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NAME: _________________________________________________ DATE: __________

1. GRAMMAR SECTION 1. Complete the sentences with the SIMPLE PAST TENSE.

Dear Vicky,
Were here! The flight was fine. I ________ (sleep) the whole time. Yesterday, we
_________ (go) swimming. We _______ (eat) fresh seafood and ________ (drink) coconut
milk from coconuts right off the trees. In the evening, we ________ (have) a wonderful
dinner. After the meal, a jazz ensemble _________ (play) and we ________ (meet) some
very nice people. We _______________ (leave [not]) until after midnight. We ________
(have) such a good time! This morning we __________ (walk) into town and __________
(buy) postcards. More later! Carol.

2. GRAMMAR SECTION 2. Write statements. Use the words in parentheses and WAS,
1. (The cruise / terrific) _______________________________________________
2. (Our room / a little small) ___________________________________________
3. (The flight / not / long) _____________________________________________
4. The mountains / pretty scenic) _______________________________________
5. People / not / friendly) _____________________________________________

3. READING SECTION. Read the article. Choose the correct answer.


The Japanese Shinkansen, or bullet trains, began service in 1964. They carried passengers
between Tokyo and Osaka. The first trained at 210 km/h. Today, shinkansen trains or Japans
main island of Honshu connect Tokyo with most of the larger cities. They travel at speeds
between 240 and 300 km/h. In 2007, the Japanese Railway is going to introduce a 350 km-per-
hour train. One tip for bullet train travelers: Get to your departure gate on time. Shinkansen trains
are almost never late. In 1999, the average lateness per train was twenty-four seconds!

1. A shinkansen is: 2. Japanese bullet trains are: 3. Shinkansen can travel:

a. a city in Japan. a. always late. a. Honshu
b. a train station. b. almost always on time. b. most of the larger cities.
c. a fast Japanese train. c. often canceled. c. Tokyo.

4. WRITING SECTION. Choose a trip when you had transportation problems. On the
notepad, make notes about the trip.

1. Means of transportation:
2. When:
3. Destination:
4. Good memories
5. Problems: