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The Future of Physio Stress Less! Kung Fu Kenny Returns

Vol XCI - Issue 7 - May 19, 2017

Walking the Walk TOP STORIES

SDUSD Contamination:
Students Lose Senior Privileges Due to Unverified Absences Water to be tested for possi-
ble health threats

La Jolla Shooting: La
Jolla apartment complex

Amazon Controversy:
Backlash on controversial
costume sweeps the web

Fishers Final Season:

SDSU Basketball coach an-
nounces retirement

Where in the World?:

Your Student Focus
Photo by Cameron Hickman
her privileges, expressed her Star Wars: The saga con-
dissatisfaction with the matter. tinues with Episode 8
BY CAMERON HICKMAN their privileges revoked can re-
gain them by attending school I understand taking privileges
everyday and having their ab-
I dont away if youve done something Calexit: The United States
without California
The latest controversy at La sences excused when they are ill. consider actually indecent, but people
shouldnt lose them for not call-
Jolla High seems to be the vast The opinions of students vary walking at ing in sick. Furthermore, she
increase in seniors who have lost greatly. The Hi-Tide interviewed
their senior privileges. Many of three seniors, who have asked to
graduation to said, I dont consider walking at
this years seniors have had their remain anonymous, about their be a graduation to be a privilege--its
privileges revoked because of ex- thoughts on the large-scale loss privilege--its something you do. This is your
cessive unverified absences and of senior privileges. At the beginning of the year,
truancies. Senior privileges in- One student, who has not lost something you seniors were required to sign a
clude prom, walking at gradua- his privileges, told us that he is do form acknowledging that their
tion, senior breakfast, and the se- satisfied with the actions the ad- privileges could be revoked in
nior yearbook signing. This has ministration has taken. I think
- Anonymous student certain cases. The Hi-Tide re- The official school paper of
happened in the past, but never its the people who were missing peatedly requested a copy of this La Jolla High, the Hi-Tide
on this large of a scale. school getting their comeup- form from the administration; has been giving voice to
Counselors say that these pance. I mean, I came to school, another student, who has had his however, they did not provide students for 91 years.
privileges are intended for peo- and I have my privileges still, he privileges revoked. He also of- it. The administration also could
ple who come to school every- said. fered a more profane statement not provide us with an exact We welcome ideas and
day, and people who dont come I think its a waste of time, of his distaste, which we found number of seniors who have submissions of any type at:
to school shouldnt get the same because you can still be absent-- inappropriate to print. been affected.
rewards. Everyone who has had you just have to call in sick, said A third student, who still has

The Mother of All Bombs Lead in Our Water?

San Diego Unified Tests for Contaminants in
Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb Dropped on Afghanistan
Drinking Water
SDUSD will begin to test for
On Thursday, April 13th, the lead in the water of school cam-
largest non-nuclear bomb named puses after finding high levels in
the Mother Of All Bombs, or schools. Fox News reported that
Massive Ordinance Air Blast, the testing program began a few
was dropped by the United months after high levels of met-
States during combat, target- al, including lead, and bacteria
ing Daesh fighters in a remote were found at several San Ysidro city officials. If the lead is pres-
part of the eastern Nangarhar schools. The testing at San Diego ent at high levels, SDUSD Chief
province. The bomb was thirty Unified schools is expected to Operations Officer Drew Row-
feet in height, 21,000 pounds in be completed by the end of the lands said the district will re-
weight, and created a mushroom school year in June. place fixtures and make plumb-
Photo by U.S. Department of Defense via Wimikedia Commons
cloud that could be seen from KPBS reported that testing ing repairs.
20 miles away. The unexpected reported that most of the neigh- very successful, many analysts first took place at Emerson-Ban- According to district officials,
attack caused much controver- boring civilians had previously described it as disproportionate. dini Elementary School after a buildings built before 1986 are
sy as people worldwide accused fled during past combat. Howev- The former Afghan president nurse saw a therapy dog hesitant more at risk for lead contamina-
the US of using Afghanistan as er, there were different reports of Hamid Karzai, described the to drink the water, which con- tion. Isabella McNeil, San Diego
a testing ground to target a ter- the bombs affecting civilians. For bomb as an atrocity that was just tained a variety of contaminants, Unified School District spokes-
rorist group not as prominently instance, an elderly man claimed dropped for testing purposes. He including lead. District officials person explained the process by
threatening to the region as the the blast was so loud it caused posted on Twitter, saying, This said that the testing will be car- which the district will go about
resurgent Taliban. his grand-daughter to experi- is not the war on terror but the ried out in the morning before the testing to NBC, Five schools
The bomb destroyed the ence some hearing loss. inhuman and most brutal misuse classes start. A Fox News report will be tested daily, beginning in
groups hideout, a tunnel and The bomb was ordered by of our country as testing ground stated that, Up to five samples the southeast corner of the dis-
cave system used as a defensive President Trump only a week af- for new and dangerous weapons. will be taken at each site: from trict where some of the oldest
against ground attacks. Accord- ter missile strikes were ordered It is upon us Afghans to stop the drinking fountains, cafeterias district schools are located. City
ing to Afghan officials, at least 94 to attack Syria. While Trump U.S.A.. and food preparation areas. staff will proceed north and west
Daesh fighters were killed. It was describes the mission as very The results will be analyzed by until all testing is complete.
2 OPINIONSMay 19, 2017

The La Jolla High School

No More Selfies with Seals!
Why we should be more mindful of La Jollas iconic seals
that image, you would also
EDITORS-IN-CHIEF ELECT BY ZOE MENDEL see the hoards of locals and
Shayna Kobrinetz SENIOR EDITOR tourists alike who grapple
Brooke Kaufman
for the seals attention with
Summertime in San Diego: cameras, loud voices, and,
warm beaches, refreshing wa- occasionally, human food. As
Nicolas Nunez
ter, soft sunshine... Imagine residents of San Diego who
you and your closest friends are used to the seals, its im-
NEWS EDITORS ELECT all taking a trip to one of La portant for us to be aware of
Anna-Maria Zarembok Jollas pristine beaches. You how our residents with flip-
spread out your towel and lay pers are being treated.
Cameron Hickman in the sun, reading a book, My question to you is sim-
listening to music. Youre en- ple: if youre so desperate for
Adina Keeling
joying your day. Suddenly, a picture of the animal, why
click! You look up; a guy in a cant you be patient enough
BUSINESS EDITOR ELECT floral shirt and cargo shorts to wait for a good opportuni-
lowers his phone to send his gest proper ways to interact contributed to the production
Benjamin Deckhut ty to take one? with the sea life. While some of more permanent signs.
latest selfie out to the online Recently the La Jolla Light
SPORTS EDITOR ELECT world captioning it, A day at say the signs guilt beach-go- The NOAA is also consider-
investigated the signs, ers into avoiding seal spots, ing educating the public with
Sophie Bolinger the beach. which bear the emblem of
Weve all seen the photos; the signs are important to the tactile displays of sea life, to
STUDENT FOCUS EDITOR the National Oceanic and wildlife. The crowding and ca- give them the experience of
the adorable seals of the La Atmospheric Administra-
Jolla Cove, all laying in a row joling of the seals has threat- touching the seals without
Chantal Lanatta tion (NOAA) that have been ened their safety and comfort. physically disrupting the ani-
with their bellies to the sky, posted around the beaches.
enjoying the sun just like peo- Seals prefer space, especially mals.
A&E EDITOR ELECT Some signs distinguish seals those who are mating and The seals are wild animals -
Monaghan Cromeans ple do. If you were to un-crop from sea lions; others sug- pupping, as many of them not part of a petting zoo. Its
do at the Childrens Pool. important for us to respect
Amazon Costume Gets
Nathan Miller (Imagine being on a date and their space and take care of
having a bunch of strangers their environment instead of
Alexa Kideys
Political staring at you!) Some moth-
er seals abandon pups if they
disrupting them for our own
enjoyment (or a few likes on
People are outraged over a Mexico will Pay! feel the pups have gotten too Instagram). Watching and
close to humans. enjoying them in their natu-
Tanner Ford costume being sold on Amazon. In fact, residents of the ral habitat is a great experi-
ADVISOR BY SAMUEL KINSEY looting over other countries South Casa Beach sent com- ence for everyone to see wild
Robert J. Boyd SENIOR EDITOR furthermore quality publica- plaints and videos to the animals. However, there is a
tions such as Allure had this NOAA expressing their con- definite balance between ob-
Mexico will Pay: A popu- to say, To be fair, its possi- cern for the seals, especial- serving and disrupting.
lar phrase used by President ble Costume Agent is poking ly when beach-goers try to
Trump and his supporters fun at Trumps claims hes physically touch the seals.
during the election and even going to build a wall, and not The City of San Diego also

