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A PMI Strategy Refresh Begins

Global Volunteers Gather,
Get Ready for Change

Learn and Adapt: 3
Project Leaders Need to
Transform with Technology
PMI China News 11
Events Calendar 14
Show Your Pride in Pro Bono/ 17
Volunteer Projects

Chapter Links 18
he news that PMI has begun PMI is choosing to proactively pursue
2017 Pulse of the a strategy refresh excited our change from its position of strength
Profession global volunteers, gathering for in the global project management
Organizations their annual planning meeting. These Continued on page 7
Are Seeing More changes will put a strong focus on
Success with individuals who select project, program
Implementing or portfolio management as a profession.
Strategic Many attendees praised this effort as an
affirmation of PMIs roots.
See page 12
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Page 2 PMI Today March 2017

Worldwide, organizations will embrace, value and utilize project 2017 PMI
management and attribute their success to it. PMI Envisioned Goal Board of Directors

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PMI Today March 2017 Page 3

from the Board

Learn and Adapt:

Jennifer Tharp, PMP, Kathleen Romero,
Secretary-Treasurer MBA, CSM, PMPO,
and Chair, Audit
and Performance
Oversight Committee
SPC, PMP Project Leaders
PMI Today: What is artificial Disqus uses neural networks to find As tools have become more accessible,
intelligence (AI) and why is it important spam. Think of how much more youd AI has exploded. Cloud computing and
for project managers to know about it? get done if your car drove itself! Many other tools have made neural networks
cities are seeing self-driving cars on the available to everyone. Weve been
Ms. Tharp: What we call artificial
road, driven by artificial intelligence. Continued on page 4
intelligence is when a machine seems
to be learning and problem solving on
its own. So really its just the evolution
of computer capabilities.
But its growing fast! Research firm
Markets and Markets estimates that
the AI market will grow from US$420
million in 2014 to US$5.05 billion by
2020, thanks to the rising adoption
of machine learning and natural
language processing technologies in
the media, advertising, retail, finance
and healthcare industries. So if its
not affecting your world yet, look out,
because its coming your way soon.
OpenDNS uses machine learning to
identify new cybersecurity threats.
Pinterest uses artificial intelligence
to show you more craft projects that
are like the ones youre interested in.

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Page 4 PMI Today March 2017

From the Board Continued from page 3

collecting a lot of data for a long You may have heard about IBMs
timewe now have the advanced The goals of AI are very closely Watson computer. At the Memorial
statistical techniques (deep learning) Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center,
and faster computers to learn from aligned with the goals of good diagnostic tasks normally carried
this data. project management. What out by oncologists are now being
transferred to IBMs Watson computer.
AI automates a lot of things we take do we want? Repeatable, By absorbing 600,000 medical
for granted. How do we know what
consistent, positive results. evidence reports, 1.5 million patient
assumptions to put in our project
records and clinical trials and 2
charter? Intuition and experience. But Jennifer Tharp, PMP million medical journal text pages,
a machine comes to conclusions in a
Watson can compare each patients
much more methodical fashion. We
individual symptoms, genome, and
dont think about the algorithms and
family and medical/medication history
subconscious decision trees that make
to diagnose and develop treatment
an idea obvious to us. So we may be
plans most likely to succeed. IBM
working on a project in an industry
emphasizes that Watson will empower
using artificial intelligence, and soon,
rather than replace health care
artificial intelligence will be making our
professionals, while others believe
work as project managers easier.
that Watson and successors will make
Ms. Romero: I think of AI as many medical occupations obsolete.
computers conducting experiments
It is important for project managers to
using data and algorithms in trial-and- help find information, give directions, know about AI if they want to remain
error analysis, with feedback applied send messages and so on. relevant and employed, and the use of
to the next experiment for better
n Amazon AI for shopping, Netflix AI AI in project management can improve
outcomes. It is like agile for machines.
for movies and Pandoras AI-enabled performance. In CIO magazines April
Today people interact with well-known musical DNA. 2016 article, The Augmented Project
AI-enabled technology. For example: Manager, Treb Gatte describes
n Everything from anti-lock braking,
Apple's personal assistant Siri, which AI-enabled changes in three project
n autopilot systems for planes and
uses machine-learning technology management areas: planning, resource
autonomous vehicles, computer
to get smarter and be better able to allocation and tracking. Bots, machine
search functions, maps, language
predict and understand our natural- learning and AI are capabilities that
translations from handheld devices,
language questions and requests to should be incorporated in the [project
to predicting financial risk and
management] toolbox, he said.
medical diagnostics.

