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From high school to university

In the United States, universi- while the American students

ty admission departments stated the opposite (Heeter, &
analyze a variety of factors Compton, 2008). The Indian
when considering an appli- students explained that they
cant. This can include SAT put in numerous hours in
scores, high school courses, advanced math and science
grades, recommendations, courses, as well as test prep
interviews, and extra- courses, in order to prepare
curricular activities. for the Joint Entrance Exam.
This high-stakes test is used
In many countries around the for admission to the Indian
world, admission to university Institutes of Technology, but
is heavily, or even solely, de- near perfect scores are re-
pendent on a test score. For quired (Najar, 2011). High school student or
many students, this means
university student?
high school is a time of in-
tense work and study, while
What challenges could arise for
university studies tend to in-
volve less pressure. students expecting university studies References
to require less work than their high Heeter, C., Compton, R. A., & Broken Pencil
In a documentary on educa- school studies? Productions. (2008). 2 million minutes in India: A
deeper look at Indian education. Indianapolis, Ind.:
tion in the U.S. and India, two Broken Pencil Productions.
Indian students explain that in
Najar, N. (2011, October 13). Squeezed out in
their country college was India, students turn to U.S. The New York Times.
much easier than high school, Retrieved from:

What can instructors do to help?

Have discussions with pletion of assignments. Success Center offers tutor-

students in which they ing, but also links in Tips for
share their background If you notice that a stu- Student Success
and expectations. Bring dent is struggling, set up a (
their attention to the dif- time to talk with him/her tips.aspx) that help with
ference with the United to determine what the scheduling, studying, and re-
States. difficulty is. ducing stress.

Be explicit about your Know where to refer a

expectations for the student who is having
course and for the com- difficulties. The Student

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