The Calexit Debate

after it. Although the contro- actually advocating doing so.
versy surrounding the phrase Still, it comes off tasteless
shifted out of public focus it and extremely offensive not
STAFF WRITERS/ has recently reentered the only to Latino people, but Calexit wont solve our nations problems.
SENIOR EDITORS public eye. Amazon released to everyone who, you know,
a costume with those words cares about their fellow cit- We should focus that energy elsewhere.
Ryan Robson, Zoe Mendel, Khalil Eley, on it. This costume was clear- izens. Politics are stressful
Jimmy Irwin, Ariana Dennis, Sam ly meant as a gag but none- enough lately without bring- BY ELLE NECOECHEA and it has been contested that
Kinsey, Georgie Morris, Asha Alagiri, theless people became infuri- ing Halloween costumes into SENIOR EDITOR it could survive on its own.
Arman Hamrah, Elle Necoechea,
ated with it. One commenter the equation. It is clear many However, despite California
Maia Pearl, Annabelle Reeves, having a flourishing economy
Orianna Rodriguez, Dominic Scurio, said, only a criminal would people are viewing the cos- As frustrations about the
Samuel Shindel-Spencer, Fengsong force to another person to tume as a political statement historic and bizarre 2016 and largely liberal consensus,
Zhang, Star Austin, Illias Benbatoul, pay for something that only first and a gag piece second. presidential election continue removal from the rest of the
Sydney Brown, Ariela Feinberg benefits to him and not the The article brings up to brew, our own state, Cali- United States could be much
person who pays , but it does that the costume could be fornia, is beginning to show more problematic in reality
not surprises me that behav- seen as extremely offensive rising trends for its own than in theory.
ior from Americans, after all to Latino people and that the version of the United King- Succession hasnt been se-
US is the country that uses costume is tasteless. Howev- doms Brexit, or in this case riously suggested by a state
to invade, destroy and do er I disagree. Although I do what people are referring to since the civil war, and is his-
not condone hatred nor do as Calexit. The Calexit move- torically not received well and
I harbor any ill will towards ment, also referred to as Yes without violence by the rest of
Latino people. I do not see California, at this stage is still the nation. With the already
how a costume with a slogan very small and grassroots, yet dominant division of our na-
on it can be seen as Extreme- has seen a striking jump from tion, this would only increase
tensions and push the left and
91 ly offensive. Was it off color
humor? Sure it was, but its a
100 volunteers to 8,500 since
the November 2016 election right farther apart, creating
YEARS intense political gridlock and
Halloween costume, its not of Donald Trump.
the Amazon CEO going out California has historically cultural malaise.
and condoning Trump and his leftist policies and is the most The energies of those advo-
wall. Even if the CEO of Am- populous state in the union, cating for Calexit should be
azon was condoning Trumps so the right wing push back promptly reallocated to more
wall there would be nothing is undeniably frustrating for pertinent and noble causes,
wrong with it. An individu- many of its denizens who such as civil rights and so-
al can hold any opinion they seek rapid and progressive cial equity. Succession will
The Hi-Tide, an open forum, is the want as long as it does not change throughout the United not solve the issues at hand,
official student newspaper of La hurt people. States. California is also one it will only further drive the
Jolla High School. Unless otherwise Furthermore the de- of the more efficient states, nation into turmoil.
noted, opinions voiced in the Hi- mands to take this costume
Tide belong to the individual au- out of the Amazon store are
thor. The Hi-Tide welcomes letters, misguided. A CEO of a com-
opinions, or media submissions of pany can put out whatever
any type, in any language, from product they want regardless
anyone. You may email submis- if it offends people, as part of
sions to freedom of expression in the
or drop them off in Room 514. The Constitution.
Hi-Tide reserves the right to refuse The costume should stay up
any material. To advertise with the on Amazon regardless of
Hi-Tide or to purchase a subscrip- whether people are offended
tion, please email us or call (858) by it. It does not incite hatred
454-3081, extension 4514. No part and furthermore should be
of the Hi-Tide may be reproduced taken lightly. In the words of
without written permission. Ken Newman, Lighten up
OPINIONSMay 19, 2017 3
The Berkeley Riots
Why protesting matters

BY ARIANA DENNIS meaning behind their anger. I

SENIOR EDITOR believe there are better ways
to express ones frustrations
Protests have been a form and resorting to violence and
of self expression and a por- public vandalism is not the
trayal of frustrations at so- most efficient method. How-
cietys inequalities since the ever, people are so hyperfo-
founding of our nation. Its cused on their methods rath-
no secret that the U.S. has ex- er than the meaning behind
perienced all different kinds them. Why are these people
of discrimination through its angry and how can we as a
241 years of existence. And it society change so this does
is no surprise that continuous not occur in the future are
discrimination towards cer- the questions we should be
tain groups and our lack of so- asking ourselves. But instead,
cial progress has led many to we criticize and condemn the
feel fed up and unheard. This demonstrators instead of lis-
is why some protests will take tening to their concerns. It is
a more aggressive turn. When our ignorance and lack of ac-
peaceful protests are respond- tion that has led to their fury.
ed to with tear gas and police Many argue that the pro-
brutality, it is only natural for testers are hypocritical
people to want to stand up by preventing freedom of
and fight back. This article is speech on a campus that is
in no way a promotion of vi- known for the promotion of another form of freedom of ing their opinions in a more ported the police who brutal-
olent protest. I personally do this concept. However, many speech. They have every right prominent form. They try and ly shut them down. While I do
not condone the Berkeley ri- fail to realize that the protest- to share their opinions just reason that the victims must not support or promote any
ots but I will not dismiss them ers voicing their opinions on as anyone else does. Further- have provoked the police in forms of violence, I believe it
and allow myself to ignore the the visiting speakers is just more, there is a difference be- some way. But they never use is our responsibility as a soci-

Should You Tour Your

tween freedom of speech and this same logic when protests ety to ensure that conditions
hate speech. And while there turn violent. While many in- do not need to resort to any

is some wiggle room for what cidents of police brutality are need for aggression.
can be interpreted as hate based purely off power trips
speech, going up and invali- and racism, the demonstra-
dating someones existence is tors have a valid backing to
Youve received your acceptances. What now? a very clear form of it. their riots. They are fed up
It is baffling to me that they of being treated second class.
very same people who jump [ Those who often complain
to the defense of the police about liberal elitism are
when they commit brutality, those ] So many did not listen
are the same people who crit- to them when they peaceful-
icize demonstrators for voic- ly protested but instead sup-

The Best Way to Spend your Summer:

Working or traveling?

The age old question for

High Schoolers: is it better
BY ELLE NECOECHEA out the next four years, and to spend the summer travel-
SENIOR EDITOR second to finally have an an- ing and broadening horizons,
swer to the only question any or is getting a job or intern-
For many college bound family member has been able ship a superior investment
high school seniors, like my- to ask you over the past few of time. On one hand, there
self, the days of obsessively months: where are you go- is the possibility of making
refreshing our emails, stalking ing to college?! money and/or acquiring new
College Confidential, and cry- So you ask yourself: should and important skills. On the
ing over Naviance graphs has you splurge and purchase other, the spiritual growth
come to an end. Weve finally that $450 plane ticket and that comes from exploration
done what we thought was take a week off of school to and the enjoyment of youth is
going to be impossible during see those east coast schools, something that cannot be dis-
the stressful, dismal abyss or road trip up to Northern counted. What there is not plenty of the summer. When youre
that was junior year weve California? Or should you Jobs and internships are a time for is traveling, which out on the road meeting new
been accepted to college! In- just dive head over heels into fantastic way to be proactive allows one to leave the mi- people and opening up to new
stead, we have now entered college next fall without visit- during ones summer and to crocosm of ones home town experiences, you may find
blissful daydreams of our new ing? train skills that will be used or city and to expose oneself that you are also slowly rein-
young adult lives, introducto- Well unfortunately, the an- throughout ones life. But a to other cultures. This does venting yourself. Or perhaps
ry Facebook groups, and the swer is a mix of both. lifetime is long and there is not necessarily mean spend- letting the self youd like to be
concerning lack of motivation 1.) Do your research. Find out plenty of time for working. ing thousands of dollars ei- finally emerge. Travel can be
to even complete assignments what the atmosphere is like Unless there is an absolute ther. Simply a brief road trip, liberating in many ways, but
the class period before. and make sure that it at least necessity to work either to can allow for learning from a especially when it comes to
Yet, another problem arises. sounds like an ideal fit. support oneself or ones fami- slightly different community self-discovery. Being thrown
Some of us didnt simply get 2.) Scope your financial aid ly, however, it is not the most or culture. For this reason, it into a foreign culture (or even
accepted to college, we got packet. See how much you viable option. is the best use of time during into a not-so-foreign culture)
accepted to colleges. Plural. will be paying for the next without all the comforts of
If youre lucky, your bundle few years, discuss it with your home can be challenging, but
of acceptance letters include parents and make sure that its often those truly tough,
that dream school whose you will not be drowning in personal challenges that will
sweatshirt youve been wear- debt for the rest of your life. help you grow as an indepen-
ing for the last four years, but 3.) Go visit if you can. The dent individual. -Via Danger-
if youre not, the decision be- school may sound perfect on Traveling
comes overwhelming. paper, but when actually on is ultimately better than get-
The agenda is to first pick a campus your worst night- ting a job over the summer.
school that will be most fitting mare.
to you and perfectly support 4.) Finally, de-stress and trust
you in your emotional and your gut. Youve made it!
intellectual growth through-
4 BUSINESS May 19, 2017

