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Question Paper

(1) What does C.B.R. Stands for:

(a) Combined Bearing ratio (b) California Bearing ratio
(c) Crushing Bearing ratio (d) Co-efficient of Bearing ratio

(2) The Atterbergs limits of a particular soil are reported as follows- liquid limit 60%, plastic
limit 50%, shrinkage limit 40%. The plasticity index of above soil will be :
(a) 40% (b) 30%
(c) 10 % (d) 20%

(3) In one hour the hands (Kanta) of clock move by

(a) Minute Hand 360 degrees, hour hand 30 degrees.
(b) Minute Hand 180 degrees, hour hand 30 degrees.
(c) Minute Hand 360 degrees, hour hand 5 degrees.
(d) Minute Hand 180 degrees, hour hand 360 degrees.

(4) Two weights of 100 N and 200 N are suspended at the ends of a lever 300 mm long. The
position of fulcrum will be :
(a) 100 mm from 100 N weight b) 200 mm from 200 N weight
(c) 100 mm from 200 N weight d) 200 mm from 100 N weight

(5) The bending moment diagram for a cantilever beam carrying concentrated load at the free
end will be :
(a) Triangle (b) Rectangle
(c) Parabola (d) Square

(6) A long column has maximum crippling load when its :

(a) Both ends are hinged (b) Both ends are fixed
(c) One end is fixed and other end (d) One end is fixed and other end
is hinged. is free.

(7) Number of links in a 30 m chain is :

(a) 100 (b) 120
(c) 150 (d) 300

(8) At change point in levelling :

(a) Back sight and Intermediate sight (b) Fore sight and Intermediate
are taken sight are taken.
(c) Back sight and Fore sight are (d) Fore sight, Back sight and
taken Intermediate sight are taken.

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(9) The instrument used to find the area of an irregular figure is known as:
(a) Ceylon Ghat Tracer (b) Abney Level
(c) Planimeter (d) Box Sextant

(10)If the fore bearing of a line is N20 W, its back bearing in Whole Circle Bearing will be :

(a) 20 degrees (b) 160 degrees

(c) 200 degrees (d) 220 degrees

(11)Number of Metric Size bricks required to construct a wall 3.0 m long, 2.0 high and half brick
thick will be :
(a) 150 (b) 300
(c) 600 (d) 1200

(12)No Parking sign is a :

(a) Information sign (b) Prohibitory sign
(c) Regulatory sign (d) Warning sign

(13)If the difference in elevation of an edge of the pavement (9m wide) and its crown is 15
cm, then the camber in the pavement will be :

(a) 1 in 15 (b) 1 in 30
(c) 1 in 45 (d) 1 in 60

(14)Choose correct alternative :

(a) Moment = force + distance (b) Moment = force distance

(c) Moment = force x distance (d) Moment = force distance

(15)R.L. of known points is 100 m back sight and fore sight reading are 1.2 m and 1.3 m
respectively find R.L. of unknown point :
(a) 99.90 meter (b) 101.2 meter
(c) 101.3 meter (d) 100.0 meter

(16)Compressive strength of M 15 grade concrete will be :

(a) 15 N/mm2 (b) 15 kg/mm2

(c) 150 N/mm2 (d) 150 kg/mm2

(17)Crushing strength of a first class bricks should not be less then :

(a) 5.5 N/mm2 (b) 7 N/mm2

(c) 10.5 N/mm2 (d) 14 N/mm2

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(18)No. of Standard Metric size bricks required for one cubic meter of brick masonry is :

(a) 400 (b) 450

(c) 500 (d) 550

(19)The height of the building is 3 m and riser of step is 15 cm. then number of treads will be :

(a) 18 (b) 19
(c) 20 (d) 21

(20)5 % gradient means :

(a) 1: 4 (b) 1:10

(c) 1:20 (d) 5 : 1

(21)If commercial vehicle per day (CVPD) is 45 to 150 which curve you will use for flexible
pavement design :
(a) A (b) B
(c) C (d) D

(22)Which of the following coat is provided for strong binding between old layer of bituminous
surface and new one :
(a) Tack Coat (b) Primer Coat
(c) Seal Coat (d) Surface Dressing

(23)In lintel with chajja, the design of chajja is done as a :

(a) Two way slab (b) Cantilever slab

(c) One way slab (d) None of these

(24)In construction of single story building in a black cotton soil area generally following type of
foundation is used :
(a) Spread Footing Foundation (b) Column Footing Foundation
(c) Pile Footing Foundation (d) Strep Footing Foundation

