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Name : Siti Nurviasari

NIM : 145111028
Class : 3 AK-A
Department : Accounting (Accounting-D3)


TO : Stendi Muhsin,Customer Service and Marketing Departement

CC : HRD Manager, Restaurant Development manager, General
Manager, and Operational Manager
FROM : Marketing Division (Customer Service and Marketing
DATE : June 22, 2016
RE : Quality Of Service Decreased

The customer nowadays need the best service. A service is one of
important thing in doing business especially in food business. Service is
something that can be easily spot by the customer. Thats why service needs to be
improved and/or stabilized in a good condition.
Our restaurant, McDonalds is the best service fast food restaurant in
Indonesia. The quality service spotted good in all fast food customers, based on
the statistics data from our Customer Service and Marketing Department Centre,
during 2009 2012
Our service is the best among three big fast food restaurant in Indonesia.
But this year, 2012, our quality service is decreasing. From margin 62.0 decreased
significantly to 42. KFC is right behind us in quality service, and we have to
prevent KFC of being the best serviced fast food restaurant.
Because of this problem, Mr. Stendi Muhsin as the Customer Service and
Market Department manager, Makassar has requested this report. This report
solved this problem, so our quality service could increase and we are still the fast
food restaurant with a good quality service.

Two staffs from Customer Service and Market Department selected 25%
from the monthly customer for interview, filling questionnaire , and observation.
So we got what customers want and could make a new innovation in service.

1) 1 - 9 June 2016 : Collecting datas from interviewing customers.

2) 10 15 June 2016 : Giving questionnaires to the customers.
3) 15 17 June 2016 : Observing in McDonalds Pettarani, Makassar , KFC
Pettarani, Makassar and A&W Mall Panakkukang.
From 20 22 June, processing the data so, we can solve the problem.


The result we found in this case is:

1) Customer especially children love the play land in KFC, because its bigger
than McD playland.
2) KFC, since 2011 applied the no more than 1 minute service.
3) KFC has an active waiters. KFC has more waiters than McDonalds.
4) KFC delivery arrives quicker than McDonalds.
5) McDonalds has a good quality of food, cheap, and also toys.
6) The suggestions are to provide more seat in the restaurant, increase the waiters
capacity and give more parking lots.
7) Most customer complaint about the lack of seat, parking lot and the waiter who
works slow.
1) Children customer should be given a free toy when they entered the restaurant.
2) Make a bigger playland and parking lot also provide more seat.
3) Quick service, no more than 1 minute. Put a stopwatch near the cash machine,
so when the time reach 1 minute, in the next 10 seconds continuosly , the
customer will get 10% from their payment. Quick service 15 25 minutes for
delivery service.
4) Training for waiters.


1) Meet with HRD Representatives in Makassar to talk about training and

recruitment for waiters.
2) Discussing about giving more seat and parking lots also a bigger playland with
Restaurant Development Manager, Customer Service and Market Manager,
General Manager, and Operational Manager.
3) Provide twenty toys a day for first twenty children who eat on the restaurant
4) Meet with Operational Manager to talk about the quick service, both restaurant
and delivery.