Tesla Becomes Most Valuable Minimum Wage

Car Company Increase
STAFF WRITER of minimum wage jobs. Some
BY KHALIL ELEY opponents of an increase also
On monday, April 10th, STAFF WRITER state that this could lead to a
Tesla Stock surpassed both potential decrease in as many
GM and Ford. Tesla Stocks Though many citizens both as 500,000 jobs, with an in-
reached an all-time height of oppose and support an in- crease of the minimum wage
$312.39, making it more valu- crease in the minimum wage, to just $10.10, as was found
able than both GM(GM.N) an increase in the existing in a study by the Congressio-
and Ford(F). This marks the minimum wage would have a nal Budget Office. Many crit-
first time that the most valu- number of both positive and ics point to this and the fact
able auto maker in the U.S. is negative effects on both the the these wage increases hurt
not based in Detroit. Investor economy and society. businesses and raise prices.
interest in the Silicon Valley One positive effect, the in- An argument against this
based automaker indicates a crease in the minimum wage is the fact that it was found
shift in investors minds in the has the potential to help at by a UC Berkeley study that
auto industry. Although Tesla least 15 million people in the fast food employees on aver-
is not a profitable company, US and it would also greatly age tend to be more reliant
due to massive spending on benefit many women. on public programs and an
building up its infrastruc- This increase in wages increase in the wages would
ture in order to support the would, of course, inevita- only be passing some of the
massive amounts of orders bly lead to higher prices for public costs onto the private
expected for the upcoming fast food and other services companies.
Model 3, supporters argue which contain large amounts
that its ability for growth in
the future justify the stocks
value. An analyst for Piper
Jaffray, Alexander Potter, up-
graded the stock from neu-
tral to overweight. He de-
scribed Teslas products as
captivating saying,Tesla
isnt just another company.
More so than any stock weve
covered, Tesla engenders op-
timism, freedom, defiance,
and a host of other emotions
that, in our view, other com-
panies cannot replicate

Yahoo + AOL = Amazon Introduces

Oath: A Verizon
Cash Purchases
at one of the partner stores, preferred method of payment,
BY CLAIRE BENEDEK electronically, where the the company foresees an in-
STAFF WRITER barcode is then scanned and crease in their revenue and
money can be added. Users users. Although Amazon is
On Monday, April 3, 2017, can add anywhere between unsure of the exact amount,
Amazon launched Amazon $15 and $500, according to judging by their 27.8% in-
Cash: a new feature that al- Amazon. crease last year, as a result of
lows customers to pay for Once the deposit is com- introducing cloud service,
their items using cash. Cus- plete, a confirmation email they anticipate a similar in-
tomers are able to add to their or text message is sent. This crease. This means their cur-
balance using a brick-and- service does not require any rent revenue of $136 billion
mortar retailer, at Amazon fees, and is a quick and easy may skyrocket to an astound-
partner stores such as CVS way to deposit money. Addi- ing $173.8 billion. Stock mar-
Pharmacy, Speedway, and tionally, the new option will ket investors: watch and wait.
Sheetz. allow users to make purchas- Amazon Cash is innovative,
BY DOMINIC SCURIO existing customers. When customers decide es on Amazon without ever safe, and the company has
STAFF WRITER With limited internet pri- they want to add to their having to input their credit high hopes that it will greatly
vacy regulations, many fear balance, a barcode is sent in or debit card information. increase their user count.
Oath, although the target that the information they one of two ways: by text or For those customers worried
of several jokes over Twitter confide in Verizon and vari- through the Amazon app. about identity theft and fraud,
these past few days, is the ous companies are at risk for From here, the customer can this new service is the perfect
newest brand on the Internet, a security breach. Trust us, either print the barcode at solution.
taking over AOL and Yahoo. AOL CEO Armstrong replies, home, or show it to a cashier Thus, with cash as an often
Created by Verizon, Oath will weve got your data and your
become the umbrella to en- back.
compass and promote things Additionally, Armstrong
such as Yahoo, Yahoo Finance, states that they, as the one
Yahoo Sports, TechCrunch, of the companies behind the
and Huffington Post. The re- creation of Oath, have al-
sult of a $4.5 billion acqui- ready greenlit an investment
sition by Verizon, Oath, and that will be going into a much
CEO Tim Armstrong, have deeper level of security. One
big plans. aspect customers should an-
Lately, Yahoo lives in the ticipate is more password
shadows as a brand. With change opportunities, as they
Oath - new, upcoming, and may occur more frequently.
interesting to the public - Ya- Armstrong and the rest of his
hoo has a chance to emerge company have high hopes; If
as a large brand once again. you come use our products
Information from all three and services, we will offer you
brands - Yahoo, AOL, and the fountain of youth - from
Verizon - will come together Armstrong, that is an oath.
under Oath, in hopes that the
company will appeal to pre
BUSINESSMay 19, 2017 5
Stocks Ralph Lauren
Closing Stores
Breakdown Term of the Month
and Laying
Off Employees
BY ORIANNA R. TEJEDA ployees. By laying off the
STAFF WRITER workers and closing these
stores they will be saving mil-
On Tuesday April 4th it was lions of dollars.
announced that Ralph Lauren It was a shock to many peo-
will be closing one of their ple that not only will they
stores, located on Fifth Ave- be closing down their stores,
nue in New York City. It was but they also mentioned that
stated that the reason why their current CEO Stefan
the store will be closing is be- Larsson would be leaving be-
cause their sales are declining cause of a disagreement with
and it would save them some Ralph Lauren. It has also been
money. mentioned that Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren will also be will not be taking over the po-
closing another 50 stores in sition.
order to save money, in the
process they will also be let-
ting go of many of their em-

the business plan. With spec- sells them directly to you.

BY BENJAMIN DECKHUT, ulation the risk of loss is more Then, stocks are purchased in
MITCHEL MORRISON than offset by possible, huge the secondary market which
BUSINESS EDITOR ELECT gain. is buying and selling from
,GUEST CONTRIBUTOR Now that we have separat- other shareholders.
ed the two markets, we can What are the different types
Most of you have, at one answer the question, what are of stocks? The first type
time or another, heard about stocks? When you buy a stock of stock are private stocks.
stocks. Stocks are mentioned in a corporation, you do not These fall under the original HOLLAND, MICHIGAN : THE
in articles, on the radio, may- own part of the corporation. shareholders of the company.
be even on T.V., but there is a This is commonly thought to For instance, if a company is BEST PLACE IN AMERICA FOR
good chance you do not know be the truth, however, legal- formed the founders and any
what they are, or are confused ly we treat corporations as investors have private stocks; SMALL BUSINESSES
as to how they work. Well, their own person. Meaning, these are hard to trade. How- BY DIEGO VALADES to begin is a small city in west
what exactly is a stock? What they have to pay taxes, can be ever, as the company grows STAFF WRITER Michigan, near Lake Macatawa.
is the stock market? How do I sued, can own property, etc.. the need for expansion will This community of just 33,000
buy and sell stocks? How do The idea being that corpora- require the company to go A recent study by Wallethub residents is known as Holland.
I know which stocks to buy? tions can own their own as- public. This means that the set out to find the best places to Although small communities
These are all good questions sets. Therefore, if a company company can sell more shares start a small business in Ameri- such as Holland lack what larg-
that, hopefully, we will an- buys a new building they own to the public, which can sell ca. er metropolitan cities have in
swer in this article. the building, you do not own to other people. When a com- The survey included an aston- terms of capital, they make up
First, we must make a clear part of that building. The cor- pany becomes public the per- ishing 1,261 individual munici- for it in a number of ways.
distinction between the two porate property is legally sep- centage of shares the original palities. The factor used in rank- Small tight knit centers pose
types of stock markets. The arated from the shareholder. shareholders become dilut- ing consisted of the business many advantages. They offer a
first type of stocks (most like- This is good because the lia- ed and worth less. Common environment, access to resourc- better and more personal rela-
ly the one you think about bility of both the corporation stocks are what people usu- es, business cost, the average tionship with clients as well as
when you think about stocks) and the shareholder is lim- ally refer to when they talk work week, finance accessibility banks and other business which
is investing. Investing is done ited. If the corporation goes about stocks. Common shares and office space availability. could benefit all involved.
when you give money to a bankrupt and the government are a claim on profits or divi- They also took into account Smaller cities also have low-
company or business so that orders that all assets of the dends and give voting rights. the minimum wages of the re- er rates for business in general,
they can grow or expand corporation be sold, you are Prefered stocks are similar to gions and the cost of real estate. allowing entrepreneurs the op-
with hopes that, eventually, not affected. The same applies common stocks except that llethub found that the best portunities other places simply
the company will be worth to the shareholder, if you they guarantee a fixed divi- places to start a business were are unable to do.
more than it was at the origi- went bankrupt the corpora- dend and they do not come currently located around the Holland, along with a large
nal investment. When invest- tion would not be responsi- with voting rights. This type midwest and towards the east number of other smaller cities,
ing, you receive a share of ble. When you buy stocks you of stock is less common and of the country, while the worst might become the next boost
the company and you want own a part of the total shares sometimes never offered from places were near the coasts spe- for the U.S economy as well as
the company to do well and issued by the company. There- a company. One advantage cifically due to the rising prices the new movement to grow the
you want the company to be fore, if you own 10% of the to having preferred stocks of land. middle class.
successful because you will shares of the company, you is that if there is liquidation The best place in the nation
make money. You are look- own 100% of 10% of the com- the prefered shareholders are
ing to the future when you pany. Just because you own a paid off before the common
invest, because you believe portion of the shares does not shareholders.
in a company or business and mean that you are in control This article has basic infor-
you believe that your money of the company. This is called mation, that does not go into
will help them grow. Next, separation of ownership and depth by any means, about
we have speculation. Specu- control. So if you dont have stocks. Stocks are important
lation is the act of trading in control in the company why in life because they are a large
an asset or conducting a fi- buy stocks? When you are a element of our economy. Be-
nancial transaction that has a shareholder you can vote in ing able to understand stocks
significant risk of losing most shareholder meetings, you and the stock market will
or all of the initial outlay with get dividends from the cor- put you ahead in life and can
the expectation of substan- porations profits and you are potentially be a source of in-
tial gain.This market is more allowed to sell your stocks to come. For further information
risky because you are buying anyone else. the internet is a great place to
stocks with hopes that you Stocks or equity/ equities read and discover stocks.
can sell them in a short time are given out by companies
and make money. People who in return for money so that
speculate are not concerned they can expand or work on
with how the company grows new projects. Stocks are first
whether that be its factories, issued in the primary market,
research and development, or which is when the company
May 19, 2017

