Eastern vs.

Western Peshitta readings
The Eastern & Western texts are very, very close in their readings; indeed, they are practically identical nd nd rd on every page, except for the Western 5 books (2 Peter, 2 John, 3 John, Jude, and Revelation) and pericope adultera in John 7:53-8:11. In the few other places where they differ, there is essentially a doctrinal controversy at stake between the Eastern and Western churches, which is over the doctrine of the Person of Christ: Nestorianism in the East versus Monophysitism in the West. Nestorius taught that Christ had two natures (human and divine) and two "qnomas" (one human and one divine) in one Person. A "qnoma" is essentially translated "self" or "person" in the scriptures. Monophysitism teaches that Christ has only one nature and one qnoma, both divine. It is likely that the Nestorian church essentially modified a few verses to support their doctrines as the correct ones. If we look at the Greek mss., which represent a 1st century translation of the NT, we find Eastern and Western type readings and mss, but in the pertinent places where the Peshitta mss. differ most significantly- Acts 20:28 & Hebrews 2:9,16 primarily, the Greek mss. almost universally support the Western readings. The items marked with an (*) are likely Nestorian modifications to the Western mss. There are also many words reflecting a difference in dialect that are not listed here; The name of God is written as ³Marya´ in the Eastern texts, and ³Morya´ in the West, to name one. This is why the Eastern texts are commonly called the ³Peshitta,´ and the Western scrolls are called the ³Peshitto´ as well.

Matthew 6:32 ± Eastern has ³the Gentiles of the World.´ Western omits ³World.´ Matthew 21:4 ± Eastern has ³All this happened«´ Western omits ³All.´ Mark 14:31 ± Eastern has ³also all the disciples said´ at the end of the verse. Western omits ³all.´ Luke 22:17-18 ± Omitted in both Eastern and Western Peshitta. John 7:53-8:11 ± (pericope adultera) Omitted in Eastern texts, present in Western. John 16:27 ± Eastern has ³from the father.´ Western has ³from God.´ Acts 8:37 ± Omitted in both Eastern and Western Peshitta. Acts 15:34 ± Omitted in both Eastern and Western Peshitta. *Acts 20:28 ± Eastern has ³feed the church of the Messiah.´ Western has ³feed the church of God.´ Romans 8:39 ± Eastern has ³to sever us.´ Western has ³to sever me.´ 2 Thessalonians 3:6 ± Eastern has ³that he received.´ Western has ³that they received.´ 2 Thessalonians 3:18 ± Eastern ends with ³with all of you my brothers; Amen. Western omits ³my brothers.´ 2 Timothy 4:22 ± Eastern has ³with us.´ Western has ³with you.´ *Hebrews 2:9 ± Eastern ends with ³for He, apart from God, tasted death in the place of everyone.´ Western has ³for God himself, by his grace, tasted death in the place of every person.´

*Hebrews 2:16 ± Eastern has ³He did not take [the form] of angels, but he took [the form] of the children of Abraham.´ The Western has ³For death was not authorized over the Angels, but over the children of Abraham it was authorized.

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