Ãe6? 26.b3 ®f6= 27.®b2 ®e5 28.Õe1
Õb8 19.Ãd3 g6 20.®b1Ê] 14.e5 [15...Ãf6!º] 16.Àd5 [16.Ãe2 h5 17.Ãg4 ®f6 29.®c3 Õc7 30.®d3 b5
[14.©g3!? ®f8 (14...Õac8!? 15.Ãh6 Àe8 Ãg4 18.Õd5å] 16...Ãd5 17.ed5 h5 31.Õh1 b4 32.Õh4 a5 33.a3 ba3
16.Ãg7!? Àg7 17.h5¤) 15.e5 de5 16.fe5 18.®b1 Õfd8 19.Õhe1å Ãf6 34.Õa4 Õc5 35.Õa3 Ãd5?! 36.Õa4
hg5 17.hg5 Àg8 18.Õdf1¤; 18.Õh8¤; 20.Ãg5 Ãg5 21.hg5 g6 22.©f4 Ãf3?! [¿ 36...®e5] 37.gf3 ®g5
14.®b1; 14.Õd3] 14...de5 15.fe5 hg5 Õe8 23.Õf1 ©c7 24.Õh1 Õe5 25.c4 38.Õd4 d5 39.Õa4 Õb5 40.®d2Ç
16.hg5 Àh7 [16...Àd5 17.Àd5 ed5 ©e7 26.Õdf1 Õg5 27.Õe1 Õe5 Õc5 41.®d3 Õb5 42.®e3 Õc5
18.©g3 ©a2 19.©h4 Ãg5 20.©g5 ©a1 28.Õef1 Õe8 29.©d2 b6 30.a3 43.Õa2 ®f6 44.f4 ®e6 45.®d3 Õb5
21.®d2 ©b2º 22.©h5 ©b4 23.®c1 ©g5 31.©b4 ©e3 32.Õf3 ©c5 46.Õa4 ®e7 47.®d4 ®f6 48.Õa3
©a3 24.®d2 ©b4=] 33.©a4 ©c7 34.®a2 Õe3 35.Õhf1 ®e6 49.c3 ®f6 50.Õa4 ®g6?
Õf3 36.©e8 1-0 [50...®e6Ç] 51.c4 Õb3 52.c5!ê ®f6
53.®d5 Õd3 54.®c6 Õb3 55.®d5
T_.t._M_ Õd3 56.®c4 Õe3 57.®b5 Õe4
jJ_LlJjS 58.®a5 ®e7 59.Õe4 fe4 60.®b4
._._J_._ By Comparison

d._.i.i. 11.®b1 h6 12.h4

._._._._ Pikula,Dejan
_.n.q._. Volokitin,Andrey Damljanovic,Branko
Miroshnichenko,Evgeny Panveco ch-SCG 2006 (1)
IiI_B_I_ Germany Bundesliga 2005/06 (1) 1.e4 c5 2.Àf3 d6 3.d4 cd4 4.Àd4
_.kR_._R 1.e4 c5 2.Àf3 d6 3.d4 cd4 4.Àd4 Àf6 5.Àc3 Àc6 6.Ãg5 e6 7.©d2
Àf6 5.Àc3 Àc6 6.Ãg5 e6 7.©d2 Ãe7 8.0-0-0 0-0 9.®b1 Àd4
17.Õh7? [17.g6 fg6 18.©h3 Ãg5 Ãe7 8.0-0-0 Àd4 9.©d4 0-0 10.f4 10.©d4 ©a5 11.f4 h6 12.h4 Õd8
19.®b1 Ãh6 20.Õd7 Õd7 21.©e6 Õf7 ©a5 11.®b1 h6 12.h4 e5 13.©d2!? 13.©e3 Ãd7 14.Ãe2 Ãc6 15.©g3
22.Ãc4 Àg5 23.©e7 Õf8â] 17...®h7 [13.©f2!? ef4 14.Àd5 ©d8 (14...Àd5?! [15.Õd3 ©c5 16.©g3 ®f8 17.e5 Àg8
18.Õh1 ®g8 19.®b1 [19.©f4] 15.Õd5 ©c7 16.©f4! Ãe6 17.Ãe7 ©e7 18.Ãe7 Àe7 19.Õhd1 Àf5? (19...b5º)
19...g6 20.©f4 ®g7 21.Õf1 Õf8 18.Õd6 Õac8 19.Ãd3å C.Balogh-Zelcic, 20.©h3 d5 21.g4å Lalic-Anand, Villar-
