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Girls District Meet Day 1 @ Brunswick 05-17-17

Time Event Name Name Name Name
4:00 PM HJ (start 4’ 8”) Lancaster Wallace
SP Miles Frech
5: 00 PM 4 x 800(Final) Seballos Doucette Mikulasik Byram
5:30 PM 100H (semi) Martin DiPaolo
100 (semi) Miles Connelly
4x200(semi) Drlik Mattern McCarthy Jancewicz
4x100(semi) Snyder Mattern McCarthy Miles
Alternate Jancewicz Lancaster
400 (semi) Snyder Kriausky
300H (semi) Clemente Uzl
** could be
a FINAL 800 (**semi) Casselberry Mikulasik
200 (semi) Mattern McCarthy
4x400 (semi) Casselberry Snyder Krayzel Jancewicz
Alternate Drlik Kriausky

District Meet Day 2 @ Brunswick 05-19-17
Time Event Name Name Name Name
4:00 PM LJ Martin Amoroso
PV (start 8’ 6”) Martin
Discus Frech Kowalski

Day 1 dependent 6:00 PM 100H(Final) Martin DiPaolo
Day 1 dependent 6:10 PM 100 (Final) Miles Connelly
Day 1 dependent 6:15 PM 4 x 200(Final) Drlik Mattern McCarthy Jancewicz
6:30 PM 1600 (Final) Uzl Jenko
Day 1 dependent 6:45 PM 4 x 100(Final) Snyder Mattern McCarthy Miles
Alternate Jancewicz Lancaster
Day 1 dependent 7:00 PM
400(Final) Snyder Kriausky
Day 1 dependent 7:10 PM 300H(Final) Clemente Uzl
Day 1 dependent 7:20 PM 800(Final) Casselberry Mikulasik
Day 1 dependent 7:30 PM 200(Final) Mattern McCarthy
7:40 PM 3200(Final) Seballos Byram
Day 1 dependent 8:10 PM Jancewicz
4 x400(Final) Casselberry Snyder Krayzel
Alternate Drlik Kriausky

Bus Schedule: Departure time 2:15 PM
Not taking the bus
Day 1 (20 on bus)
Name Event
DiPaolo, Aly 100H
Frech, Bianca SP
Jancewicz, Kayla 4x2, 4x1, 4x4
Martin, Deater 100H
Mikulasik, Emma 4x8, 800
Wallace, Lynsey HJ
Baker, Natalie 4x8 ????
Casselberry, Megan 800, 4x4 alt
Connelly, Shauna 100
Kriausky, Erica 400, 4x4 alt
Lancaster, Morgan HJ, 4x1 alt.
McCarthy, Abby 4x2, 4x1, 200
Seballos, Kristen 4x8
Uzl, Ashlynn 300H
Byram, Katie 4x800
Jenko, Sydney
Mattern, Mckenna 4x2, 4x1, 200
Snyder, Andrea 4x1, 400, 4x4
Clemente, Biddy 300H
Doucette, Colleen 4x8
Drlik, Maddie 4x2, 4x4
Krayzel, Katie 4x4
Miles, Madison SP, 100, 4x1 alt

Day 2 (4 on bus)
Name Event
Frech, Bianca Discus
Kowalski, Jillyan Discus
Martin, Deater LJ, PV
Amoroso, Chloe LJ
Seballos, Kristen 3200
Byram, Katie 3200
Uzl, Ashlynn 1600
Jenko, Sydney 1600

Plus anyone who made it to finals from Day 1