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Yovonne Villagomez Culinary Arts

Senior Capstone Research paper

Culinary Art

Yovonne Villagomez

Lee high School


Yovonne Villagomez Culinary Arts

Food is something that can bring people together, remind someone of a fond experience

or be a part of family tradition. Learning to cook, and being good at it, can be an important skill

for anyone. As time has gone on there have been many changes in the culinary arts, but there has

also been much that has stayed the same. In order to be an effective cook in the 21st century,

they must be familiar with the required skills, have a good sense for what tastes good, and

know what people like.

There are many skills required in order to be an effective cook and learning to work in the

21st century. In the textbook, The Balance, some of the skills required are the ability to cook,

as well as knowledge of the kitchen (The balance, 2016). These skills are very important to

learn in the culinary art field. A few examples of things that you are going to need to know if you

are working as a culinary professional are basics, like which kind of knife does what. An

example of this is that bread knives work well for cutting bread, but they dont work as well as a

filleting knife for filleting meat. There are more complicated aspects of the kitchen that you need

to learn as well, like what is best for the safety of the person eating because you could make

people sick.

Another skill that is needed for a cook to be successful is their personality. One

personality attribute that people really need to have is the ability to stay cool under pressure.

Kitchens are hot and sometimes really cramped, and you are trying to make the best dish you

can, and you only have so much time to do it. You also have to be good at talking to people in the

kitchen in a way that gets the work done in a timely manner and that means you have to be able

to be assertive. Even though you are in the kitchen a lot sometimes you have to go out and talk to

Yovonne Villagomez Culinary Arts

the people who like your dish and so its important to be good at talking to people and not as

assertive when youre doing that.

It is essential that a cook knows how to use a kitchen appropriately and effectively, but in

order for them to go to the highest level, they must develop their ability to build a relationship

and be charismatic. According to an article in the New York Times, What Makes a Great Cook

Great?, the author explains that the ability to organize and concentrate on many things at once,

was often a critical part of being a successful professional cook. At times there are many things

going on all at once and the cook needs to be able to handle that pressure and stress, all while

creating a good dish. Cooks need to be able to use math calculation, such as reading measuring

cups, weighing ingredients by the gram, converting materials between units, and increasing

ingredients based on ratios. Cooking is a science and chefs need to be precise and very accurate

(The Balance, 2016).

After all of these skills, it is also important the culinary professional knows what tastes

good. This also extends to other parts of the meal preparation, because people want to have food

that not only taste goods, but looks good on the plate. And there is more to it than that, because

people want it to taste good, but also the get the feeling that they are eating in a really safe and

clean environment. These all contribute to how people feel about eating your food. Look at the

art of the culinary because of the art the you put in the plate shows the person are and it can tell

where person come from by show your cook skill that but in culinary is just not all about food

and recipes it about how you prastion to a person about the art of your dish because people are

like to know what does your art mean to you in the culinary art Other things that its important

to culinary art is that cook must have a keen sense of taste and smell to inspect food quality and

Yovonne Villagomez Culinary Arts

to design meals their customer enjoy and in order to develop and prepare interesting and

innovative recipes they should be able to use various ingredients to create appealing meals for

everyone (chef or head cook)

An effective cook in the 21st century must know what appeals to their customers palates

by knowing what they like. In conclusion these are some of the skills that are needed in the

culinary arts field. With time and dedication, anyone can gain these skills and become a decent

chef, but if having the right dedication anyone can become the best chef.

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Yovonne Villagomez Culinary Arts

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Yovonne Villagomez Culinary Arts

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