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Weekly Development Update Meeting

04/10/2017 09:00AM-12:00PM 5TH FLOOR RAMCAR BOARD ROOM

PM Department
TYPE OF MEETING Development Update Meeting
Michael V. Gonzales GM Ting Cruz BDD
Martin Alisangco Construction Gio Maniego BDD
Lexbee Nones PM Miguel Eloriaga BDD
Ryan Pabustan PM Ting Cruz BDD
Gizelle Babiera PM Milagros Barretto BDD
Anjenine Guanlao PM Kiwi Anova Purchasing
Lloyd Ong PM Weng Dombrique Purchasing
Frances G. Yanos PM Precious Ipac Design
Krystel Cammayo PM Elizabeth Orbeta Design
Arvi Doguiles PM Glenn Posadas Design
ATTENDEES Reynaldo Lee, Sr. Civil Karen Alvarado Design
Cezar Valencia, Jr. Civil Jelle Jasmin Manuel Maintenance
Kevin Jimenez Civil Timothy De Ausen Fabrication
Joshua Hernandez Civil Ed De Guzman Signage
Rodel Cansanay Civil Roy Enriquez OE
Nicole Sarthou Civil Zaldy Santillan Technical Services
Jess Acena Civil Toti Del Rosario Permits
Aljay Capara Civil
Martin Ozaeta Mechanical
Renald Pagunsan Electrical
No Agenda Topic Discussion Status Due Date Action Plan/Update Person Responsible
KFC ETON CENTRIS Permits For follow-up May 15 Commitment of Admin on permits is on May 15. (Lloyd Ong)
Mall Admin
Concern with unpaid fees of Grantline stores in (Jun Cruz)
Grantline stores unpaid
For settlement ASAP Quezon City Area needs to be settled so as not to PM
affect Fishermall project. (Lloyd Ong)

Compartment Sink Balance Balance of 1 unit of single compartment sink for

For follow-thru April 13-14 Civil
PVC Door Seal for Fire Exit 1 unit of PVC door seal for installation on the fire
FYI April 10 Civil
Door exit door last April 10.
Relocation of 2 units flytrap and installation of
Flytrap Concern For follow-thru April 11 balance 1 unit. Flytraps should cover the Maintenance
convenience outlets.
For Unsatisfactory works on tiling on site should not be PM
Tiling Concerns -
implementation tolerated especially on handsink area. (Lloyd Ong)

For Design
Removal of Upper PVC on Remove upper PVC on CR detail since it is a
implementation ASAP PM
CR detail pest-harborage concern.

KFC Stub-outs were provided last April 6. Permits
1 Permanent Water FYI -
CONGRESSIONAL-2 (Toti Del Rosario)
Charge letter for Meralco was released Mar 28. Permits
Follow up on advise if zoning can be bypassed and (Toti Del Rosario)
Permanent Power For follow-thru April 14
get an advanced CEI form. On going processing of Electrical
cheque. No feedback as of April 7. (Renald Pagunsan)
For feedback and negotiation on the concern
Post Location for BDD
For feedback ASAP regarding the placing of supply post inside the
Permanent Power (Ramiro Ramirez)
property line.
Follow feedback of contact regarding zoning (Toti Del Rosario)
Zoning Clearance For feedback ASAP
clearance. BDD will also assist on this. BDD
(Ting Cruz)
April 20 turn-over is achievable based on current Civil
Civil works FYI -
progress of works. (Kevin Jimenez)
Ducting completed. Started dropping to hood.
Blower was installed last April 4. Machine Mechanical
Mechanical FYI -
connections were also installed. No works on April (Martin Ozaeta)
On going wiring lay out. On going installation of
Electrical FYI - wiring devices, lighting fixtures and circuit
(Renald Pagunsan)
homeruns. No works on April 13 and 14.
KFC Civil
2 FYI - Roof trusses was completed last April 7.
COMMONWEALTH (Cezar Valencia, Jr.)
SMIP and Nedsteel Works All remaining works of SMIP and Nedsteel to be
FYI April 12
completed by April 12.
Roof trusses was completed last April 7. Secondary
Civil Works FYI - ceiling works already started. Roofing installation
(Cezar Valencia, Jr.)
will start as soon as roof framing is completed.
Already started the interior and exterior Electrical
Electrical Works FYI -
roughing-ins and lamp post. (Renald Pagunsan)
(Rayson Idlesa)
Mechanical is ready for mobilization. Mobilization Civil
Mechanical Works FYI -
is on April 17. (Cezar Valencia, Jr.)
(Martin Ozaeta)
Application put on hold due to unsettled fees of
3 KFC FISHERMALL Business Permit For follow-thru ASAP Grantline Inc. Documents for submission to BPLO
(Toti Del Rosario)
transmitted April 7
Initial commitment is April 8 for completion of stub
outs and plastering of exterior wall. But as of April
Mall Admin
7, only stub out for sewer is completed; pending:
Final Site turn-over For follow-up April 21 PM
exhaust, fresh air, supply and return, internet, ACU
(Krystel Cammayo)
drain, and plastering of exterior wall
Vertical alignment of laid-out CHB walls by the mall
For checking/ for rectification/adjustment. Demising walls for Civil
CHB Wall Plumbness ASAP
mitigation checking. (Aljay Capara)

