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Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera was born on December 8, 1886, in Guanajuato, Mexico. He is a trouble

because in 1921, he started a series of murals in public buildings. His passion for art came quick,

he know what he wanted to do. He started to draw as a young kidd. At 10 years old he went to

study at art at San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts. The school was in Mexico City. One of his

influences was Jos Posada. He knew him because he ran a print shop near Diego school. In

1907 he traveled to another art school in Europe. He became friend with Pablo Picasso. Rivera

was also able to view influential works by Paul Gaugin and Henri Matisse, among others. He

became a Cubist painter and he was very successful in Europe. What was happening in the world

had a effect on the style and subject of his painting. He realized that he wanted his work to be

reflect the working class and native people of Mexico. He developed an interest in making

murals during a trip to Italy. In 1922 he did his first mural. His first mural was at the Escuela

Nacional Preparatoria in Mexico City. He married another artist nsmed Frida Kahlo. They got

married in 1929. He was in other relationship other than her. In the other relationship he had

several children. In the 1930s and 40s he did a several murals in the united states.The 1930s he

went a lot slower on his work. He did not do many murals but, he devoted himself to painting.

During this his relationship was not doing so well. They divorced in 1939, around 10 years of

marriage. They ended up reuniting the following year and they got married again. He did return

to doing murals in the 1940s. His wife died in 1954. The following year he married Emma

Hurtado. Emma was his art dealer. His health started to decline. He had traveled for cancer

treatment but the doctors could not help or cure him. He did died of heart failure on November

24, 1957. He did where he was from, in Mexico City. After his death he is remembered as an

important figure. Where he grow up is now a museum. The picture that I picked to do was called

"Detroit Industry". He did this painting because it showed it is interpreting the heritage of the
United State. He joins 2,540 sites across the United States now recognized by the government.

He started and finished it in eleven months. He worked from April 1932 to March 1933. It is

considered the finest example of Mexican murals art in the United States. Some people thought it

was the best work of his career. He started using wet plaster. The wet plaster gave him a real size

to go off of. Which allowed him to explore and use it. That reached a lot more people so he got

more of audience. In Mexico his mural tied modern culture to its roots. In doing that he revealed

the ancient Indian culture as Mexicos true heritage. His, Detroit Industry murals depict industry

and technology for the culture of Detroit. The meaning for the painting is a little complex but it

basically is challenging ideas about it role in society and raises issues of class and also their

politics. He also thought that this piece was the best piece that he has done. People said that this

piece was the best piece in the country. Some people are mad because they say that the people in

the mural are real people and they showed them as being stupid. Although some of the works

thought they were shown with dignity and well respected in the mural. Altogether they thought

the piece was well done and they think that, that piece was the best piece ever done.