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Verbos Regulares

Present Participio Gerundi

Infinitivo e Pasado Pasado o Significado
To arrive arrive(s) arrived arrived arriving llegar
To brush brush(es) brushed brushed brushing cepillar
To call call(s) called called calling llamar
To clean clean(s) cleaned cleaned cleaning limpiar
To close close(s) closed closed closing cerrar
To comb comb(s) combed combed combing peinar
To cook cook(s) cooked cooked cooking cocinar
To cry cr(ies) cried cried crying llorar
To dance dance(s) danced danced dancing bailar
To die die(s) died died dying morir
To end end(s) ended ended ending terminar
To erase erase(s) erased erased erasing borrar

To fix fix(es) fixed fixed fixing reparar

To help help(s) helped helped helping ayudar
To invite invite(s) invited invited inviting invitar
To kiss kiss(es) kissed kissed kissing besar
To learn learn(s) learned learned learning aprender
To listen listen(s) listened listened listening escuchar
To live live(s) lived lived living vivir
To love love(s) loved loved amar
To open open(s) opened opened opening abrir
To paint paint(s) painted painted painting pintar
To plan plan(s) planned planned planning planear
To play play(s) played played playing jugar
To study stud(ies) studied studied studying estudiar
To talk talk(s) talked talked talking hablar
To walk walk(s) walked walked walking caminar
To wash wash(es) washed washed washing lavar
To watch watch(es)watched watched watching observar/ver
To work work(s) worked worked working trabajar
Infinitivo Presente Pasado Participio Pasado Gerundio Significado
To be is-are-am was-were been being ser o estar
To become become(s) became become becoming convertir
To begin begin(s) began begun begining comenzar
To break break(s) broke broken breaking romper
To bring bring(s) brought brought bringing traer
To build build(s) built built building construir
To buy buy(s) bought bought buying comprar
To catch catch(es) caught caught catching atrapar
To choose choose(s) chose chosen choosing elegir
To come come(s) came come coming venir
To cut cut(s) cut cut cutting cortar
To do do(es) did done doing hacer
To draw draw(s) drew drawn drawing dibujar
To dream dream(s) dreamt dreamt dreaming soar
To drink drink(s) drank drunk drinking tomar
To drive drive(s) drove driven driving manejar
To eat eat(s) ate eaten eating comer
To feel feel(s) felt felt feeling sentir
To find find(s) found found finding encontrar
To fly fl(ies) flew flown flying volar
To forget forget(s) forgot forgotten forgetting olvidar
To forgive forgive(s) forgave forgiven forgiving perdonar
To get get(s) got gotten getting obtener
To give give(s) gave given giving dar
To go go(es) went gone going ir
To have have-has had had tener/haber
To hear hear(s) heard heard hearing oir
To know know(s) knew known saber
To learn learn(s) learnt learnt learning aprender
To make make(s) made made making hacer
To pay pay(s) paid paid paying pagar
To read read(s) read read reading leer
To ride ride(s) rode ridden riding montar
To run run(s) ran run running correr
To say say(s) said said saying decir
To see see(s) saw seen seeing ver
To sell sell(s) sold sold selling vender
To send send(s) sent sent sending enviar
To sing sing(s) sang sung singing cantar
To sleep sleep(s) slept slept sleeping dormir
To speak speak(s) spoke spoken speaking hablar
To spell spell(s) spelt spelt spelling deletrear
To swim swim(s) swam swum swimming nadar
To take take(s) took taken taking tomar
To teach teach(es) taught taught teaching ensear
To think think(s) thought thought pensar
To throw throw(s) threw thrown throwing lanzar
To win win(s) won won winning ganar
To write write(s) wrote written writing escribir
Verbos Irregulares