Margarita Windisch “I have lived in Melbourne’s west for the last 10 years. I am a social worker and currently teach community welfare in Footscray. “My political activism began in 1990 when the ALP government sent troops to Iraq. It became clear that the Labor and Coalition parties were two sides of the same coin; political machines prepared to sacrifice the environment and ordinary people in order to serve the rich and powerful. Sharon Firebrace “I am a Yorta Yorta woman from Echuca. I have been involved in campaigns for indigenous rights since the 1970s. “I used to be a member of the Labor party. I am disgusted that the Rudd Labor government has retained so many of the Howard government’s policies towards indigenous people, refugees and unions. I’m campaigning to end the discriminatory Northern Territory intervention.” Ron Guy “At the age of 18, I became a union delegate. I am currently an Australian Workers Union delegate in the petrochemical industry. “I was involved in the campaign against WorkChoices in 2005-2007. I am disappointed that the Labor government has retained the draconian Howard-era Australian Building and Construction Commission which treats building industry workers as worse than criminals. “As a unionist, I am concerned about social justice, and am involved in solidarity with the people of Western Sahara”. In the lower house in Victoria we are standing Ben Courtice in the seat of Gellibrand, Trent Hawkins in the seat of Wills and Sue Bull in the seat of Corio.

The Socialist Alliance is an anti-capitalist, activist party. We stand candidates in elections at every level of government, but unlike other parties we don’t see parliament as the main vehicle for social change. Election campaigns for us are part of our year-round work campaigning in workplaces and communities. We help to build movements capable of bringing about the change we need: change that benefits ordinary people and the environment, and that can lead to a democratic, socialist society, run by and for working people. We’re committed to helping build a political alternative that puts people and planet before profit. Our future depends on it.

Margarita Windisch, Sharon Firebrace and Ron Guy

Socialist Alliance politicians pledge to only take the wage of an average worker

The Socialist Alliance candidates for the coming federal election are not professional politicians. They are socialist activists who fight for justice, democracy, peace and environmental sustainability. If elected they would take only an average worker’s wage, donating the balance to struggles for a better society.

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We urge voters to vote 1 Socialist Alliance, give a second preference to the Greens and then preference Labor before the Liberal-National Coalition and other right-wing parties.

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POLITICS TODAY is marked by growing disillusionment with the politicians who were elected on the slogan of ‘change’ but have delivered no real change. Scientists warn that time is running out to shift away from the carbon dependency that a profits first system relies on. Society has the knowledge the tools and the wealth to live in an ecologically sustainable and socially just and equitable way. We’ve just witnessed the biggest public bailout of the capitalist system in history! Trillions of public money has been shelled out to bail out banks and bankrupt governments. This makes government claims that they “can’t afford” to arrest climate change or provide free universal health care ring hollow. The 11 Australians who made the Forbes 1000 world’s richest list for 2010 have a total net wealth of $25.7 billion—more than the net wealth of the country’s 800,000 poorest households. BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto pay just 13% tax, while most workers pay 30% or more in effective tax rate. Profit share of total income in Australia has increased from 16.9% to 27.7% since 1974-75 while wage share has decreased from 62.7% to 54%. In today’s dollars, $2.2 trillion dollars has been shifted to profits! What’s the solution? We have to organise in workplaces and communities and build a political alternative to fight for the change we need.

n Climate change Bring the energy sector back into pubn Housing Cap rent and mortgage repayments at 20% of n Democratic rights Scrap ‘anti-terror’ laws. Adopt a lic hands. Immediate and large-scale public investment income and introduce rent control laws. Massively boost Bill of Rights. Marriage rights for same-sex couples. Full to ensure 100% renewable energy by 2020, as is demonpublic housing stock and social housing programs. rights for trans and intersex people n Health Boost funding for preventative health care, menn Women’s rights Introduce genuine pay equity. Remove strated in the Beyond Zero Emissions Zero Carbon Plan. Nuclear power is not the answer. tal health and public hospitals. Expand community-based abortion from the criminal code. Strengthen laws against n Refugees and migrants Honour Australia’s UN refugee healthcare networks. Provide free dental care. End subsisexual harassment. Increase childcare places at affordable convention obligations. End deportations and mandatory dies to private insurers. Expand disability services. or free cost to parents. Introduce 12 months’ parental n Public transport Public works program to build and detention. Close the detention centres, including the ones leave scheme, to be paid for by a levy on employers. n Youth rights Increase the youth allowance. End youth at Christmas Island, Maribyrnong and Broadmeadows. massively expand public transport and rail freight infraIncrease the refugee intake. Let asylum seekers into Ausstructure. Build high-speed intercity rail. Make public wages. Boost funding to youth services. Make tertiary tralia and process claims here – not in the Pacific, Indotransport free and frequent. education free. The right to vote. The right to vote at 16. n Poverty and unemployment Lift all welfare payments n Public ownership Stop privatising government services. nesia or East Timor. Stop using new migrants as a money making venture. Give migrant workers on temporary viabove the poverty line. Increase the minimum wage. Take back into public ownership those that have already sas (TPVs) the full rights of permanent residents. Make goods more affordable by scrapping the GST. Crebeen privatised. n Indigenous rights Negotiate a Treaty with Indigenous ate jobs through expanding social infrastructure. Increase And how would we pay for this? people. Repeal the Northern Territory Intervention laws; support for carers. n Anti-war Bring troops back from Afghanistan. End miliWe would: return the company tax rate to 49%; cut public abolish welfare quarantining. Compensate for stolen wagsubsidies to private education and private health; cut subsies, property theft and stolen children. tary commitment to Iraq. Isolate apartheid Israel. Pay n Workers’ rights Recognise the right to strike and other dies to the mining industry; slash the defence budget; fund reparations to Iraq and Afghanistan to assist with rebuildrenewable energy by taxing the corporate polluters and workers’ rights in law. Abolish the ABCC that treats building. billionaires; abolish negative gearing; tackle tax ing workers worse than violent criminals. Abolish all other Howard-era anti-union laws. Introduce Details of policy at or & 9639 8622 evasion by corporate rich; end privatisation and public-private partnerships. industrial manslaughter laws.

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