(25)To Calculate average rainfall the record of following years is taken in consideration :
(a) 20 years (b) 35 years
(c) 50 years (d) 100 years

(26)The graph between intensity of rainfall and time is known is :

(a) Hydrograph (b) Run off graph
(c) Distribution graph (d) Mass curve
(27)Steel is used in R.C.C. for :

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(a) For Tension (b) Compression

(c) Shear (d) All of above

(28)In a irrigation tank the capacity of water between FTL and LSL is known as :
(a) Live Storage (b) Dead Storage
(c) Flood Storage (d) Gross Storage

(29)Contour is known as :
(a) Line joining the same weight (b) The line joining the same
(c) Line joining the same elevations (d) None of these

(30)Dickens formula for discharge calculation is (Where M is catchment area in and Q is

discharge in & C is constant :
(a) Q = C(M)3/4 (b) Q = C(M)3/2
(c) Q = C(M)3/5 (d) Q = C(M)3/7

(31)The average size of metal for WBM Gr-I is :

(a) 63 mm to 45 mm (b) 90 mm to 45 mm
(c) 90 mm to 22.4 mm (d) 80 mm to 40 mm

(32)In a square on joining diagonals, maximum number of taingle will formed :

(a) 4 (b) 8
(c) 6 (d)12

(33)Slenderness Ratio of Short R.C. column is :

(a) <12 (b) >12
(c) <15 (d) >15

(34)Intensity of lrrigation means :

(a) Percentage of irrigation of G.C.A. (b) Percentage of irrigation of
(c) G.C.A. + C.C.A. (d) G.C.A. C.C.A.

(35)Garrets diagrams are used for :

(a) Design of earth dam (b) Design of weir
(c) Design of concrete dam (d) Design of Canal

(36)For supplying water to Rabi Crop, Kharif Crop and Sugar cane, the canal is designed for
a capacity equal to :
(a) Rabi or Kharif Crop (b) Rabi + Kharif or Sugar Cane
(c) Sugar Cane + Rabi or Kharif (d) Rabi or Kharif or Sugar Cane

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(37)The valve which allowed the water to flow in one direction and prevents it from flowing
back is known as :
(a) Check Valve (b) Air Valve
(c) Sluice Valve (d) Drain Valve

(38)For a Grit Chamber the recommended velocity of flow is 0.2 m/s and detention period
is 2 minutes, the length of the Grit Chamber will be :
(a) 10 m. (b) 20 m.
(c) 24 m. (d) 40 m.

(39)Quantity of mortar required for 12 mm thick cement plastering per 100 sqm is :

(a) 1 cu.m. (b) 2 cu.m.

(c) 3 cu.m. (d) 4 cu.m.

(40)A paneled door of size 1.1 m x 2.0 m. is to be painted both sides. The quantity of painting
work will be :
(a) 2.2 m2 (b) 4.4 m2
(c) 4.95 m2 (d) 4.90 m2

(41)In plat load test thickness of plat is :

(a) 20 mm. (b) 25 mm.
(c) 30 mm. (d) 35 mm.

(42)The shape of a phreatic line in an earthen dam is :

(a) A straight line (b) A circular curve
(c) A Elliptical curve (d) A parabolic curve

(43)The number of blocks at present in MP is :

(a) 363 (b) 463
(c) 313 (d) 413

(44)Last Olympic games were held in :

(a) South Korea (b) U.S.A.
(c) Japan (d) China
(45)In a series 4-9-16..the next digit will be :
(a) 20 (b) 35
(c) 25 (d) 30

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(46)Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna was launched on

(a) 1st Jan.2000 (b) 25th Dec. 2000
(c) 26th Jan. 2001 (d) 15th Aug. 2001
(47)In National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme the minimum guarantee of
employment is for :
(a) 90 days (b) 60 days
(c) 100 days (d) 120 days

(48)The supreme Commander of Indian Armed Forces is :

(a) Prime Minister of India (b) President of India
(c) Vice President of India (d) Speaker of Lok Sabha

(49)In Common Wealth Games 2010 New Delhi, India won first Gold Medal in :
(a) Archery (b) Shooting
(c) Weight Lifting (d) Fencing

(50)Which denomination of Indian Rupee does not bear the signature of Governor of RBI
(a) Rs. 1000 (b) Rs. 100
(c) Rs. 1 (d) Rs. 500

