CONDITIONAL SENTENCES A.Conditional sentence: Type I 1.If I (see) him, I (give) him a lift. 2.

The table (collapse) if you (stand) on it. 3.If he (eat) all that, he (be) ill. 4.If I (find) your passport, I (telephone) you at once. 5.The police (arrest) him if they (catch) him. 6.If he (read) in the bad light, he (ruin) his eyes. 7.Someone (steal) your car if you (leave) it unlocked. 8.What (happen) if my parachute (not, open)? 9.If he (wash) my car, I (give) hi m 10$. 10.If you (not, like) this one, I (give) you another. 11.If he (like) the house he (buy) it ? 12.Unless I (have) a quiet room, I (not be able) to do any work. 13.We (have to,move) upstairs if the river (rise) any higher. 14.She (not, open) the door unless she (know) who it is. 15.If he (be) late, we (go) without him. B.Conditional sentence: Type II 1.If I (have) a typewriter, I (type) it myself. 2.If I (know) his address, I (give) it to you. 3.He (look) a lot of better if he (shave) more often. 4.If he (work) more slowly, he (not, make) so many mistake. 5.If I (be) sent to prison, you (visit) me? 6.If you (drive) your car into the river, you (be able) to get out? 7.He (get) fat if he (stop) smoking. 8.I (be) ruined if I (buy) her everything she asked for. 9.If you (sleep) under a mosquito net you (not be) bitten so often. 10.I (offer) to help if I (think) I’d be any use. 11.What you (do) if the lift (get) stuck between two floors. 12.If you (paint) the walls white the room (be) much brighter. 13.I (climb) over the wall if there (not be) so much broken glass on top of it. 14.You ( not, have) so much trouble with your car if you (have) it serviced regularly. 15.I (go and see) him more often if he (be) near here. C.Conditional sentence: Type III 1.If I (know) that you were in hospital I (visit) you. 2.If you (arrive) ten minutes earlier you (get) a seat. 3.You (see) my garden at its best if you (be) here last week. 4.I (not, believe) it if I (not, see) it with my own eyes. 5.If he (slip) he (fall) 500 metres. 6.If he (ask) you, you (accept)? 7.If I (have) a map I (be) all right. 8.I (offer) to help him if I (realize) that he was ill. 9.If I (realize) what a bad driver you were I (not, come) with you. 10.If you (not, sneeze) he (not, know) that we were there. 11.If he (know) whole story he (not, be) so angry. 12.If you (speak) more slowly he (understand) you. 13.I (not eat) it if I (know) that there was ginger in it.

14.The hens (not, get) into the house if you (shut) the door. 15.If I (be) ready when he called he (take) me with him. D.Conditional sentences: mixed types 1.If you pass your examination we (have) a celebration. 2.What (happen) if I press this button? 3.If you go to Paris where you (stay)? 4.If anyone attacked me, my dog (jump) at his throat. 5.I could repair the roof myself I (have) a longer ladder. 6.Unless they turn that radio off I (go) mad 7.If you (wear) a false beard nobody would have recognized you. 8.Dial 99 if you (want) Police, Ambulance, or Fire Brigade. 9.If they (hang) that picture lower people could be able to see it. 10.I (not, buy) things on the instalment system if I were you. 11.Of course I’m not going to give her a dismond ring. If I (give) her a diamond ring she (sell) it. 12.Husband: But I’m not going on a diet. Why should I go on a diet? Wife: If you (go) on a diet you (lose) weight. E.Rewrite these sentences, using an If construction. 1.She is very shy; that why she doesn’t enjoy the parties. 2.He doesn’t take any exercise; that’s why he is so unhealthy. 3.I didn’t see the signal, so I didn’t stop. 4.I didn’t know your number, so I didn’t ring. 5.She didn’t know you were in hospital, so she didn’t visit you. 6We didn’t visit the museum because we hadn’t time. 7.I haven’t a map so I can’t write to him. 8.Maybe it will be a lovely day tomorrow.We will go picnic. 9.Maybe she will come here tomorrow. I will tell you. 10.They don’t clean the windows so the rooms look rather dark.

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