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Tabor School of Education - Lesson Plan

Pre-Service Teacher Name: Taylor Wilmot Date and Time:

School: Faith Lutheran College

Year level: Curriculum Hospitality

11 area:
Topic: Biggest Morning Tea
General - Literacy
Capabilities: - Numeracy
- Personal and Social
- Critical and Creative Thinking
Lesson Cross- n/a
duration: Curriculum
50 Priorities:
Aust. - Develop and implement practical skills, including
Curriculum management skills, in an individual or a collaborative
Content context (SACE, 2010).
Descriptions - Select and use appropriate technology to prepare and
(with code) serve food, applying safe food-handling practices (SACE,
Reference(s South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) (2010). Food
) and Hospitality: 2017 Subject Outline Stage 1 and Stage 2.
Retrieved from
Anticipated Lesson Outcomes: By the end of this lesson, students will...
Outcomes - Trialled their chosen recipes and identified potential issues
- Demonstrated correct kitchen safety and food hygiene
Students - Students have chosen recipes that they are comfortable
prior making and therefore are likely to have prior experience
knowledge with the skills required.
- Students have knowledge of the processes, hygiene and
safety skills required from prior hospitality lessons.
Resources - Apron
needed - Laptop
- Student recipes

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Lesson & Differentiation
- Welcome students in
Beginning o Change shoes
12:00 o Remove things from wrists
o Aprons
o Wash hands
- Brief intro
o Be thinking about what could be
done better
o Make notes
o What worked? What didnt?
o Hygiene
- Begin cooking
Middle - Supervise
o Offer suggestions
o Ask what they are thinking about
the process/plating/presentation
- Pack up and clean up
- Remind that they will be doing their test
later in the week and may need to
- Dismiss

Assessment What is being assessed and how?

(formative/ Formative visually assess student progress and gauge critical
summative) thinking through discussion
Evaluation Students will have completed their trial run in todays lesson and
for will be running the actual morning tea in their two single lessons
students. next week.
Where to In the single lesson as the end of this week, students will be
next? finishing out their TAFE SA sandwiches unit with the theory test.
Evaluation This lesson ran really smoothly.
of your Every student was on task and full focused on their practical.

Revised for Australian Curriculum January 2014; logo revision February 2016, format revision October 2016