Blowers Follow-up April 17 Follow up blowers from purchasing.
(Theresa Sullera)
For Floorings should be covered during the plastering
Cleanliness Concern implementation ASAP works of Mall personnel since tiles are to be
(Aljay Capara)
Steel Framed Partition For mock-up Steel partition on dining area to be mocked up and Civil
walls and installation installed by Civil. (Aljay Capara)
Prefab footing already on site. Excavation for
5 KFC STO. TOMAS Site Dev Works FYI -
footing on grid 3-4 completed.
Plans For follow-up ASAP Pending structural details.
(Cielo Serrana)
Mechanical Works FYI - On going pre-fabrication works.
Provided temporary power. Underground rough-in
Electrical Works FYI - to be started. MERALCO inspection last April 7 for
(Anjenine Guanlao)
consideration of design.

1 MD MANGGAHAN Chilled Water Installation FYI - 2 Chiller units mounted last April 9.
(Martin Ozaeta)
For Trane will deploy technicians on site to supervise PM
Trane Apri l17
coordination chiller installation on April 17. (Anjenine Guanlao)

Letter of agreement from Follow up on the letter of agreement from Col. BDD
1 KFC SANTIAGO For follow-up ASAP
BDD Villano. Civil is ready to mobilize. (Ramiro Martinez, Jr.)
(Ting Cruz)
Deliberation last April 10 with Committee on Public PM
2 KFC CABUYAO Road Encroachment For follow-up April 17
Works regarding the road alteration. (Ashley Carurucan)
(Denise De Chavez)
If consolidated lot plan will be completed first, new (Ashley Carurucan)
Consolidated Lot plan FYR -
lay-out is needed to be submitted to Lessor. BDD
(Ting Cruz)
For feedback on the meeting with Mayor last April (Ashley Carurucan)
3 KFC LEMERY Meeting with Mayor For feedback April 10
10. BDD
(Miguel Eloriaga)
For Confirm with design if more parking slots can be Design
Parking Slots April 17
confirmation placed on the store. (Denise De Chavez)
4 KFC ZABARTE Site Availability FYI June Site will be available on June
(Jun Cruz)
Check the establishment below and above the site PM
Site Inspection For checking - for design reference and construction Design
consideration. Civil
5 KFC MALOLOS Tenant evacuation FYI April 15 Tenant will clear out by April 15 (extended)
Deed of sale For provision April 17 BDD to provide deed of sale.
(Ting Cruz)
6 KFC UN SQUARE NTP FYI - NTP provided by permits last April 6.
(Toti Del Rosario)
Follow up on the upgrade of feederline from Mall PM
Feederline Upgrade For follow-up April 17
Admin Contractor. (Anjenine Guanlao)
KFC EVER Coring above Chinabank Meeting between the Main Chinabank office and
7 For feedback April 10
COMMONWEALTH mall admin last April 10. PM
9 container vans for Solano to arrive within the
8 KFC SOLANO Container Vans FYI -
No available temporary water and electric supply.
Site Conditions FYI -
Site is already available.
Permits processing FYI - Started the processing of permits last April 10.
(Toti Del Rosario)
Check the existing bodega if can be used by Ops Ops
Storage room For checking April 17
Anticipate all probable concerns of Mayor PM
Reminder FYI -
regarding the project. BDD
9 Mall status For checking - Check status of mall.
10 KFC MABALACAT Schedule FYI May 15 Store moved to May 15 of day 1.
City Engineer already gave a go-signal to proceed
11 KFC BORACAY Proceeding with Works FYI -
with works.
Purchasing to check if it is possible for suppliers to Purchasing
Delivery concerns For checking April 17
deliver to site. (Theresa Sullera)
12 KFC TELABASTAGAN Site Premises FYI - 1500 sqm of leased lot will only be developed.
For checking where the tapping points for drainage
Tapping points concerns For checking April 17 PM
will be since no man holes are visible on site.
Conventional store since ste will have
13 KFC CARMONA Store type FYI -
KFC NOVALICHES Technical inspection and meeting was held last BDD
14 Technical Inspection For feedback April 11
April 11. (Jun Cruz)
Design to check and revise plans considering the
15 KFC E. RODRIGUEZ Frontage and DT Entrance For checking April 17 frontage and the DT entrance since there is an
(Denise De Chavez)
existing foot bridge in front of site.

