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Carl Kruse Reminder PLN Fundraiser To

Protect Lands In PR Coming Up

Fundraiser At the Home Of Maria Celeste Takes Place This Thursday
By Carl kruse

A reminder that the fundraiser to benefit Para La Naturaleza, takes place this Thursday, February 9th
at the Miami residence of Maria Celeste Arraras. Para La Naturaleza seeks to protect ecologically
important lands in Puerto Rico with the ultimate goal of having 33% of all such lands protected by the
year 2033. This is the organizations 33 by 33 objective. To date, more than 30,000 acres have been
protected through the groups efforts, representing about 16% of the total goal.

Para La Naturaleza fosters conservation but also provides immersive experiences in nature,
educational resources via citizen-scientist programs and archaeological projects, and helps
rehabilitate historically important properties such as the Haciendas La Esperanza and Buena Vista,
several lighthouses and other vital installations.

In Miami, a gathering of ecologically minded people wanting to help Para La Naturaleza have joined
forces to create Group 33. It is Group 33, spearheaded by Maria Celeste, that is organizing the
February 9th fundraiser.

All donations to Para La Naturaleza are deductible to the full extent allowable by the U.S. I.R.S. Code.
The organization can be contacted via its website at

To contact Carl Kruse :

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