Isiah Thomas Family Tragedy Fishers End

NHL Strikes Out of Gold Celtics player sister passes away Longtime SDSU Head
NHL will not take part in the 2018 winter BY JIMMY IRWIN too challenging after Saturdays Basketball Coach Retires
SENIOR EDITOR tragedy he did not have to rush BY SOPHIE BOLINGER
Olympics back for Game 1 of an Eastern SPORTS EDITOR ELECT
On April 15th, NBA Celt- Conference semifinal series
BY ORIANNA R. TEJEDA to go to the Olympics there ics player Isiah Thomas sister, against the Washington Wiz- On April 10th, SDSUs head
STAFF WRITER would have been a 17-day Chyna Thomas, passed away af- ards. basketball coach Steve Fisher
break period in February. ter a single-car accident. Isiah, however, came back resigned from his position.
On Tuesday April 3rd, The United States and The devastating news reached better than ever, and scored 33 To some fans, he is the man
it was announced that the Canada constructed polls Isiah right after his practice that points on 11-of-23 shooting and responsible for building San
National Hockey League on whether or not the NHL day. He and his entire family added nine assists in 38 minutes Diego State Universitys bas-
would not be part of the should be part of the Olym- were shocked and devastated. to top it off for the Celtics to ketball program into some-
2018 Winter Olympics af- pics, and many disagreed Chyna was only 23 years old, win 123-111 win over the Wiz- thing memorable.
ter previously winning five with the idea of having she was way too young to have ards. Fishers legacy will not be
consecutive winters. them be part of the Olym- been taken from her family. But Isiah wasnt done there. forgotten, due to his remark-
This coming years ab- pics. Isiah has been handling the During game two against the able impact on the SDSU
sence is due to the fact that There was also another news in a very unique way. Wizards, Isiah shocked the Mens Basketball program.
the International Olympic issue as for their participa- He has taken his pain and has world by having a game high of Fisher made his legacy in
Committee decided that tion in the Olympics and channeled it towards playing 53 points to lead the Celtics to other places too. His impres-
they would not be paying that is that the IIHF was the best basketball he has ever a nail biting victory in overtime sive career as a head coach
for the costs of travel, in- concerned with the players played in his NBA career. winning 129-119. started at the University of
surance, and accommoda- getting injured since they When I found out the news, Such an outstanding game Michigan, leading the Big
tion for the 141 players. would be on a tight sched- I wanted to give up and quit. during playoffs has only been Blue Mens basketball team
The International Ice ule due to their participa- Never in my life have I thought done by the greats. Isiah has to a National Championship
Hockey Federation, also tion in the Olympics. about quittingI realized quit- proven this year; he is one of in 1989.
known as the IIHF, said Sadly for some, and hap- ting isnt an option, added the greats. This wasnt his first jour-
that they had the money pily for others, the Nation- Thomas, Thats the easy way Directly after his triumphant ney to the Final Four. When
to fund the NHL but were al Hockey League will not out. I will keep going for my sis- victory when asked where is Fisher played basketball in
concerned about their as- be participating in the 2018 ter because I know she wouldnt this playing coming from, Isi- college at Illinois State he
sets. Winter Olympics. want me to stop. I love you, lead the Redbirds to the Final
If the NHL had decided Chyna, and I miss you so much, Four in the 1967 NCAA tour-
and everything I do for the rest nament.
of my life will be for you. During his coaching tenure
This heartbreaking news is at Michigan, Fisher signed
something that could break a some of the most well known
player, especially so close to the college basketball players.
NBA playoffs; however, Isiah Known as the Fab Five,
has somehow found the will to stars Chris Webber, Jalen
become a stronger player and Rose, Ray Jackson, Jimmy
man because of it. King, and Juwan Howard all
Isiah says he is now playing signed onto Michigans team
for his sister, and all of the at- ah stated, Its my sister. Its her under Fisher.
tention on his game and the birthday today, happy birthday, In 1999, Fisher begun his
publicity is not for him its for she would have been 23 today. career at San Diego State
his sister. How successful he is So everything I do is for her, and transformed them from
from here on out is all for his and shes watching over me a team with a 5-23 record
sister. so its all her My family, my during his inaugural season,
MLB Enters Social After the Celtics sealed the friends, tell me to keep going to a 34-3 record in 2010.
series against the Bulls, Isiah the only thing about it is once I Fisher was seen as a ray of

Media World
flew to his sisters services. leave this gym I hit reality and hope after many years of de-
Celtics Coach Brad Stevens shes not here, but when Im in clining SDSU basketball.
told Thomas that if it would be this arena I can lock in. After three years with the
Red Bull Air Races Take
Introduction of the Infield Chatter app program, Fisher lead the Az-
tecs to their first post-season
appearance since 1985.
Flight over San Diego Bay
BY ORIANNA R. TEJEDA players app; however, Tony
STAFF WRITER Clark the executive director He eventually led them to
of MLB mentioned that they eight different NCAA ap-
It has been announced the pearances, with six in a row
may become partners of the Races return to San Diego after eight years from 2009-2015.
Major League Baseball play- app in the future.
ers will be launching their BY DOMINIC SCURIO lunseks first time on the podi- Fisher made a huge impact
There are about 1,000 Ma- on the success of San Diego
own app called Infield Chat- jor and Minor league players STAFF WRITER um.
ter in which the players can Matthias Dolderer of Germa- State basketball program.
who have already joined In- His legacy and impact will
talk to their fans about base- field Chatter. On April 15th and 16th, the ny placed third, because even
Red Bull Air Races returned to though he had faster splits out never be forgotten.
ball. Some of the players in- Fisher is stepping down
In this app, they are hoping San Diego Bay. of the gate, he clipped a pylon
clude National League MVPs After eight years since host- resulting in a as head coach in order to be
to attract younger baseball Kris Bryant, Miguel Cabrera, able to support his son, who
fans. ing in San Diego, the races 3s penalty, putting his finish-
among many others. have finally returned, to the ing time at 1:01.648s. is battling ALS.
The app includes player There are limits within the Fisher will be succeeded by
delight of many fans. American pilot Kirby Cham-
chats, podcasts, interviews, app. If there is any inappro- Brian Dutcher, who he has
The Red Bull Air Race World bliss was last in the final four
and giveaways. priate content the accounts with a time of 1:02.713s been training since 2011.
Championship is the highest
Furthermore, the app al- will be suspended, and within level of aerobatic air racing in after a 2s penalty. Fisher will stay on the
lows for them to engage with the app there are human mon- the world. Red Bull also has Many Americans were coaching staff as a special as-
other people and players. itors and automatic filters, so several lower level race com- slightly disappointed that sistant coach.
Once you have signed on to no profanities are allowed. petitions. Chambliss did not take home At the age of seventy-two,
the app, you are automatical- Although there is a small Japanese pilot, Yoshihide the championship on his home and with fifty seasons of be-
ly subscribed to Major League amount of people who have Muroya, won the race overall, turf. ing on the sidelines behind
Trivia, Stat of the Day, and joined the app, the players making the San Diego com- With only two of the eight him, Fisher is about to em-
Major League Lifts in which hope to transfer over many of petition the second win of his races for the 2017 Air Race bark on a much deserved
you can watch how the play- the millions of followers they career. According to Red Bull, World Championship complet- break from the game, in or-
ers train. already have on their social Muroya won by a margin of ed, there is still plenty of op- der to spend time with his
Major League Baseball is media accounts. 1.925s with a time of 58.529s. portunity for any pilot to win. family.
not in association with the Finishing in second was Pe- The next race will be held in
ter Podlunsek, with a time of Chiba, Japan on June 3rd and
1:00.454s, and this was Pond- 4th.
May 19, 2017 7
8 STUDENT FOCUS May 19, 2017

Alexa Lopez-12

Im going to visit my
family in Mexico Zacate-
cas and visit beautiful
sites. Once that trip is
over I will come back
to San Diego to attend

Lily Mersi-10
Im going to the Caribbean on a cruise from Florida in August. Im excited
to go some place tropical and visit a few islands with my family. Im also
going jet skiing also which I love.

Erik Ortlieb-9
I am going to Jamaica to
travel new places and have
a relaxing trip Ive never
had before.

