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Tyler Crow, Jeremy Halling

February 15, 2017

Brita Water Filter

Manufacture -Name: Brita

-location: Headquarters in the America. Brita LP. 1221 Broadway. Oakland, CA 94612
-Phone: 1-800-24-BRITA

Quality rating The quality of Brita filters are high compared to other brands. This is because
brita not only filters out the waster well but it is also a very esthetic pleasing brand. Brita puts a
lot into their product in order to meet the consumer's needs. Brita is actually one of the biggest
filter companies out there.

Approximate market share company has a $429,000,000 revenue in all.

Special Features filters zinc, cadmium, chlorine, copper, mercury, from the water
Small enough to be portable
Have Many different kinds and styles of pitchers to choose from

Strengths of the product

has 60% of household filtered market.
Strong brand recognition
Top market share holders
Very aesthetically pleasing

Weaknesses of the product

Lost 10% of their market within the last 20 years.
Perceived affordability by Manny

Wholesale and retail prices

Compact pitchers- $20-$30
Large pitchers- $33-$48
Water bottles- $9-$19
Pitchers and dispensers- $8 per filter
Bottles-$8 for two filters
Dispensers- $44
Faucet filtration- $19-$30

Product Placement
Direct purchase from website
Common retail locations
Grocery stores
Supermarkets- Wal-mart, target, etc.

Method of promotion
Filterforgood campaign-
Founded on 2007 Nalgene water bottle company
The movement is designed to encourage the switching from plastic water bottles to reusable
bottles filled with filtered water
LifeStraw water bottle filter
Manufacturer- LifeStraw: (distributed by and part of Vestergaard).
-1020 19th Street NW. Washington, DC 20036
-Phone: +1 571 527 2180
-Fax: +1 703 997 3235

Quality Rating- The LifeStraw Go is recognized around the world as a quality filtration product.
It can successfully filter bacteria and potential hazards from water bottles. However, its abilities
are limited, because it is a small product and can not filter larger amounts of water. Overall, the
product has high quality rating.

Approximate Market Share- 33.33 (Revenues divided by total sales)

Special Features- The product most uniquely features a hollow fiber tube within the straw. This
tube filters out miniscule objects such as bacteria or dirt. The main function of this entire product
is all completed within this straw.

Strengths of the Product- The product is widely popular for filtering 99% of germs out of the
drinking water in a water bottle. In fact, its success has even allowed the company to deliver
900,000 products to Africa. The product does not use any electricity, dangerous chemicals, or
harmful materials.

Weaknesses of the Product- The product isnt completely reliable, and has a certain life span
before it will become less effective. Also, the small scale of the filter restricts its ability to work
with larger amounts of water. After many were sent to Africa to help with a water crisis, it was
reported that many of the recipients did not know how to use the filters because the function was
unclear. Also, theyre expensive.

Wholesale and retail prices- Personal Filter- $19.95

2 Stage Filtration- $44.95
LifeStraw Steel- $54.95
LifeStraw Mission- $119.95
LifeStraw Family 1.0- $74.95
LifeStraw Go 2 Stage Replacement Filter- $24.95
LifeStraw Carbon Capsule Replacement- $9.95
LifeStraw Community- $329.95
Product Placement- Direct purchase from website
Common retail locations
Grocery stores
Supermarkets- Wal-mart, target, etc.

Method of Promotion- The founder sent 900,000 filters to Africa, showing the world his
achievements and confidence in the product.
Pur Basic Faucet Filtration System

Manufacturer- PUR
-400 Donald Lynch Blvd. Marlborough, Ma 01752
-Phone: +1 800 477-0457

Quality Rating- The quality of this filter is overall higher than many other products, but is still
fairly average. It attaches to faucets and filters out more than 60 different materials, so it is not as
effective as many other products, but still impressively successful.

Approximate Market Share- The company is worth about $213 million (amount it was
purchased for in 1999)

Special Features- The Pur basic faucet filtration system is unique because it can be attached to
ordinary sink faucets, allowing it to filter all the water people use in sinks whether it is for
drinking, washing, or cleaning.

Strengths of the Product- The product is prideful on its ability to filter out more than 60
different hazardous substances, including 99% of lead, 92% percent of pesticides, and 96% of

Weaknesses of the Product- Many reviews reveal that the filter can be unreliable at times, does
not filter out certain dangerous substances and must be cleaned often. However, when in working
condition, the product works as it was advertized.

Wholesale and retail prices- Basic Faucet Filtration-


Product Placement- Direct purchase from website

Common retail locations
Grocery stores
Supermarkets- Wal-mart, target, etc.

Method of Promotion- The website is well advertized

with informational stories and interactive activities and
demonstrations. Also, the product is visually sleek and
modern, attracting more consumers.
Emails to Professional

1. What are some pitfalls to starting a business that can be avoided by analyzing the
potential market and competition?

When starting a business, one risks the possibility that their proposed product
could already be offered in the markets. We avoid this by analyzing the potential
market and competition. Without this crucial stage of developing a product, one
could not only have trouble selling the product, but could also run into various
legal issues as well.

2. Explain the importance of obtaining opinions on technical feasibility of a product from

experts when considering further development of a product.

The decision to obtain opinions on technical feasibility from experts is an

important decision to make because it allows us to learn more advanced and
unique information about the specific market and the specific product. By
contacting experts and obtaining their opinions, we can discover formerly unseen
issues or possibilities for advancement.