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What does it take to have a successful restaurant?

Jocelin Soto

Peter Foote

Senior Capstone

April 13, 2017

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Jocelin Soto

Peter Foote

Senior Capstone

April 13, 2017

Culinary and Business

You do it with your own two hands, so there's a sense of pride. You really do forget all

our problems, because you're focusing on the food (Ray). This quote, made by world renowned

chef and culinary artist, Rachael Ray, summarizes how the culinary arts profession can motivate

and be a source of pride for those involved in the craft. The culinary arts are an important part of

our society today as they allow cultural and personal expression to come through in what

someone creates. Problem solving plays a major part in all of these structures, and creativity,

time, and effort all take certain type of skills expected of culinary artists. Individuals in the

culinary arts have a variety of roles to fulfil including setting sales goals, planning and business

planning and strategy. Professional chefs future entrepreneurs must learn that the business world

is much different than cooking at home for loved ones. Successful culinary artists hoping to start

a business must be able to properly present their restaurant, know the common do's and dont's of

the business and develop a uniques style and creativity for their business.

There is a direct connection between the culinary arts and business. The culinary arts is

the art of cooking, preparing and presenting. When people think of the culinary field, they

should typically think of what they like to eat. The success of a culinary artist is related to

their willingness to take the time and exhibit creativity, while not forgetting to be sincere and

focus. The business world and the culinary arts meet at restaurants, bistros and places where

food is sold. Culinary Arts and business come together in this role because in a restaurant, both
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professions are needed to achieve ultimate success. In order to grow a business, entrepreneurs

must use effective management techniques and always provide support services and plans.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires a lot of networking.

In order to build your business you have to reach out to other individuals, and comfort

them in a way they feel more satisfied this might be hands on training and guidance with an

employee or recognizing an employee with praise. Being an entrepreneur may seem a little

overwhelming in the beginning, because it takes the required education, effort, huge

responsibility, leadership and timing. Without a plan or putting time into a business venture ,

the business will not be successful .

A successful restaurant business should instill passion and the love for it. Without wanting to

do Culinary, it is also relatable to having consumers eat dull, unpleasant foods, and desserts. In

an interview, Tony Vitale from Palermos Pizza was asked, How do you define success?

Vitale stated that: To me it means completing a goal whether it's small or big, to also believe

in yourself stay focused and be aware of any opportunities that come along the way.

In order to keep customers coming back, chefs and cooks will need to develop unique

styles and a good looking sampling of dishes. This is where the creativity becomes a focus.

Unique foods are another important focus. Being able to prepare one of a kind flavors and food is

a must. Dull restaurants can create an uncomfortable feeling because of a lack of creativity and

the entrepreneurs lacking in their responsibilities. Culinary entrepreneurs have to inspire his/her

customers by providing the best services and providing a good image for a restaurant.What

businesses give and represent is the business is what they will get back. It is about how an

entrepreneur presents themselves and their establishment. Grace Chung, mentioned Provide

good food, an enjoyable atmosphere and a high level of customer service. Treat your customers
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like theyre your business partners, knowing that a happy customer will tell people about your

restaurant and a dissatisfied customer will too. Customers have to feel welcomed, and just being

complacent will not be enough for a business to show true success. Accepting bad habits will

only bring the business to a negative standpoint, and giving customers unhealthy treatment is a

huge way to persuade the customers to not frequent that specific business. There are a multitude

of ways to convince a customer to keep coming, but it takes that one entrepreneur to keep their

consumers motivated to return.

In order to have a solid business, being aware at all time is the key to a successful

business. Knowing what the business is capable of doing from the capacity level all the way up

to the environment standpoint is important. It's all about being aware of what to do and what not

to do. As far as what not to do, health plays a major role in a successful business. Evan

Carmichael from Canada also an entrepreneur, suggested something to avoid would be to not

only be money focused A lot of companies fail when they pick the wrong business, if money is

your only goal youre not going to be successful. For example, if not interested in the service

industry, choosing to open a fast food restaurant only for the money will ultimately lead to

failure. Employers have to be in good conditions to work in the workforce at all times.

Contaminated food, as well as spoiled, rotten, and dull, hard food, will only discourage the

customers and decrease the level of attendance. For the most part, being neat is an absolute

requirement to a successful business, Being aware of accessories as far as cups, spoons, knives,

and how all have to be freshly sanitized is equally important. Fresh foods are vital also, this goes

along with contaminated foods. A requirement should be hairnets worn at all time when cooking

all dishes for consumers. Avoiding any other types of hazardous materials in dishes or customers,

for example, materials that wouldn't be necessary are things like having hair in any food product,
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trash/pieces of paper, and raw food products. This is what is going to keep consumers feeling

comfortable and safe.

Culinary arts and the business world go hand in hand because when selling people food,

it is essential that entrepreneurs consider all business and management aspects as well. When

thinking of the culinary field and business, one should think of successful restaurants and the

desire one had for combining the two successfully. Successful restaurants and businesses must

have a love of the food they sell as well as enough business sense and management skills to be

profitable. "I don't only think like a chef," he explains, pointing at his MacBook's screen. "I try to

create art. The plate is my picture. The food are my colors....My food is not beautiful because it's

modern. It's beautiful because there's passion and there's love." (Steigrad) Culinary takes true

passion, skills on preparation foods, and time. Business takes, effort, time, sales, planning,

communication, customer focus, curiosity and a drive to succeed. Consistency is key, but just

each time something is getting done, it should be ten times better from it was from the start.

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