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Sun Cities RV Compound, INC 623-972-8019

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C o mp o u nd i s o p en 6 am - 6 p m ever y d ay exc ep t Chr i st mas
O f fi c e h ou r s 8 am - 11 : 3 0 (m- f )
Sec u r i t y Gu ar d s 2 4 /7

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s t o r age f ac i li t y f o r r ec r eat i o n al veh i c l es o f p er son s r esi d ing i n SUN CIT Y ,
SC W E ST , SC G RA ND, SC FE STI VA L an d th e CO RT E BE LLA c ommu n i t i es.

The Sun Cities RV Compound provides
secure RV Storage for residents of the
aforementioned Dell Web communities.
Residency is defined as: an owner or renter
of property, within the boundaries of Sun
City, Sun City West, Sun City Grand, Sun
City Festival or Corte Bella.

We store the following types of vehicles in
the Compound:
• Motor homes: Class A, Class B, Class C
(with or without the tow vehicle/car dolly)
Spaces Available:
must have holding tanks, sewer connection
Compound currently has 4,445 spaces and is
and shore power connection
expanding the summer of 2017 to add an
• 5th Wheel trailers (with or without the
additional 482 sites.
pull vehicle)
The spaces available range from 10’ thru 70’;
• Travel trailers (with or without the pull
Pull-thru(s) and Straight-in parking.
Limited covered parking is available, but
• Boat Trailers (with or without the pull
future planning envisions the addition of
more covered sites.
• Campers (on or off the truck)
• Pickup Shells
• Utility Trailers (with or without the pull
(2) Dump Stations with water flush
(2) Covered Wash Bays with water
• Boats
Fresh Water fill
Air @ 165psi