Photo via Trip Advisor

Alexa Kideys-12

A week after my Eigh-

teenth birthday I will
be going to Cabo San
Celeste Magaudda- 12 Lucas to party legally.

Im going to Ireland to
visit castles and sites
where the Star Wars
franchise was filmed.
I hope that it will rain
the whole time that I
am there.

Getty Degef-12

I will be going to Ethi-

opia this summer to
visit family and Addis
Abba, Ethiopias cap-
ital in the highlands
bordering the Great Jordan Schultz-11
Rift Valley.
This summer I am
going to Tanzania
for two weeks to
learn about the
culture there and
give support to the
Ian Brown-12 locals.

I am going to Israel,
Jordan, and Egypt to
see pyramids, ancient
ruins, The Ancient
City Petra, and The
West Bank. I am also
going ride a camel
while I am there.
STUDENT FOCUSMay 19, 2017 9
Bueno - Head of security LJHS
Coach Atwell - Teacher/Coach
I will be working in the county of
administration building down- I will be taking the water polo kids to
town. Shelley says she will chase Oahu, Hawaii for The Hawaiian Invi-
kids from house to house on golf tational. Im excited for team hikes to
carts. I have to make up for the waterfalls, but I will not worry about
rest of year since Ive only been a extracurriculars that teenagers do
10 month employee. 2000 miles from home on a tropical
island away from parents.

Photo from La Jolla High School website

Photo from Silman Wright Architects

Joshua Jasso-9

I am going to Hawaii
on a cruise. Im going to
Oahu, Kauai, and Ho-
Ariana Dennis-12
nolulu. Im also going to
go snorkeling and relax
This summer, Heloise and I will be
on the beach, also to
doing a backpacking trip across Eu-
view the volcanoes.
rope. Our first stop is Frankfurt, Ger-
many, then we go to Paris, then the
French countryside of Burgundy then
Nice in the French Rivera. We end up
in Rome and Venice. Our whole trip
lasts for about a month!

Sara Shapiro-12

Im going to live in Colorado alone, in an apartment in

Denver. Im also going to get a job. The ironic thing is my
parents wont even let me stay home alone yet the day
after I graduate they are shipping me out.

Andrei Sebald-12

Summer times rolling around the corner and three handsome gents are lookin for a good
time across the big blue in England, Spain, France, and Italy. Watch out Europe because La
Jollas three favorite hotties are flying over...and we arent holding back.
10 FEATURESMay 19, 2017

New Treatment Brings Hope to Lung South Carolina Teach-

Cancer Patients er Raises Funds to Give
Opdivo is the new revolutionary alternative to treating Lung Cancer Bikes to Students
BY ZOE MENDEL pies, or immuno-oncology that this new class of drugs How one teachers giving spirit changed her
SENIOR EDITOR drugs which are aimed to help may not only be limited to
the body to recognize pro- lung cancer, but can expand low-income students lives
Lung cancer remains the teins on cells like PD-1, which to many types of cancer in
leading cause of cancer-re- trick the immune system into the near future, which the
lated deaths globally. Treat- thinking theyre harmless, U.S. National Cancer Institute
ments for lung typically begin which causes the metastasiz- predicts will include mela-
with chemotherapy to erase ing of cancerous tumors. noma, head and neck cancer,
cancer cells within the lungs. After laboratory tests were Hodgkin lymphoma, kidney
After the cancer spreads to conducted to detect levels of cancer and bladder cancer.
distant sites in the body, treat- PD-1 in lung cancer patients, Dr. Brahmer states that Op-
ment switches from eradicat- Opdivo was compared in an divo may not be suitable for
ing the cancer to improving experiment to Docetaxel, a patients with autoimmune
the duration of survival. Re- type of chemotherapy. Opdi- diseases such as lupus, or for
cent preliminary research on vo showed improved survival transplant patients, and ex-
a new treatment was present- among patients with elevated periments will be conducted
ed at the annual meeting of PD-1 levels. The use of Op- to further test these theories.
the American Association for divo has elevated the 5 year The approval of Opdivo
Cancer Research in Washing- survival rate among lung can- is limited to lung cancer pa-
ton, D.C.. The study was fund- cer patients 5% to 16%. These tients with the specific type of
ed by Bristol-Myers Squibb, cancer - squamous non-small BY JIMMY IRWIN Photo Courtesy of
patients had previously been SENIOR EDITOR
the creator of Opdivo. part of an international study cell lung cancer that has al- whopping total through Go-
This new drug, named and had stopped responding ready metastasized and be- FundMe, a feat that she de-
Opdivo, was approved by come resistant to chemother- In North Charleston, South scribed with elation, I had no
to the typical platinum based Carolina, first grade teacher
the U.S. Food and Drug Ad- chemotherapy treatment. Op- apy. Unfortunately, this only idea what I was getting into
ministration (FDA) to treat appeals to a small percentage Katie Blomquist unveiled a It became a thousand times
divo showed greater survival surprise to the students of her
non-small cell lung cancer periods than Docetaxel with of lung cancer patients; scien- more amazing than I had ever
(NSCLC). Opdivo blocks a tists hope to expand the regu- school that was months in the dreamed.
less than 10% of patients ex- making. On March 30, she re-
molecule commonly referred periencing side-effects (com- lations to help more patients. Many of Pepperhills stu-
to as PD-1 which suppresses Many researchers are now vealed the fleet of 650 bicycles dents come from low income
pared to the 54% of patients that she had bought for ev-
the immune systems ability treated by Docetaxel). Op- conducting experiments that families, and would not be able
to fight cancer cells. Opdivo combine other immunothera- ery one of the students at her to afford bicycles. Blomquist
divo was also reported to school, Pepperhill Elementary.
gives the immune system the shrink tumors greater than py drugs to further raise the wanted to get them partly as
ability to recognize and at- survival rate. Regardless, the Blomquist had been plan- a way to help students get to
Docetaxel. ning the surprise since the
tack cancer cells, rather than Dr. Julie Brahmer of Johns approval of this new drug is a and from school more easily,
attacking the cancer cells for noteworthy achievement for summer of 2016. She had ini- but mostly to bring them joy
Hopkins University tells tially hoped to get the bikes to
the immune systems. It is part Health Day Magazine Immu- the scientific community, and and allow them to have some-
of a new class of therapeutic has given many patients hope the students by late December thing of their own that theyd
notherapy may play a role in of that year, but had to post-
drugs called immunothera- almost any cancer, meaning for the future. be able to exercise and play
pone the unveiling due to the with. Its exercise. Its a way
sheer logistics of purchasing
Spinach Aids in Tissue Regeneration
of getting to school... But the
and manufacturing 650 bikes. number-one thing is its joy...
The educator enlisted the Every single child deserves
help of Affordabike, a compa- that.
A Massachusetts University combines food and medicine ny in the area that does as the Every child will also re-
name suggests- helps produce ceive helmets and bike locks
affordable bicycles for cus- to accompany their new gifts.
tomers. In all, the bikes cost Needless to say, everyone
$80,000 to produce and bring could learn a thing or two
to the students. Blomquist was from the hard work and giv-
able to raise the entirety of the ing spirit of Katie Blomquist.

