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EDUC 5312/3315-Curriculum and Instructional Design

Classroom Observation Assignment

Observation Form 1

Observation Date: 3/30/2017 Observation Time: 9.30-10.20 am

Teacher Observed: Soner Gozuotlu Subject/Grade Level: 8th grade

School Observed: Harmony School of Innovation Observer: Yakup Bulut

1-What was/were the learning objectives/outcomes of the lesson? (Add state objectives if
known, for example, TEKS 111.4. Grade 2.b.)

TEKS 1B / 2A:

(1B) interpret and demonstrate understanding of simple, straightforward, spoken and

written language such as instructions, directions, announcements, reports, conversations, brief
descriptions, and narrations. (2A) use the language at the intermediate proficiency level to
demonstrate an understanding of the practices (what people do) and how they are related to the
perspectives (how people perceive things) of the cultures studied.


Students will be learn some basic Turkish verbs and how to use simple past tense in
Turkish by using those basic verbs.

2-How did the teacher begin and end the lesson?

Mr. Soner began with a bell work and some remindful question. They were about past
topic. He gave his students a small paper and there were three questions about the countries/cities
names that they learned previous lessons. After 6-7 minutes, Mr. Soner picked up three students
and they answer the questions.

3-What did the teacher use for teaching materials or instructional aids/equipment?

Mr. Soner is using textbook, flashcard, PowerPoint, board and Chromebook for teaching.
He also used the real quick answer and question as an activity.

4-Which instructional methods and strategies did the teacher use? (lecture, inquiry,
discovery learning, discussions, games or simulations, demonstrations, cooperative learning,
integration of technology, socrative questioning, etc)

He used lecture, educational games, simulations and integration of technology.

5-How did the teacher assess learning? (informal, formal, formative, summative, oral, open-
ended, quiz, feedback etc) See Chapter 8 for more information on assessment methods

He made a quiz after he finished his topic for assessment. He also asked open ended
questions to take the attention of students during the lecturing.

6- What can you say about the teachers philosophy/beliefs and style?
(Traditional/progressive, behaviorist, student-centered vs. teacher centered, authoritative etc)

I observed a foreign language class and as far as I see, Mr. Soner was using mostly
teacher centered learning because knowledge about Turkish language are conveyed from teacher
to student. Students were silent and they were passively receiving the information about the

7-How does the teacher manage classroom? Can you identify classroom management
techniques used?

For 50 minutes, I was in that class, the teacher was really well prepared for the class. I
can also say that students are listening to class silently while Mr. Soner were teaching his lesson.
The students obeyed the rules. If one of the students wants to talk, they were raising their hands.
Mr. Soner did not let them talk without raising their hands. After lecturing Mr. Soner made them
group and students were doing their assignment together. During the group activity, students
were discussing each other and teacher was helping to every group one by one.

8-Observe in the classroom setting and determine types of behavior students play when off-
task. What do they do when they are not paying attention? How does the teacher re-direct
them or get them back on task?

Mr. Soner was telling some words and then he was waiting for every student to pay
attention to his directions. If some students keep talking, he was warning to them verbally. Next
step was applying the school rules like DPS.

9-How does the teacher communicate with students (verbal, vocal, meta-verbal or non-verbal
communication such as facial, body language, use of space, motion and time?)

Mr. Soner was a language teacher and he was using mostly body language and verbal
communication with his students.

10-Who were the students in the class? What did you notice about them? (Background,
diversity, attitude, motivation, interaction, participation, etc)

This class was 8th graders. Most of students were motivated and engaged to the class.
They were ready for the class. They were mostly white American and Mexican. As far as I
observed them, they were participating to class highly. They were very cooperative. At that time,
Ms. Soner was motivating them for involvement vey well.

11-What did you see that is effective in engaging students? What do you see that is
ineffective in keeping students engaged?

Mr. Soner was using the flashcards, small white board and power point to engage his
students. Especially, I can say that small white board and flashcards activity were very useful and
fun to make class pleasurable and to enhance their participation. From my point of view, they
were very active teaching methods for supporting their learning.

12-What are the two instructional strategies you observed and would like to apply in your

I would like to apply group working and supporting learning by using different
educational games. After lecturing, Mr. Soner made his students group. While each group were
discussing, he was observing the groups and then if they have questions or concerns, he as
answering them by using target language. This class was 90 minutes block and Mr. Soner had
time to do different things to teach his lesson. Therefore, I can apply effective teaching method
for supporting my class learning. I really liked these two activities for applying in my class.

13-What are two important classroom management strategies that you observed and would
like to apply in your classroom?

The classroom procedures were very effective and walking around the class too. Mr.
Soner was controlling his class carefully; he was using a countdown to white board by reflecting
for every activity. It was providing to keep class silently. It was a working system that I saw in
this class. In my opinion, this system was super and effective controlling strategy. I liked it and I
apply in my classroom.