22.Àe4 Ãc6 23.Àd6 Ãg2 24.b4 Austria tt 2003/04) 15.Ãf4 (15.Àf6 Ãf6 robledo 1998] 15...®f8 16.Ãd3 e5
©a3 25.Õg1 Ãd5 0-1 16.Ãf4 ©a5ÿ 17.Ãc4 Ãe6 18.Ãb3 Ãe5 17.f5 [17.Õhf1 Õac8º] 17...b5 18.Ãf6

Survey SI 28.3

Ãf6 19.Ãe2 Õac8= 20.Àd5 ©a4 7.©d2 Ãe7 8.0-0-0 0-0 9.f4 Àd4 Kurnosov,Igor
21.Àc3 ©a5 22.Àd5 ©a4 23.Àc3 10.©d4 ©a5 11.®b1 h6 12.h4 Guseinov,Gadir
©a5 ½-½ Õd8 13.Ãe2 Ãd7 [13...e5 14.©e3 Kusadasi Ech 2006 (9)
(14.©d3 ef4 15.Ãf4 Ãe6 16.Àd5 Àd5 1.e4 c5 2.Àf3 d6 3.d4 cd4 4.Àd4
17.ed5 Ãd7Ç Rogers-Pelletier, Biel 1996) Àf6 5.Àc3 Àc6 6.Ãg5 e6 7.©d2
Zelcic,Robert 14...ef4 15.Ãf4 Ãe6 16.Ãf3 Ãf8 Ãe7 8.0-0-0 0-0 9.f4 Àd4 10.©d4
Kharlov,Andrey 17.©e1Ê Bologan-Kotronias, Halkidiki ©a5 11.®b1 h6 12.h4 e5
Warsaw Ech 2005 (11) 1992] 14.©e3 Õac8 15.Õd3! ©c5? 13.©e3!? ef4 [13...hg5 14.hg5 ef4
1.e4 c5 2.Àf3 Àc6 3.d4 cd4 4.Àd4 [¿ 15...Ãc6] 16.©c5! Õc5 [16...dc5?! 15.©f4 Àg4 16.Õd5 (16.Àd5 ©d8
Àf6 5.Àc3 d6 6.Ãg5 e6 7.©d2 17.e5 hg5 18.hg5å] 17.e5! Ãc6 17.Õh5¤) 16...©b6 17.Õf5! ©e3 18.©g4
Ãe7 8.0-0-0 0-0 9.f4 Àd4 10.©d4 [17...hg5 18.hg5 de5 19.gf6 Ãf6 ©e1 19.Àd1 g6 20.g3å] 14.Ãf4 Ãe6
©a5 11.®b1 h6 12.h4 Õd8 13.Ãe2 20.Õhd1å; 17...de5 18.Ãf6 Ãf6 19.Õhd1 15.Ãd3 [15.Ãd6!? Ãd6 16.Õd6 Õac8
Ãd7 14.©e3 Ãc6 15.©g3 ®f8 Õc7 20.Àb5ê] 18.ef6 gf6 19.Ãh6 (16...Õfc8 17.a3 Õab8) 17.a3 Õc3
16.f5 ef5 17.ef5 hg5?! [17...Õac8º] ®h7 20.Ãg5 ®g7 [20...Ãg2 21.Õg1 (17...Õc6) 18.©c3 ©c3 19.bc3 Àe4
18.hg5 Àg8 19.Õh8 ©f5 20.Ãd3 Ãc6 22.b4 Õc4 23.b5 Ãd7 24.Õh3 Õb4 20.Õd4 Àc3 21.®b2 Õc8 22.Ãd3Ç]
©g5 25.®c1å] 21.Õg3 fg5 22.hg5å 15...Õac8 16.Àd5
Õh8? [¿ 22...a5] 23.Õh8 ®h8 24.b4!
Õf5 25.Õh3 ®g8 26.g3!ê a5
T_.t.mSr 27.Ãd3 ab4 28.Ãf5 bc3 29.Ãh7 ._T_.tM_
jJ_.lJj. ®g7 30.Ãd3 ®g8 31.g6 Ãf6 32.g4 jJ_.lJj.
._Lj._._ d5 33.g5 Ãg7 34.f5 ef5 35.Ãf5 d4
36.Õh4 fg6 37.Ãg6 b5 38.Ãe4
_._._.d. Ãe8 39.g6 ®f8 40.Õh5 Ãf6 d._N_._.