Stress Less!
Apps that are proven to reduce anx-
iety and help you relax
BY MAIA PEARL as background noise during
STAFF WRITER homework. Such options are
rainfall in the forest, rainfall
We all know that high on a roof, the sound of waves
school can be stressful: con- crashing on the beach, crack-
stant homework and tests, ling fire and many more. This
not enough sleep, and busy is a great way to wind down
Photo Courtesy of Worchester heart, which will aid in tissue wrote. Therefore, the cellu- schedules full of extra -cir- and decompress from a stress-
Polytechnic Institute regeneration. The way the lose leftover, is a given benefit culars. While our lives can ful day.
spinach works is that the bio- for the human tissue. be overwhelming, there are
medical team replaces plant The challenge to recreate proven ways to reduce our 3. Acupressure
BY ARIELA FEINBERG cells with human cells, this tissue has been a struggle for stress. One of which are apps! This app guides you through
STAFF WRITER transforms the plants veins years, and has resulted in fail- These apps are each unique many self-massages and fo-
into a functioning blood ves- ure with technology like 3-D in their approach in helping cuses on pressure points to
Recently, at Massachusettss sel system. printing. This is why spinach reduce stress and increasing help you relive stress in your
Worcester Polytechnic Insti- One of the most distinct can be used for tissue regen- relaxation time. body. It contains many de-
tute, a team of researchers traits of a spinach leaf are the eration in the future. tailed cartoons to ensure the
have come to find that spin- thin veins that deliver water In order to use the spin- 1. Self Help for Anxiety Man- best results to help you dis-
ach works the same way heart and nutrients to its cells. Now, ach, the researchers bathed agement tress!
tissue does. It has been prov- scientists have found a way the remaining plant frame in This app contains an anxiety
en that scientists were able to use these plant veins to rep- live human cells, which made tracking tool, relaxation in- 4. Pacifica
convert a simple spinach leaf licate the way blood moves human tissue grow on the struction, and anxiety treat- This app helps you identify
into beating heart muscle. through human tissue. In or- spinach and surrounded the ment from a trained counsel- your mood and deal with up-
This is a major breakthrough der to do this, it is necessary tiny veins. After transforming or. Also, you can interact with setting emotions. In addition,
for medicine, and will hope- to modify a spinach leaf in the the spinach leaf into a mini some of the other members it allows you to write down
fully someday save lives. The lab and remove its plant cells, heart , the team at Worcester to get and give advice. Lastly, your thoughts on your feel-
main limiting factor for tissue which leaves behind merely a Polytechnic Institute sent flu- there is a relaxation feature ings, and you have the ability
engineering is the lack of a framework made of cellulose. ids and microbeads through that can help you deal with to set goals and Pacifica will
vascular network, says study Cellulose is biocompatible the superfoods veins, prov- your emotions in a better and help you achieve them. Pacifi-
co-author Joshua Gersh- and has been used in a wide ing that blood cells can flow more effective way. ca allows you to interact with
lak, a graduate student from variety of regenerative med- through this system. other users to offer and re-
Worcester Polytechnic Insti- icine applications, such as Hopefully, spinach will help 2. Rain Rain ceive advice. Finally, Pacifica
tute. Later, scientists will find cartilage tissue engineering, patients who have cardiac Take your pick from an ar- will send you weekly updates
a way to use spinach to build bone tissue engineering, and problems in replacing dam- ray of soothing sounds to on what you should do to im-
a mini version of a working wound healing, the authors aged tissue. help you go to sleep, or even prove yourself mentally.
FEATURESMay 19, 2017 11
2017 Student HEALTHexpo Locally Grown Club Trans-
forms School Garden
GUEST CONTRIBUTOR generously helped with the
We are excited to an- Campus club Locally Grown improvement. New plants
nounce our 2017 Student promotes
treating your body were added, such as peppers,
HealthExpo which will be well
through eating healthy beans, tomatoes, cucumbers,
held on: and organic foods. Club Pres- and cilantro to the already
ident Ellie Krantz noticed the growing oranges, apples,
Thursday, May 25th school garden was in rough peaches, and kale. The goal of
11:30am-12:30pm shape and wanted to im- improving the school garden
Main Quad prove its overall condition. is to make it noticeable to ev-
Moreover, she thought that a eryone, and to encourage stu-
So far, we have over 30 beautiful garden would also dents, faculty, and adminis-
amazing booths for you to improve the overall aesthetic tration to eat healthier foods.
visit. of the campus. With the help In addition, bright and color-
Get a free massage or of Mr. Tenenbaum, the club ful signs were made to label
mini facial, stop by for some held a workshop at the gar- each of the plants. Locally
yoga, exercise, lift weights, den on April 9th. Along with Grown hopes you take a walk
meditation, sound therapy, Ellie Krantz, club officers and by the garden, and look at all
or physical therapy, grab a are not limited to: a Suja We will also have a DJ, ac- members Ariella Shamir, Elle of the beautiful things grow-
FREE juice, enjoy tons of Juice cleanse valued at $144, tivities, and Health & Well- Necoechea, Mia Wallach, ing. Plus, feel free to taste the
FREE food, learn how to Nektar gift cards, personal ness resources at the event. Kai Movellan, Nathan Miller, food!
alleviate stress and much training sessions, a mem- Our HealthExpo is spon-
more. bership to La Jolla Sporting sored by LJHS PTSA, ASB
Our LJHS Health & Well- Club, a yoga class with your and the Health & Wellness
ness clubs will be there as friends, and many more. Committee.
well: NCHS (NAMI on Cam- Another way to be entered Any questions can be direct-
pus HS), Take a Minute, into our RAFFLE is to follow ed to Caroline Karoczkai @
Locally Grown, GirlUp and us on instragram @ljhealth- and
GSA+. expo. Yassi Mesri @yassimesri@
We are giving away many You can earn a raffle ticket
PRIZES just for ATTEND- just for following and every
ING. time you like a post earn an-
These prizes include, but other raffle ticket.

Springtime in San Diego Good for You

Celebrate the season with these activities

Recipes for healthy and ben-

eficial drinks made with Aloe
BY GEORGIE MORRIS patience and precision, but
SENIOR EDITOR easy how to steps can be
found online. Many of these
Aloes benefits are far great- drinks that can be made at
er than ones just for the skin, home have the same benefits
its good for your insides too! as the store bought ones.
Aloe Vera drinks have been
proven to have anti-inflam- Recipe 1 Keep it Light and
matory and anti-oxidant Crisp
properties that help soothe To keep it light, try blending,
conditions like diabetes (one chilling, drinking, and making
study found it reduced fast- seconds of this concoction:
ing blood glucose levels), and Ingredients:
diverticulitis. A body with 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia- an acidic pH is a breeding gel (extracted from the leaf or
BY MAIA PEARL stands. There will be plenty to commonse ground for disease, however, purchased from a health food
STAFF WRITER do and it is fun for the whole Aloe Vera aids in the loss of store)
family! fun for the whole family. an acidic pH. Additionally, 1 apple
April showers bring Aloe can help with hydration, 1 cucumber
May flowers! Thanks to this Go Whale Watching. Spring Visit Zoro Garden! Go visit liver function, constipation, 1 lemon
past winters rainfall this is grey whale watching sea- the sunken Butterfly garden creating clear skin, nutrition-
spring will be beautiful. There son. Go online and book a in Balboa Park. Many flowers al boosts, heartburn relief, Recipe 2 Tropical Escape
are many fun things to do tour with SD Whale Watch to bloom in spring, and this at- and numerous digestive ben- with Aloe
outside with your friends and see some of the Earths larg- tracts many beautiful butter- efits. These beneficial drinks You will surely experience
family to celebrate spring- est creatures in all of their flies! are sold at a variety of stores, an air of relaxation with this
time. majestic glory. however there are many dif- health-boosting exotic con-
ferent ways you can make coction. Blend, chill, and en-
Visit the Carlsbad Flower Go to a Padres game! Spring them at home. joy:
Fields, a 50 acre field full of time means baseball season. Leaves from an Aloe plant Ingredients:
multi colored Persian Butter- Get your tickets and head in the backyard are not ideal, 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera
cups. Be sure to bring your downtown to root, root root you will need the large leaves gel (extracted from the leaf or
camera because this spot is for the home team! found in a grocery store in the purchased from a health food
great for Instagram! Latin foods section (according store)
Go to Balboa Park botani- to the International Aloe Sci- 1 carrot
Drive out to Anza Borrego cal building. Although it is ence Council, these are aloe 1 apple (preferably green)
to see the wildflower bloom. beautiful year-round, most of barbadensis, or Aloe vera (L.) 1-2 cups of pineapple
This year we had one of the the plants inside the botani- Burm. f.). Be careful handling Optional: a few tablespoons
most extraordinary blooms in cal building bloom in spring, Aloe leavestheir spikes on of coconut milk (health perk:
over a decade! Drive out east so they are extra gorgeous. the sides are quite sharp. coconut milk will increase
to see nature working its What a fun way to play tour- The steps to peeing an Aloe your juices bacteria-fighting
magic. ist for the day. leaf are intensive and require potential)
The drink recipes all contain Aloe
The Carlsbad Spring Village Go to Tacotopia on May 13 in Vera, shown here
Faire on May 6 in Downtown Golden Hill Park, where there Photo via Eon Productions
Carlsbad where there will will be unlimited tacos! One Photo Courtesy of Max Pixel
be many vendors and food ticket is all inclusive to live
music, 50+ taco stands, and
May 19, 2017 12

by Calvin Zhang
by Arman Hamrah

by Sam Spencer

by Dania Basave
13 NEWS May 19, 2017

Cuts to UN Funding A Call to Reform

Thousands March to Protest Taxes

On Saturday, April 15, over

200 communities nationwide
marched to protest the release of
President Donald Trumps tax re-
turns, and called for a new, fairer
tax system. The site which start-
ed it all,, original-
ly called to Trump opposers in
Washington D.C., but the move-
ment quickly spread. Now, less
than a week after the marches, is already making
Photo by Aotearoa via Wikimedia Commons bigger plans, stating, The fight
U.S. diplomats frantically in- is just beginning. Trumps next
BY ELLE NECOECHEA formed wealthy donors and im- priority is to cut taxes for mil-
SENIOR EDITOR portant UN members to be ex- lionaires, billionaires, and giant
pectant of restrictive cuts in the corporations -- on the backs of
As the new administration flow of funds derived from the working Americans. Addition-
is still in its infancy, unprece- Tax march in San Francisco in front of City Hall
United States. UN officials plan ally, just below the statement, Photo by Fabrice Florin via Wikimedia Commons
dented cuts to UN funding were to strategize various ways to al- the organization offers a mailing
ordered to be made last month. leviate spending from beloved list through which subscribers
Exact numbers remain unclear, Francisco, Coachella, Sacra- dont plan to stop here - as long
programs without drastically can receive updates on upcom-
yet it is estimated that around 37 mento, and our very own San as President Donald Trumps
affecting the human beings and ing marches and protests.
percent of the currently allocat- Diego. As many as 3,000 pro- current tax laws stay in place,
countries they assist. Over 125,000 people attended
ed funds will be annihilated. testers marched in Downtown they believe there is change to
Nikki Haley, Trumps appoint- the Tax March in Washington,
Many stand bewildered by San Diego, conveying the same be made. The Tax March allowed
ed ambassador, repeatedly cau- D.C. Their message to Trump
these measures, which they see message as those in D.C. and the first step major step to be
tioned the senate that these mea- was, You work for us, and we
as drastic and draconian, be- elsewhere, while also voicing taken, but a greater variety of
sures in cutting the budget were demand answers. In California
cause these funds are redistrib- complaints of Trump and his ad- protests and other events are to
slash-and-burn cuts that would alone, there were 25 marches
uted by the United Nations to ministration as a whole. come.
have unforeseen consequences. that took place, including San
keep peace, provide healthcare Communities nationwide
There is little being said about

