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MITUL R. PATEL * INTHE * CIRCUIT COURT ve * FOR * BALTIMORE CITY MATTHEW CHAN * * CASENO.: '4-C-16-003573 The Defendant Matthew Chan has filed a Motion to Vacate Consent Judgement/Order (Docket Entry #3). By that Motion he seeks to set aside an earlier issued Order of this Court (Docket Entry #2), an Order Granting Consent Motion for Injunction and Final Judgment. In support of his Motion to Vacate, Defendant Chan attached as Exhibit A an affidavit outlining the factual underpinnings for that Motion, However, that Affidavit was not made in conformity with Rule 1-304 of Maryland Rules of Procedure. ian Accordingly, it cannot be considered by this Court, and it is this St_day of Aprit, 2017, ordered that his Motion to Vacate Consent JudgmenvOrder (Docket Entry #3) is DENIED. The Judge’s signature appears on the original document. Prilip Seka, e Circuit Coustfor Batfimore City TRUE. COPY TEST MARI SPULY. CLERK

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