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Voting record of Scott Mann MP for

North Cornwall
Scott Mann says he is passionate about representing
the interests of everyone in North Cornwall especially
business, less so the most vulnerable. He voted:-
Against laws to promote equality and human rights
Against paying higher benefits for those unable to work due
to illness or disability and For an overall reduction in welfare benefits
For more restrictive regulation of trade union activity
For phasing out secure housing tenancies for life
For reducing central government funding of local government
For reducing the rate of corporation tax and against higher taxes
on banks
Against measures to prevent climate change
You can see more about how Scott Mann voted by going to
North Cornwall Constituency
Non Voters were a massive second place in the 2015 election.
They tend to be the young and the marginalised the target of
Tory cuts and the same group whose interests Scott Mann has
consistently voted against. We need to mobilise them!

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