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Paradise by My Mercy; and ordered the angels about the

devotee: Lead him to Hell.

(This Had'ith is sound and reported by Abu Da'ud in
his Sunan).
After narrating the Hadith, Abu Huraira commented: By Him
in Whose Hand my soul is: One word spoken by the devotee
ruined his good deeds in the world as well as in the Hereafter.

This Hadith signifies that no body should claim whether one

would enter Paradise or step into Hell because the verdict here,
is for Allah Who is All-Omnipotent over every thing, will
decide whatever He likes. A righteous person is required to do
good and avoid evil for the sake of Allah only and advise others
with the same. He should not say such words as to challenge the
authority of Allah. Moreover, it is wrong to feel desperate from
the Mercy of Allah.
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13) Narrated Jundub 4$ 4.lIl.,.....J that Allah's Messenger ~ 4Il1 J.<>
rL-J stated that a person said: By Allah! Allah will not forgive
so-and-so (person). Thereupon Allah, the Exalted, remarked:
Who is he who swears by Me (and says) that I will not forgive
so-and-so (listen!) Verily I have forgiven so-and-so and
nullified your deeds, or as the Messenger ~J 4Js. 4Il1 J.<> said.
(This Had'ith is sound and reported by Muslim and
also mentioned in Mu 'jam At-Tabriini AI-Kab'ir).