Russia Accused of Causing Crash

for children, and monitor nucle- the specifics of the cuts from the
ar weapons worldwide. Trump Administration, but the
Currently, the U.S. spends an present plan is to slowly phase
estimated ten billion dollars a
year to fund various United Na-
out funds throughout the Presi- Poland Prosecutors Claim Russian Involvement in 2010 Plane Crash
dents first term.
tions operations. In early March

Shooting in La Jolla

Apartment Complex Polish prosecutors have al-

leged that the death of Polish
BY ANNA-MARIA laxed when police arrived and president in a 2010 plane crash
ZAREMBOK was reportedly drinking a beer was caused directly by Russia.
NEWS EDITOR ELECT as he reloaded his gun. The plane crash occurred in
San Diego Police Chief Shelley western Russia near Smolensk,
Peter Selis, a 49 year old res- Zimmerman explained that there with the President of Poland, his
ident of the La Jolla Crossroads has been no evidence of motive. wife, and many other high rank-
apartment complex, killed one She also explained that many of ing Polish military and govern-
and wounded seven others in the the victims were in critical con- ment officials, who were on their
pool area on the evening of April dition, as one died in the hospi- way to visit the site of a massacre
30 before police shot and killed tal shortly after arriving, while of Polish intellectuals and artists
him after he aimed his gun in others suffer multiple gunshot by Soviet soldiers that occurred
their direction. The shooting be- wounds, and one suffers a bro- Citizens paying respect to those who died in fatal plane
during the second World War. crash.
gan at approximately 6 p.m. and ken wrist, hand, and concussion However, these claims are un- Photo by Patryk Korzenieckivis Wikimedia Commons
ended less than 45 minutes later. after trying to escape by climb- substantiated by international
Prior to the shooting, the pool ing the fence. investigations.
area was occupied by a group The victims were predomi- the Polish president and the oth- est claim of Russian involvement
The Polish have accused the er officials was a Tupolev Tu-154, in the crash, with some others
of people celebrating a birthday nantly African American, but it Russian air traffic controllers of
party. Selis began shooting at the seemed that the victims were which, in terms of use, was still suggesting that the Russians cre-
purposely misleading the pilots relatively new and should not ated the fog to disrupt the pilots.
group as he was sitting by the targeted for no reason other than on their approach to the airport,
pool and fired multiple rounds. presence, according to Zimmer- have needed for service. Accord- Some senior Polish politicians
which is rarely used in dense ing to Alexey Gusev, the head have even suggested this may
A witness described Selis as re- man. fog. The Russian government of the plant that carried out the have been a political assassina-
dismissed these claims as out-
Students Start Petition
maintenance, the plane should tion, but no evidence of this has
rageous and this has only led to have not had any technical is- been found in any Polish investi-
increased the volatility of an al- sues, as the crash occurred 138 gations, and international inves-
ready tense relationship between flight hours after the most recent tigations have found claims of
Ms. Brammers Honors Physiology Course is Russia and Poland. overhaul. outside involvement to be false.
The aircraft used to transport This accusation is only the lat-
No Longer an Option for Next Year
FEATURES EDITOR ELECT vacious nature, all students who Many comments point out
take her class enjoy it immense- how Physiology is an extremely
It has been recently announced ly. unique course that strays from
that for the 2017-2018 school Because of the news that the the regular curriculum; there-
year, the Honors Physiology Honors Physiology class has fore if it is removed, the classes
course has been removed from been cancelled, many students offered will be more generalized.
the La Jolla High curriculum. have taken action to show their To access the petition, use the
At the moment, there is no support for the class by openly following link:
word on why the course has opposing its cancellation. https://www.change.
been cancelled. Zoe Mendel, who current- org/p/dr-charles-pod-
The Honors Physiology class ly serves as Brammers second horsky-do-not-cut-anatomy-physiol-
at La Jolla High is a rigorous and period Physiology teachers as- ogy-from-ljhs-curriculum?source_lo-
hands on biology-related course Photo via Zoe Mendel
sistant, and was a Physiology cation=minibar
that includes labs, practicums, student last year, has created an
and most famously, an animal in an extremely engaging and for all San Diego Unified School online petition to combat this
dissection. passionate environment by none District schools. ruling by the administration.
Many who wish to pursue a other than Mrs. Shauna Bram- Her passion and enthusiasm Over 250 current and past stu-
career in the medical field take mer. for the subject is evident in ev- dents, parents, and concerned
this class, but it is also an option Brammer created the curric- ery lecture and lab she presents; community members have
for those who wish to be taught ulum and pioneered the course and due to her energetic and vi- voiced their opinions in the pe-
titions comment section.
May 19, 2017 @ljhitide
The Rise of Kung Fu Kenny
Staff Writer dict his ultimate goal of peace,
by ironically speaking to a group
Kendrick Lamars newest al- of school children about gun
bum D*MN, his fourth studio control before his second verse.
project, dropped on April 14th, The U2 feature goes over much
to an audience of outreached smoother, as their contribution
hands, (his first week sales ex- to the song is small.
ceeding 600k). Although each track has a
For his first time, Kendrick clear title and intention, some
takes his focus off of consisten- songs provide deep insight to
cy, strays from his jazz influence, their titles, while others simply
and creates an album of frac- graze the surface or make refer-
tured concepts that coalesce into ence to it.
a handful of main themes and On PRIDE K-dot doesnt to-
questions surrounding topics tally tackle the concept, and the
like race relations, the evolution themes presented within the
of hip-hop culture, depression, song are extremely fragmented,
and relationships with god. forcing audiences to come to
Kendrick reinvents himself, their own conclusions.
and in comparison produces his On DUCKWORTH, possibly
most scattered album consisting on of the strongest storytelling
of an array of different songs raps within recent history, Ken-
both sonicaly and emotionally. drick discusses a predicament in
The album D*MN though, which his label manager almost
doesnt so much explore the killed his father back before he
answers to these thematic ques- was born, emphasizing that his
tions, as it does the struggle in- existence is a product of coinci-
volved in understanding them. dence.
This perspective change al- Overall, this album is a good
lows for K-dot to create a new example of Kendricks ability to
image of himself as an angry, he- disconnect with his more flow-
donistic savior of hip-hop, which ery, poetic history, and embrace
bleeds into his more unhappy, more simplified, blunt, straight-
raw and vulnerable sounding vo- forward lyrics.
cal performances and verses. The production and instru-
Kendrick establishes a strong mentals are very strong when
religious undertone throughout contextualized with the lyrics,
the album as well. seeing as most of the beats pro-
On the the track FEAR, Kenny vide only the nutrients essential
presents a reality in which Na- to Kendricks verses and lyrics.
tive and African-Americans are Photo Via Through the entirety of the al-
the true Israelites (children of bum, the good kid adds skits,
God), and the oppression these ad-libs, and other miscellaneous
Kendrick throws himself at This goes hand in hand with spot as number one is unwaver- add-ons to forward his narrative,
cultures faced historically can be Gods mercy within this album, man-mans decision to step away ing. Referring to himself as Mr.
attributed to their straying from and connect better with fans
repeatedly speaking on how no from drowning his audience in 1-5, he attacks rap cliches and trying to listen to the album as
God. one is praying for him anymore. dense socio-political topics, and corny behavior over a strong
Kendrick himself, feels pun- a whole. DAMN is left to the au-
Unlike his Grammy winning helps to thrust him into the high- bass-orbiting beat. dience to decipher, which may
ished by God for not upholding album To Pimp a Butterfly, Ken- beams of mainstream media. On XXX, over a strong piano
his moral code, and his suffering prove to either hinder or help
drick calls upon the likes of On the track ELEMENT, Kend- chord, Kendrick addresses his further his messages on this
in life is a direct product of his Mike-Will, and other more con- rick urgently speaks on his dom- own hypocrisy: using violent or
own weakness or wickedness. modern-classic.
temporary sounding production. inance in the genre, and how his aggressive lyrics which contra-

WELCOME TO THE ROCK has been performing for over 59

years. Her music could most eas- Painkillers Found in
AND ROLL HALL OF ily be fit into the folk genre, even