1 T2 EASTWOOD Tapping Points For follow-thru - Admin to finalize the design and tapping points.
(Gizelle Babiera)
For feedback from admin on the requested
Ceiling Height For feedback - adjustment of ceiling ht for the entire T2. As per
(Gizelle Babiera)
Admin they are still finalizing the Plans
Permits to be provided regarding the demolition of
Permits on Demolition For feedback -
vault beneath site.
Off set of schedule due to late pre-design PM
2 T2 CEBU IT PARK Pre-design requirements For follow up -
requirements and securing of initial schemes. (Gizelle Babiera)
3 T2 SOUTHMALL Turn-over of Site For follow up - For turn-over of site to BDD last April 1
(Dionnie Salao)
Permits forms For completion - Permit forms for completion and signatory
(Toti Del Rosario)
Day 1 Day 1 will be moved due to incomplete
requirements prior to construction.
For future Signage/Tarps revision for partial closure. Current PM
1 KFC TRINOMA Signage for Partial Closure -
reference design might imply that the store is on full closure. Civil
For Confirm fogging schedule and other concerns since Civil
Mall fogging concerns April 17
confirmation it might cause stoppage of works. (Nicole Sarthou)
Mechanical Works FYI - Mechanical works is 29%.
(Martin Ozaeta)
Civil works is at 63 %. Transition to phase 2 is
Civil works FYI - completed. Start of dismantling and demolition
(Nicole Sarthou)
Dismantling of electrical id complete. 70 % on Electrical
Electrical works FYI -
roughing-ins, 50% on wiring. (Renald Pagunsan)
2 CAPEX Approval For follow-thru - Pending approved CAPEX.
MARKET (Anjenine Guanlao)
For Revise plans to lower cost and have CAPEX (Anjenine Guanlao)
Revision of Plans -
confirmation approved as per MVG. Design
(Denise De Chavez)
3 KFC EASTWOOD CWD For review - CWD for review
KFC PASO DE BLAS For Still for confirmation on pullout and dismantling PM
1 Pull Out of Halfway Door -
confirmation schedule. (Krystel Cammayo)
2 KFC ORMOC STP Installation FYI - Installation was completed last March 28.
(Joshua Hernandez)
On going connection to cistern of building and
Water supply FYI - Civil
installation of 1000gal tank.
On going backfilling for STP installation last April 3. PM
3 KFC BALAGTAS STP Installation FYI -
For follow-up on EPS panels from Tigerbilt to be Purchasing
EPS Panel For follow-up April 5-7
delivered during the week. (Thess Sullera)
4 Handwash Sink For follow-up April 7 Handwash sink for installation during the week.
ORTIGAS (Catherine Chiu)
Permits to request schedule of inspection from BFP
5 KFC SAN JOAQUIN Fire Inspection For scheduling April 6 since requirements per their last inspection are
(Toti Del Rosario)
already done.
(Anjenine Guanlao)
6 KFC GMA CAVITE MOA of Chowking For follow-up April 7 PM/BDD to follow-up MOA of Chowking.
(Ting Cruz)
DPWH Approval for Relocation of Globes post completed last April 1. Civil
For scheduling April 7
Tapping For scheduling of tapping by SMIP. (Cezar Valencia, Jr.)
For Permits to confirm scheduling of collection of solid Permits
7 KFC BUTUAN Permits April 7
confirmation waste and location of trash (Toti Del Rosario)
Already with PR/PO, target completion of Civil
8 KFC DAHLIA Customized Hand Sink For follow-up April 6
installation by April 6.

KFC GMA CAVITE Postmix Concern For follow-thru April 17 Store sample to be tested again ASAP. PM
(Anjenine Guanlao)
(Thess Sullera)
Please inform PM if there are any omissions or additional inputs based on Project Update Meeting dated March 20, 2017. In the absence of any notice, we will record that
the minutes reflected were deemed agreed and accurate.


[Meeting Time] [Meeting Location]
April 17, 2017 (09H00) 5 floor RAMCAR Board Room

Agenda topics: Development Update Meeting


Arvi Doguiles
Minutes prepared by:
Frances Yanos
Minutes approved by: Lexbee Nones