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Planning Table

Item Description Person Date due

Responsib /completed
Joint Laura Due:
Stateme A joint statement from your group 17.05.17
nt expressing your understanding of what
is required for the ICT Integration
Project as well as why the project is
important for you as a pre-service
Mind A mind map, which clearly shows how Ryan Due:
Map the unit will run over 4 weeks and how 17.05.17
it fits into the WA curriculum. Include
your overall curriculum goal, and
weekly learning goal with the ICT tools
Project A Project Plan, which details what All Due:
Plan actions, will be taken by each group 17.05.17
member and by when. (This

FPD A Forward Planning Document for the 4 All Due:

lessons. 17.05.17

ICT Andy Due:

A statement articulating which three 17.05.17
ICT tools you intend students to use
and why you chose them for the HaSS
unit. The statement should include why
you selected the ICT resources and how
they are being used as a learning tool
(rather than a teaching tool).
Learning Laura Due:
Theory A statement indicating how HaSS is 17.05.17
underpinned by evidence-based
learning theory (e.g. multiple
intelligences, social constructivism, and
cognitive theory).
Referenc A list of all the references we have used All Due:
es in APA format. 17.05.17

Lesson 1 Liveabilityintroduction Ryan

Lesson 2 Objective factors: environment & Laura
Lesson 3 Objective factors: healthcare, safety & Andy
Lesson 4 Consolidating learningwhat is your All
favourite place, and why?
ICT tool Avatars All Due:
#1 17.05.17
ICT tool Answer Garden Ryan Due:
#2 17.05.17
ICT tool Britannica Laura Due:
#3 17.05.17
ICT tool Piktochart Andy Due:
#4 17.05.17