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Name: Yogesh Kumar ADM. NO.

Dictation 93

Madam, Deputy Chairman, I think my friend for sporting motor of these to the President. The Government
has described the alarming economic political situation in the country. I welcome the statement by the Prime
Minister that is Government will take firm steps to overcome economic and political situation. Inflation and price
raise are the most difficult problems that we have been facing for a number of years. The Prime Minister is taking a
pragmatic approach to reorganisation the economic structure without involving the ideological controversies that are
going on in this country. Today, the topic is market economy. We have know graveness about deregulation,
decontrol and removal of bureaucratic control to prompt the industry it, at the same time web must be very cautious
about changed our long standing polices. India has always been a deficit country and with the in his to mouth
availability of essential commodities that we are facing, we depending heavily on imported essential commodities
including edible oils and petroleum products. S, we must be very cautious about implementing the slogan of market
economy. I am glad that this Government has started with consensus of the other political parties of the Prime
Minister as categorically stated that essential commodities in this country will be strengthened to help the poor
people of this country.

Another topic is opening of our economy to the multinational organizations. There is a fear amongst the
public that we have got very scare natural resources on the multinational will be allowed to exploit our resources.
So, the Government must be very careful about this problem. I welcome the categorically statement of the Prime
Minister that there will be no denationalization of banks. Nationalization if banks came nation from the congress
Government. Now, there is a talk of market economy, but it should not lead to denationalization of the banks. So, I
welcome statement of the Prime Minister on this. Seeing our difficult about petroleum products, the Government
must came forward to take some bold decision. We must strengthened the public transport system on the
communication system in this country it will no long way in reducing the consumption of petroleum products of
save on import of foreign drugs. We can encourage indigenise manufacture of medicines in this country. The
difficult is that with this country is facing duel pricing police.

Dictation 94

Mr. Speaker Sir, in the last 50 years our Food grains production has four times. Import of Food grains for
the people is the thing of the past. our population has increased tremendously but I am great full to the farmers for
making us self sufficient in food grains. You will be happy to know that with the efforts of our farmers, our food
grains production was 20crore tonnes last year. This includes both rice and wheat. Our country has experienced both
green and white revolutions. Due to the white revolution, India today is the worlds largest producer of milk. Our
focus today is to improve agricultural production. That is why the areas that receive meagre rainfall need special
attention. In areas where agriculture is totally dependent on rainfall- dry land farming, the stress is on improving
agricultural production by using science and technology. We have to do a lot for the hardworking farmers. So we
have decided to give special emphasis on the welfare of agricultural labour especially landless labourers. Since he is
backward and in extreme poverty there is need for his insurance so that in case of his unfortunate demise, his family
members do not lack food. In that field of agricultural reforms there are some more issues which are under
consideration and we will try to introduce a bill in the next session of Parliament.

The slogan of Garabi Hatal was given a long time back. The policy of my Government is how to translate
it into reality. Today I have said that in our agricultural economy around 6o65 percent people are dependent on
agriculture. It is with extreme sadness that I say that the land reforms have not been implemented honestly. Our
country cannot progress unless the people who actually work on fields get the land. Therefore, I prompt you,
especially those States where land reforms have not been implemented to lay stress on this and to formulate such a
programmed that within the next one or two years it will translate this into reality. Poverty and illiteracy are two
sides of the same coin and they should be eradicated. The welfare of the labours and poor classes should not be
promoted not only with agriculture but by setting up the cottage and small scale industries. Unemployment of
educated unemployed needs to be reduced. It has one solution and that is economic progress and advancement.

Mr. Vice Chairman, sir, this policy is being followed for the past many years of levy price and market price.
The State Government are always put to difficulty in implementing this dual pricing policy initiated by the Central
Government. Instead of resorting of this dual pricing policy which ultimately, helps industrialists and black
marketers, they should think of the poor.

About prohibition the Government must take a decision to have a uniform policy throughout the country. it
has been enshrined in our as a Directive Principle and so there must be uniform policy throughout the country if a
State Government wants to implement this policy, at present a difficulty is always were from adjacent state and, so
the Government should come forward to take a policy decision that the Government of India will always help those
states which are prepared to the implement the prohibition policy. The Finance Commission has been emphasing
this aspect with the Central Government must help the state who are prepared to implement the prohibition policy.

About the center state relation a new approach, a new attitude, a new thinking must be forthcoming from the New
Government which has got the support of all Political Parties including regional parties. Pandit Nehru used to share
the problems of the country with all the Chief Ministers. A new chapter must be opened now. All State Government
must be taken into confidence in all the problems that are facing this country. The State Leaders and the State
Government must be treated as equal partners in governing this country. There should be a new approach, without
centralizing everything. We must try to decentralize everything. We have tried to our best for the past many years
to have a centralize administration, uniformly in all policies. Now we must try to decentralize out policies and
programmes. We must have faith in State Leadership. I assure that no state can thrive or survive without the help of
the center or the adjacent states are other states beg the Centre always for help. The Centre should not try to thrust
the central schemes on state administrations. The Central Government must encourage the State Government to tap
of the resources of revenue available within the state and country power to have. A new Government must learn
something from the Russian history and should also take a lesson from it.


Mr. vice chairman, sir, I must express my gratitude to all the honourable Members for expressing their
views on different aspect of the growth Delhi City. After passing the constitution amendment Bill, there was hardly
any scope for such a lengthy discussion on this Bill. But every honourable Members wanted to express all the ideas
that he must be having about the future set up of Delhi and that is why I must welcome the suggestion which have
been made by different honourable Members.

Sir, almost first refer to the points made by the honourable Members Leader of the opposition. He has
reffered to Sarkaria Committee report and also he has reffered to 3 aspects. The first was about a nodal Ministry.
The nodal Authority, in fact, he is supposed to coordinate activities to all the different agency of Delhi. So, also, a
point was made about our centralization. The other committee has reffered to that aspect also. I am sure, in the
same report if you have to go still about the advantages and disadvantages of having a full statehood being
given to Delhi. If the honourable Members were to go through it, they will be more that the convinced that what we
have to look is two aspect which I had clearly mentioned in my speech which I gave this morning. One is the
legitimate aspiration of the Delhi people that they should get representation and have a democratic set up and
another is the responsibility to be discharged by the Government being the National Capital. Delhi is not small areas
to be administered by the representative only of Delhi. Why the Government of India is spending huge amount of
money on different aspects of the development of Delhi? That is because of the fact that after all, this is a National
Capital and all the amenities which have been for the Delhi City will have to be of a standard, then people are bound
to feel happy by comparing the development that is obtaining in different capitals in different countries. So, sir,
from that point of view, while all the arrangement have to be made for a democratic set up, there should be no block
for want to financial and other resources. I can tell that 85 percent is being for continuing schemes.