._._._._ 41.Õc5 Ãd7 42.Õc7 Ãe8 43.Õb7 ._._Ib.i
_.nB_.q. Ãe5 44.Ãd3 Ãf6 45.Õb8 Ãe5 _._Bq._.
46.Õb6 Ãc7 47.Õe6 1-0
IiI_._I_ IiI_._I_
_K_R_._. _K_R_._R
21.Ãh7! ®e8 22.Õg8 ®d7 23.Õd6 Beliavsky,Alexander 16...Àd5! 17.ed5 Ãd5 18.©e7 ©a2
®c7 24.©g5 Ãg5 25.Õdd8 Ãd8 Tseshkovsky,Vitaly 19.®c1 ©a1 20.®d2 ©b2 21.©d6
26.Ãe4 [26.Õg7 ®d6 27.Ãe4å] Frunze ch-URS 1981 (15) ©c3 22.®c1 ©a1 23.®d2 ©c3
26...g6 27.Ãc6?! [27.Õg7 ®d6 28.Ãc6 1.e4 c5 2.Àf3 Àc6 3.d4 cd4 4.Àd4 [23...©a5 24.®c1 Õc5 25.Õh3! Õd8
bc6 29.Õf7å] 27...®c6 28.Õf8 f5 Àf6 5.Àc3 d6 6.Ãg5 e6 7.©d2 26.Õe3º] 24.®c1 ©a1 ½-½
29.Àe2 ®d6 30.Õg8 [30.Àf4!?] Ãe7 8.0-0-0 0-0 9.f4 Àd4 10.©d4
30...®e5 31.Õg6 Ãb6Ç 32.Àc1 f4 ©a5 11.®b1 h6 12.h4 hg5?
33.Àd3 ®f5 34.Õg7 Ãe3 35.Õb7 13.hg5 Àg4 14.Ãe2 e5 Nakamura,Hikaru
Õg8 36.Õf7 ®e6 37.Õf4 Ãf4 Kotronias,Vasilios
38.Àf4 ®d6 39.b3 Õg4= 40.Àd3 Philadelphia 2000 (2)
Õg2 41.®b2 Õh2 42.b4 Õh4 T_L_.tM_ 1.e4 c5 2.Àf3 Àc6 3.d4 cd4 4.Àd4
43.®b3 Õh5 44.®a4 Õh2 45.®b3 jJ_.lJj. Àf6 5.Àc3 d6 6.Ãg5 e6 7.©d2
Õh5 46.a3 Õh2 47.a4 ®c6 48.a5
Õh1 49.c3 Õh5 50.Àf4 Õe5
._.j._._ Ãe7 8.0-0-0 0-0 9.f4 Àd4 10.©d4
©a5 11.®b1 h6 12.h4 e5 13.©d3
51.Àd3 Õh5 52.Àe1 Õh1 53.Àc2 d._.j.i. ef4 14.Ãf4 Ãe6 15.Ãe2 Õac8
®d5 54.Àe3 ®e4 55.Àc4 ®d5 ._.qIiS_ 16.Àd5 Ãd5 17.ed5 ©a4!? [17...Õc5
56.Àa3 a6 57.Àc4 Õb1 58.Àb2 _.n._._. 18.Ãf3 Õfc8ÿ] 18.c4 [18.Ãd2?! Àe4
Õh1 59.Àa4 Õb1 60.®c2 Õb4 19.Ãe1 Ãf6 20.g4 Õfe8 21.c4 b5! 22.cb5
61.cb4 ®c4 62.Àc5 ®b4 63.Àb3
IiI_B_I_ Àc5 (22...Õe5!?Ê) 23.©c4 Õe4º ½-½
®c4 ½-½ _K_R_._R A.Horvath-C.Balogh, Hungary tt 2002/03]
18...b5º 19.Õc1 [19.©b3!? ©b3
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Stripunsky,Alexander 17.©g3ê] 16.©g1 ef4 17.Ãg4 Ãg5 20.Ãh6? [20.©b3] 20...bc4 21.©g3
Hracek,Zbynek 18.Ãc8 Õc8 19.g3 f3 20.©f1 ©d7 Ãf8 22.Ãf3 c3 23.b3 Àe4 24.©g4
New York 1998 (2) 21.©f3 ©e6 22.©h5 Ãh6 23.g4 [24.ba4 Àg3 25.Õh3 Àe2 26.Ãe2 Õe2
1.e4 c5 2.Àf3 Àc6 3.d4 cd4 Õc2 24.®c2 ©e4 25.®b3 Õc8 27.Õg3 ®h7 28.Ãg5 c2 29.®b2 g6î]
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