(51)How many bits makes a byte :

(a) 4 (b) 8
(c) 12 (d) 16

(52)The latest version of Microsoft Windows is :

(a) Windows 2000 (b) Windows XP
(c) Windows Vista (d) Windows ME

(53)The small photo (Figure) Showing Programme on Desktop in known as :

(a) Folder (b) File
(c) Drive (d) Icon

(54)The Key Board in a Computer is :

(a) Storage Device (b) Input Device
(c) Processor (d) Outpur Device

(55)The volume of Coarse aggregate required for making one cubic meter 1:2:4 Concrete:
(a) 0.95 cum. (b) 0.75 cum.
(c) 0.85 cum. (d) 1.0 cum.

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(56)In a simply supported beam of spam 5.0 meter with uniformly distributed load of 600 kg.
per M, shear force at the end will be :
(a) 1500 kg. (b) 300 kg.
(c) 600 kg. (d) 3000 kg.

(57)In a simply supported beam of 4.0 meter span loaded with 300 kg/M uniformly
distributed load the maximum bending moment at center will be:
(a) 300 kg. m. (b) Zero
(c) 1200 kg. m. (d) 600 kg. m.

(58)The initial and final setting time for ordinary port land cement as per IS specification is:
(a) 10 min & 30 min (b) 30 min & 10 hour
(c) 60 min & 10 hour (d) 10 hour & 30 hour

(59)The most commonly used retarder in cement to increase initial setting time is :
(a) Gypsum (b) Calcium Chloride
(c) Calcium Carbonate (d) None of the above

(60)If a concrete cube of standard size gets crushed at 45 T. load the crushing strength of
concrete will be :
(a) 100 kg/ cm2 (b) 150 kg/ cm2
(c) 200 kg/ cm2 (d) 300 kg/ cm2

(61)For normal mix of M-20 (by volume) the ratio of cement: send: metal is :
(a) 1:3:6 (b) 1:2:4
(c) 1:1.5:3 (d) 1:4:8

(62)G.T.S. bench mark is taken from which place :

(a) China (b) Bombay
(c) Karachi (d) Greenwich mean level

(63)Thickness of sub grade in a road as per MORTH and specification for rural road
(a) 60 cm, 60 cm (b) 60 cm, 30 cm
(c) 30 cm, 30cm (d) 30 cm, 60 cm

(64)In a standard stack measuring 1.5 m X 1.5 m X 0.5 m size the quantity of moorum and
metal measured as :
(a) 1 cum. & 0.9 cum (b) 1.125 cum & 1 cum
(c) 0.9 cum & 1.0 cum (d) 1.125 cum & 0.9 cum

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(65)WC ratio for a good mix of 1:2:4 CC will be in the range of :

(a) 0.3 to 0.35 (b) 0.35 to 0.4
(c) 0.4 to 0.45 (d) above 0.45

(66)In a concrete mix of M-30, the 7 days crushing strength of standard cube will be :
(a) 210 kg per Sq cm. (b) 225 kg per Sq cm.
(c) 150 kg per Sq cm. (d) 300 kg per Sq cm.
(67) Auto Cad is a :
(a) Soft Ware (b) Hard Ware
(c) Operating System (d) Input Device

(68) The Nature of 8 PH value of water is :

(a) Alkaline (b) Acidic
(c) Neutral (d) None of the above
(69) Number of bags in 1 cum. Quantity of cement is :
(a) 30.50 bags (b) 35 bags
(c) 28.6 bags (d) 27.6 bags

(70) Compacted thickness specified for WBM Gr-II or Gr- III is :

(a) 100 mm (b) 75 mm
(c) 125 mm (d) 80 mm

(71) Full form of C.R. masonry is :

(a) Coursed Rubble Masonry (b) Coursed Random Masonry
(c) Cross Rubble Masonry (d) Crushed Rubble Masonry

(72) Which of the following test is not performed for WBM aggregate :
(a) AIV (b) Gradation
(c) Flakiness/ Elongation Index (d) Crushing Strength

(73) Full form of DPC is :

(a) Damage Protection Course (b) Damp Proof Course
(c) Door Protection Course (d) Dam Protection Course

(74) Which one of the following is a structural layer:

(a) Open graded premix carpet (b) Mix seal surfacing
(c) B.M. (d) Seal coat

(75) Workability of concrete is assessed by:

(a) Proportion of aggregates (b) By cement : sand : metal ratio
(c) By slump test (d) By crushing strength

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(76) In an aqueduct:
(a) River flows below aqueduct (b) Canal flows below aqueduct
(c) River and Canal flow together (d) River and Canal flow separately

(77) Find the odd man out:

(a) Flemish Bond (b) English Bond
(c) Rat Trap Bond (d) Bond Length

(78) Most Economical section for a steel column is:

(a) Solid Round (b) Rectangular
(c) Tubular (d) Hexagonal

(79) Expanded form of RAM is:

(a) Read as Memory (b) Read All Memory

(c) Random Access Memory (d) Regular Access Memory
(80) Windows 2007 is a :
(a) A Software (b) A Hardware
(c) An Operating System (d) A Memory

(81) In a Computer System Monitor is a :

(a) Input Device (b) An Output Device
(c) A Display Device (d) None of the above

(82) Number of Revenue divisions/ districts in Madhya Pradesh are :

(a) 10/48 (b) 10/50
(c) 8/49 (d) 7/50

(83) 1 GB is equal to :
(a) 1024 MB (b) 1000 MB
(c) 1020 MB (d) None of the above

(84) Starting point of river Narmada falls in which district of MP :

(a) Anuppur (b) Shahdol
(c) Mandla (d) Umaria

(85) Which of the following is not a essential part of a Desktop Computer :

(a) C.P.U. (b) Monitor
(c) Key Board (d) Multi Media Speaker

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(86) Which of the following is not a part of M.S. Office tool :

(a) Word (b) Excel
(c) Power Point (d) Internet Explorer

(87) For making a presentation for Meeting which tool is mostly used :
(a) Excel (b) Power Point
(c) Access (d) Media Player

(88) For data analysis, which tool is mostly used:

(a) Word (b) Excel
(c) Front Pope (d) Power Point

(89) Which one of the following is not essential for Internet Connection:
(a) Computer (b) Modem
(c) Telephone Connection (d) Printer

(90) Select the short key for paste :

(a) Alt + P (b) Ctrl + V
(c) Ctrl + P (d) Alt + V

(91) Best alignment for Canal is :

(a) Ridge Line (b) Contour Line
(c) Valley Line (d) Straight Line

(92) Higher value Contour in inner circles and lower value contour on outer circles denotes:
(a) Valley (b) Mountain
(c) Plain area (d) None of the above

(93) Quantity of earth work in 100 meter long trench having bottom width 0.4 meter, top
width 0.6 meter and depth 0.3 meter, soil classification 60 % hard soil and 40 % soft rock
(a) 9 cum hard soil, 6 cum soft rock (b) 6 cum hard soil, 9 cum soft rock

(c) 90 cum hard soil, 60 cum soft rock (d) 60 cum hard soil, 90 cum soft rock

(94) An unsaturated sample of soil has a volume of 100 cu cm and weight 190 gms. After
drying in an oven for 24 hours, the weight is reduced to 160 gms. Water content of the
soil is :
(a) 0.188 (b) 0.288
(c) 0.388 (d) 0.488

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(95) Quantity of Metal required for 10 m long wall of 0.3 meter top width and 0.5 meter
bottom width of 1 meter height to be constructed with 1:2:4 nominal mix :
(a) 3.4 cum (b) 4 cum
(c) 4.4 cum (d) 40 cum

(96) Quantity of Puddle earth required for 100 meter long puddle trench of size 0.6 meter
bottom width, 0.9 meter top width, 1 meter depth and 30 cm puddle core :
(a) 102 cum (b) 100 cum
(c) 120 cum (d) 75 cum

(97) A soil has a bulk density of 2.4 gm/cu. cm. and water content 20%, the dry density of the
sample will be :
(a) 0.5 gm/c.c. (b) 2 gm/c.c.
(c) 2.2 gm/c.c. (d) 1.2 gm/c.c.

(98) The purpose of lining irrigation canal is :

(a) To increase in velocity (b) To reduce the soil erosion
(c) To reduces seepage of water (d) All of the above

(99) A hydraulic structure is designed to withstand :

(a) Seepage Forces (b) Hydraulic Jump
(c) Hydraulic Pressure (d) All the above

(100) To design a waste weir of a dam, which of the following is to be considered :

(a) TBL & MWL (b) FTL & MWL
(c) FTL & TBL (d) LSL & TBL

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