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Name/Descripti Give the When and where Aim of the routine How did/do the students learn about

on of the instructions that the routine is routine?

routine. the routine uses used? (what student behaviour How is the routine reinforced?
(e.g. at the end of the it hopes to achieve)
school day etc.; or to (e.g. mentoring; classroom signs; reminders b
guide presentations teacher; use of peer interaction by the teache
after group work) promote such behaviour etc.)

1 Morning All lining up by Beginning of the day Stand quietly and wait Not clear, no teacher is needed in this tas
assembly themselves in the school bay for the UAE anthem

2 Greetings Everyone is standing In class, when the Greet the teacher The teacher taught them and whenever sh
by their table waiting teacher walks in (good morning, how sees a student that is setting still she wou
for the teacher to are you etc.) him to stand and greet her with the others
3 Taking and Get you math / In class, When the Quietly and without The teacher gives them instructions to tal
returning books English/ science teacher asks to grab any fighting each slowly and stay quiet.
books their books student get their right
book neatly.
4 Break time everybody line up for In class, during break Everyone lining up for Everyone stays lined up behind the door a
break time time their break time one opens the door and if the student is
behind the classroom misbehaving he will have 5 minutes off du
door waiting for the break time
teachers permission
to go to break
5 Transitions line up for Arabic In class, between Everyone lining up Everyone stays lined up behind the door a
class classes behind the classroom one opens the door until the Arabic teache
door waiting for the comes
Arabic teacher