FAME Princes Home

though she hasnt been afraid to
record pop, country, and rock
songs as well. Inspired by 60s
counterculture, many of her
songs were politically charged The Secret Life of an Icon
and geared toward social change.
Journey, founded in San Fran- BY ARIELA FEINBERG for U got the Look, the lyrics
cisco in 1972, achieved massive Staff Writer looked to be written in Princes
fame in the 80s with rock songs handwriting. The tag on the suit-
such as Dont Stop Believin. One year after Princes death, case had the name Peter Braves-
Nile Rodgers, born in New police have recently found opi- trong, which investigators as-
York City in 1952, is most fa- oids scattered around his home. sume is an alias for Prince.
mous for his role as guitarist in The cause of death was the There are no restrictions on
the band Chic. He is highly re- powerful opioid, fentanyl, which Dr. Schulenbergs medical li-
garded for his guitar-playing is 50 times more powerful than cense, and contrary to headlines
technique known as chucking. Heroin, people who consumed and media reports published in
Tupac Shakur was born in East the drug are at a high risk for ad- the wake of todays unsealing of
Harlem, New York City in 1971, diction and dependence. Fentan- search warrants relating to the
but was known for his contribu- yl can also cause respiratory dis- investigation, Dr. Schulenberg
tions to West Coast rap. Many of tress and even death when taken never directly prescribed opi-
his songs included lyrics regard- in high doses or when combined oids to Prince, nor did he ever
ing racism, violence, and other with other substances, especially prescribe opioids to any other
struggles of inner city residents. alcohol, according to DailyMed. person with the intent that they
He is regarded by some as one of Princes death is still being in- would be given to Prince, Con-
the greatest rappers of all time, vestigated, according to anoth- ners said.
and is often revered for his heavy er search warrant issued April The investigation is still open
influence on modern rap. 21, 2016, the same day Prince and investigators are still trying
Yes was formed in 1968 in was found dead at his home in to uncover the whole story of
Chanhassen, Minnesota, investi- how Prince died.
Photo via London, England. They have
performed songs in a number gators found several pills labeled
of genres, including blues, pop, Watson 853 hydrocodone-ac-
BY JIMMY IRWIN Jam, Journey, Nile Rogers, Tupac etaminophen, sometimes called
Senior Editor Shakur, and Yes. rock, and jazz. Their many trans-
formations were well-publicized, Vicodin and capsules marked
ELO, founded in Birmingham, A-349, which is Percocet, in dif-
The Rock and Roll Hall of England in the 70s, was known with them having over 19 full-
time members since their found- ferent bottles in various locations
Fame recently inducted its new- for mixing elements of classical in the residence, KTLA reports.
est batch of musicians. music with pop and rock. ing.
Amongst all the pills scattered
The Rock Hall Class of 2017 Joan Baez, of Staten Island, on the floor, a suitcase has been
consists of ELO, Joan Baez, Pearl New York, was born in 1941 and found with other pills and lyrics Photo via
15 A+E
May 19, 2017

Tale as Old as
Harry Styles Solo Debut Time
Staff Writer

The new Disney live action,

Beauty and the Beast hit the-
aters on March 17.
The film has reached nearly 1
billion dollars since its release.
Director Bill Condons live
action version of the 1991 classic
film is up for an Oscar nomina-
The movie is not only visually
pleasing, but also very similar to
the 1991 classic animation. It is
a modern take on a Disney clas-
sic, raves Rolling Stones Maga-
A noticeable difference be-
tween the two movies are the
back stories of the characters.
In the live-action film, it is
shown how Belle (Emma Wat-
son) lost her mother, as well
as how the spoiled prince was
transformed into a hairy beast.
Although the movie was en-
joyed by people of all ages, it
was banned from minors in Rus-
sia, and a theater in Alabama be-
cause they believed it promoted
gay propaganda.
Photo Via As most seem to be excited to
view the childhood classic which
BY Asha Alagiri Woman, and From the Dining Ta- ber 4 on the US Billboard Top 100. WWII. is rated PG, Russian officials are
Staff Writer ble. Though the track has been very Harry Styles says that the album only making the movie available
Only two songs so far have been popular, Styles has been accused of will sound like a cross between David for adults.
Harry Styles recently released an released. Sign of the Times was copying 70s rock band Badfinger be- Bowie and Queen. The film does not make it obvi-
album called Harry Styles, released released on April 7 and Ever Since cause of the similarities. The record is produced by Jeff ous that LeFou is fond of Gastn,
May 12. New York was performed by Styles The album was mainly made in Ja- Bhasker, who has also worked with only at the very end of the film
The album contains 10 songs: on SNL. maica so that he could record while Kanye West and the Rolling Stones. does the audience see LeFou
Meet Me in the Hallway, Sign The entire album is set to release still filming his movie Dunkirk about When asked to reveal details Styles dancing with another man.
of The Times, Carolina, Two on May 12 on his own label, Erskine claimed, I didnt want to write sto- Critics rave, With an en-
The New Marvel
Ghosts, Sweet Creature, Only An- Records. ries. I wanted to write my stories, chanting cast, beautifully crafted
gel, Kiwi, Ever Since New York, Sign of the Times placed as num- things that happened to me. The songs, and a painterly eye for de-

Star Wars: Episode

number-one thing was I wanted to be tail, Beauty and the Beast offers
BY DANIA BASAVE honest. I hadnt done that before.
Staff Writer a faithful yet fresh retelling that
honors its beloved source mate-
Netflix Origi-
Spider Man has officially been in
the process of coming back to TV The Beauty and the Beast live

BY SAM KINSEY movie will continue cutting down

screens this coming July.
The new movie, and TV series
nal: 13 Reasons action was beautiful very similar
to the Disney classic.
SENIOR EDITOR the cast of the previous movies.
Viewers are excited at the re-
featured on Disney XD, will sup- Why when were upset, and ask for help
posedly have four seasons, that when we need it.
A new Star Wars trailer has lease of the new Star Wars mov- will describe the classic life story In 2014, suicide was the second
been released and people are al- ies, however, some are wondering of an innocent teenager named Pe- leading cause of death for children
ready assuming how the new Star if the rapid releases of the movies ter Parker (acted by Tom Holland) and young adults ages 10-24. Some
Wars will play out. are leading to diminishing quali- who turns out to be extremely cou- suicide prevention experts seem to
Many claim Episode 7 was a ty. rageous and helpful to the world claim that the show actually could
parallel to Episode 4 and many are With The Force Awakens as with handling his super powers. do more harm than good but since
assuming that this coming movie well as Rogue One being released The directors, who are mostly the show has been released, more
may be a parallel to Episode 5. December 2015 and 2016 respec- men with the exception of Marsha people have been reaching out for
Although many people dont like tively, some are assuming Disney Griffin, a supervisor director, have help.
the parallel plot lines present in is cashing in on the Star Wars all been involved in previous Mar- The show is co-produced by Sele-
the recent movies, people will still brand. Acquired for 4 billion dol- vel hits so there is no doubt this na Gomez, which has allowed the
flock to see the new up-and-com- lars, Disney would be fools not to new show will also be a tremen- show to gain popularity.
ing episode. make more movies. dous hit. Photo via The directors, producers, mental
As of right now, the trailer However, Disney has almost Spider Man will be appearing in health experts, and cast members
doesnt reveal much. It shows made their money back with theaters July 7th, and instead of of the show made a 30 minute fea-
Staff Writer
Luke standing on an island and countless sales of merchandise as having the character be a scientist, turette, Beyond the Reasons to
some speeders flying over a salt well as grossing 2 billion dollars a billionaire, or a soldier, it will be give more insight on the show.
13 Reasons Why is the story of
flat of some kind punctuated with on The Force Awakens and 800 written in the place of a kid, sup- In this featurette, Gomez states,
a high school girl, Hannah Baker,
various action scenes. million on Rogue One. posedly one so innocent he never We wanted to do it in a way where
who commits suicide and records
Many theories are surfacing In any event it would appear punches a single person or villain. it was honest and we wanted to
thirteen tapes on as to why she kills
over the plot of the movie. Star Wars will still persist strong- Every reaction he has will be relat- make something that can hopefully
Ominously called The Last Jedi, ly as a franchise and many people able with the children/teenagers of help people because suicide should
Each episode is about a different
people are wondering if this may are excited for many more Star todays society, which is an inter- never be an option.
person who leads her to commit sui-
be the end of Luke Skywalk- Wars movies. esting idea considering most little The show has multiple scenes that
er. Many people were shocked The release of the movie is kids dream of having superpowers. viewers have considered to be very
The series is from the point of
at the death of Han Solo during pegged to be December 17th at The basic idea behind the new heavy and hard to watch because of
view of Clay Jensen, who was friends
The Force Awakens. Perhaps this the end of 2017. movie is that after living a seem- the intention to depict the reality
with Hannah and received the tapes
ingly normal life, Spider Man finds after school one day. of suicide and what actually hap-
his powers of being able to extend Every person on the tapes has pens. Because of the graphic nature
webs from his forearm and joins gotten them passed on and Clay is of these scenes, several episodes in
the Avengers, including Iron Man, the second to last to get the tapes. the series begin with warnings for
in order to gain knowledge on Everyone who has received the graphic content.
how to successfully use his powers tapes doesnt want them to be ex- Creator, Brian Yorkey told
and fight off the enemies that are posed to the public because they, We worked very hard not
threatening the world. dont want to be blamed for Han- to be gratuitous, but we did want it
The new Marvel series is already nahs death. to be painful to watch because we
getting a lot of hype and I cant The show is very heavy and shows wanted it to be very clear that there
wait to see for myself what all of the reality of what teens go through is nothing, in any way, worthwhile
these amazing producers have put in high school everyday. about suicide.
together so creatively. There are multiple different mes- This TV series has changed teens
Hopefully it is distinguishable sages to take from the show: people views of suicide and has also alert-
Photo via from the other Spider Man movies. need to start being more kind to ed them to the importance of being
kind to others.
each other, we need to speak out
May 19, 2017

Purple Haze

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