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Boys District Meet Day 1 @ Bedford 05-18-17

Time Event Name Name Name Name
4:00 PM Discus Szafarski Bildstein
LJ Boff Rimac
PV Litwinowicz

5: 00 PM 110H (semi) Litwinowicz M Buccieri
100 (semi) Brickman Minich
4 x 800(Final) Bieldstein Diederich Novitch Wilson
4x200(semi) Roschival Boff Rimac Girardi
4x100(semi) Minich Brickman Girardi Szafarski
400 (semi) Butkiewicz Wilson
300H (semi) Litwinowicz M Buccieri
800 (semi) Heinzerling
200 (semi) Minich Brickman
4x400 (semi)

District Meet Day 2 @ Bedford 05-20-17
Time Event Name Name Name Name
10:00 AM SP Clemente Szafarski
HJ Rimac Litwinowicz
11:00 AM
Day 1 dependent 110H(Final) Litwinowicz M Buccieri
Day 1 dependent 100 (Final) Brickman Minich
Day 1 dependent 4 x 200(Final) Roschival Boff Rimac Girardi
1600 (Final) Ross
Day 1 dependent 4 x 100(Final) Minich Brickman Butkiewicz Szafarski
Alternate Girardi
Day 1 dependent
400(Final) Butkiewicz Wilson
Day 1 dependent 300H(Final) Litwinowicz M Buccieri
800(Final) Heinzerling
Day 1 dependent 200(Final) Minich Brickman
3200(Final) Kovacs
Day 1 dependent
4 x400(Final)

Bus Schedule: Departure time 2:15 PM.
Not taking the bus
Day 1 (14 on bus)
Name Event
Szafarski Discus, 4x1
Bildstein Discus, 4x8
Boff LJ, 4x2
Rimac LJ, 4x2
Litwinowicz PV, 110H, 300H
M Buccieri 110H, 300H
Brickman 100, 4x1, 200
Minich 100, 4x1, 200
Butkiewicz 4x1, 400
Diederich 4x8
Novitch 4x8
Wilson 4x8, 400
Roschival 4x2
Girardi 4x2, alt 4x1
Heinzerling 800

Day 2 (NO BUS)
Name Event
Clemente SP
Szafarski SP
Rimac HJ
Litwinowicz HJ
Ross 1600
Kovacs 3200

Plus anyone who made it to finals from Day 1