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What is biodiversity?
Richness of life form at all structure level.

1.)Ecosystem/ Biomes

- Diversity of living place


- Classify by bone structure/ physical structure.

3.)Molecular/ Genetic

- Diversity of Gene within the same species

Biodiversity includes:
- Genetic Diversity the total genetic information
contained in the genes of all species.

- Ex: - Chihuahuas, Beagles, and Rottweilers are

all dogs but theyre not the same because their
genes are different.

- Species Diversity The variety of

species, refers to the number of species
and the number of individuals in a
- Ex: monkeys, dragonflies, and
meadow beauties are all different

- Ecosystem Diversity the variety of

habitats natural communities and
ecological processes.
- Ex: Prairies, Ponds, and tropical
rainforests are all ecosystems. Each
one is different, with its own set of
species living in it.
Benefits to human
- Food & Apparel & housing & medicine
- Air/ Water/ Soil
- Industrial support such as the
extraction of chemical plant
- soil nitrogen fixation treatment
Important for humanity?
Biodiversity boot ecosystem productivity where each
species, no matter how small, all have an important role to
Biodiversity is important in all ecosystems, not only in those
that are "natural" but also in those that are managed by
humans, such as farms and plantations, and even urban
Biodiversity is the basis of the multiple benefits provided
by ecosystems to humans.
Threats to Biodiversity

- Habitat Loss
- Deforestation, conserving to agriculture, conserving for industrial
use, etc.
- Invasive Species
- Population Increasing / Overpopulation
- Pollution
- Air, Water, soil, noise, and light pollution.
- Climate Change
- Overexploitation
- Disease
Compare biodiversity in past and
They learned the past biodiversity from the changes that
occurred over 70 million years ago. In past biodiversity was
more abundant and have more forest than present

Nowadays, because of climate changes and human activities

that effect to the biodiversity, the biodiversity is getting
bad now.
Why is biodiversity loss a concern?
-reflect numbers of number, variety, variability of living

-diversity within species, between species and among

ecosystems, in sum the diversity of all life on earth

-basic necessities of life such as food, clean air, and water

-protection from disasters and disease

-affects ecosystems, making them more vulnerable to

perturbations and less able to supply humans with valuable
Could you predict what will happen to biodiversity in next
10 years?

Can you improve anything?