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Skills Needed to Work with

Young Children
ECE I Objective 2.01
2nd Block
For Each Slide...
Define the skill.

Tell what sub skills go under each.

Why is it important/How would you use it in Working with Young Children?


Basic Communication Skills--Bianca

Are those you need to be able to get and keep a job

It is important because they involve words you
Math Skills - Leslie
- Math skills are very important while working with small kids. Even before starting school kids
should be learning basic math everyday. They will be taught the basic math. Basic math will used
everyday in you/and the kids life. The children will enjoy doing basic math while doing dynamics
with the other kids and they will be having fun and learning at the same time.
- Using basic math in early childhood, i would give them a number each week and we would have
different activities everyday so they can learn how to write the number and know the value of the
number. Every Friday, we would have a little test for the numbers weve learned throughout the
- Sub Skills Numbers, Geometry and Shapes, Adding, Subtracting, Patterns, Counting Money
- Example for using basic math skills would be when the kids are counting m&ms, they can also
subtract m&ms and sort the colors out and see which color has more or which color has less than.
Thinking Skills - Hannah
Mental processes that we apply when looking to
make sense of an experience
Thinking critically, making decisions, and solving
Thinking skills are needed when situations occur
like children arguing, fighting over a toy, or just
not liking one another for a certain reason. Ex. I
don't like her because she's wearing a Dora shirt.
Thinking Critically--Fire drill....placing infants in a
crib to get them out of the building.
Planning an art activity and not having the
resources you need to complete...adapt and
change plan to use resources you have.
Life Skills - Marleny
- Skills needed for participation in everyday - Skills, such as leadership, are especially
life important in working in the daycare
- Subskill are: because children learn these from their
- Leadership teachers. When using these skills we are
- Ethics teaching children how they should carry
- Accountability
themselves in life.
- Adaptability
- Personal productivity
- Personal responsibility
- People skills
- Self-direction
- Social responsibility.
Interpersonal Skills- donshayla
Being able to work with people
participating as a member of a team, teaching others, serving clients, exercising
leadership, and working with cultural diversity.
You can use it to work with young children because you have to have people skills in
order to deal with the children you have to cooperate and participate with them
An Example is teaching others
Leadership - Tyesha Armstrong
Skill: positive influence on others, essential component in positioning
executives to make thoughtful decisions about their organization's mission
and goals, and properly allocate resources to achieve those directives
Sub-Skill: ability to delegate, inspire and communicate effectively
Important: Set a good example, encourage team activities, emphasize
Example: Doing the right thing without being asked or when no one is
watching,Helping others in need,Guiding others on the right path, etc.
Resource Management Skills - Cathryn
Resource Management Skills are skills you need to operate anything.

Sub Skills are

- People - Energy
- Money - Time
- Equipment - Information
- Supplies - Technology

You need these skills to work with young children because you need time to meet their needs, energy
to make it through the day, supplies to teach the children what they need to learn and so many more

An example of using resource management skills would be taking up money for a field trip and writing
them a receipt
Professional Communication Skills - Kaylee
Taking a leadership role
Communication goals and public relations, family communications, teamwork
and recording information
It is important because it will sharpen your skills and prepare you for success
Example- you would use this skill when you're in the daycare and a kid gets
hurt and you have to talk to the parent.