Dreamtech Press announces NetBeans 6 in Simple Steps Book Release Dreamtech Press today announced its latest book

release titled: “NetBeans 6 in Simple Steps” for the code lovers engrossed in Java source code editing. The plethora of information allows Java developers to take full advantage of the Java Platform using simplified code. Dreamtech Press is an established advocate of “In Simple Series” and with this book release adds more credibility to its publications. Addressing the latest developments in NetBeans software version 6.1, the book proves to be a resource that helps the Java programmers use NetBeans IDE for developing J2EE technology applications. It helps readers understand different enhanced concepts and methodologies involved in developing scalable and distributed applications using NetBeans IDE 6.1. The book describes all the advanced concepts of NetBeans IDE 6, taking a simple yet innovative approach, wherein each concept is explained in a simple step by step procedure that are further supported by numerous easy to understand practical examples. The book highlights new innovations in Open Source Computing with Java Technology by covering the following topics: Introduction to NetBeans IDE 6 Features of NetBeans IDE such as, code completion, editor hints, highlighting code Developing Java applications in NetBeans Developing Web Applications using JSF and Struts frameworks Developing EJB and Web modules in an Enterprise project Developing Web Services in NetBeans Developing NetBeans Plug in modules Using various refactoring tools in NetBeans Performing JUnit Testing in NetBeans Generating Javadoc in NetBeans Implementing Ant Script in NetBeans


About Simple Steps Series: “In Simple Steps” series remains the most preferred choice worldwide for quick and easy learning. The series includes all-inclusive books to teach you everything in an easy, effective and reliable manner in a short span of time. About NetBeans: NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is open source, multiplatform product that is implemented in Java, Its a rich –client architecture that provides various tools used to develop and deploy different service-based applications with one Open Source IDE. NetBeans IDE 6 is the latest version, which includes various new J2EE enhancements and EJB components. About Dreamtech Press: Dreamtech Press is one of India’s leading Technology and Management publishers. Our areas of operations include computer books, business books, management titles, self-help books and career and competition books. Dreamtech Press has been providing quality learning tools to a wide spectrum of readers across India.