PMI Fact File

Statistics through 31 January 2017

More than 5 Million PMBOK Guide Editions Now in Circulation!


Total Active Holders of: PUBLISHING
477,616 CAPM Certified Associate in Project Management 33,026
in 207 countries
and territories PMP Project Management Professional 759,065
PfMP Portfolio Management Professional 407
PgMP Program Management Professional 1,811 5,487,220
PMI-RMP PMI Risk Management Professional 3,931 Total copies of
all editions* of the
PMI-SP PMI Scheduling Professional 1,621 PMBOK Guide
PMI has 283 chartered and PMI-PBA PMI Professional in Business Analysis 1,214 in circulation
*includes PMI-published
12 potential chapters PMI-ACP PMI Agile Certified Practitioner 14,542 translations

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PMI Today March 2017 Page 5

PMI Today: What sort of attitude learn about, become comfortable an important role. Ill just have a buddy
should project managers take about with and use technology to create helping me out.
AI, machine learning and other physical things.
Ms. Romero: In legal services,
transformational technologies?
PMI Today: Could AI take over intelligent algorithms perform tasks
Ms. Tharp: The goals of AI are very routine tasks of professionals such previously done by paralegals and
closely aligned with the goals of good as project managers? What about lawyers. AI-enhanced e-discovery
project management. What do we non-routine tasks? software can analyze documents using
want? Repeatable, consistent, key words and phrases in a fraction of
Ms. Tharp: Many problems we face
positive results. the time for a fraction of the cost as
as project managers require us to
humans. If AI can assist doctors with
Weve all had the experience where operate with incomplete or uncertain
diagnostics and treatment plans, and
we know what path to take, like information. Artificial intelligence can
expensive lawyers are assisted with
a hunch, but we cannot explain actually make our work as project
cheaper software on e-discovery tasks,
exactly why that is the right path to managers much more effective. I
it is likely that AI will improve or take
take. Thats because our brains can dont know about you, but doing
over some project management tasks
recognize patterns before we really the administrative part of project
such as cost estimates, hiring and
understand them. The sophisticated management is not where I want to
risk management.
pattern matching of an experienced spend my time. Instead of dragging
project manager is what makes him so myself through creating another PMI Today: How can AI be used to
valuable to the team. status update, or wondering what allow project managers to focus on
the likelihood really is that my data higher-value work?
These are exciting times, with lots
center will be attacked by a hurricane,
of opportunities to stretch and grow Ms. Tharp: Its more important than
that task could be outsourced to AI-
our ways of thinking. It makes it more ever that projects are aligned with
powered computers.
critical than ever for project managers organizational strategy. Theres a place
to see the big pictureto understand How nice to have more time to for us here to do things that machines
the strategic objective the project is focus on the interesting part of my are not currently coded to do
trying to address, and to discover new job! I can afford to be more creative Continued on page 6
tools for achieving that. coming up with ideas, I can manage
my stakeholders more effectively, or
Ms. Romero: Continual education
at least I can maybe have time to go
is a must, so I recommend a curious
out to lunch instead of shoveling in a
and motivated attitude with learning
terrible sandwich at my desk.
goals. According to Amazon CEO
Jeff Bezos, Its hard to overstate In the world of artificial intelligence,
how big of an impact AI is going our software becomes smarter over
to have on society over the next time, as it experiences the kind of
20 years. We should learn about issues that teach us to be smarter
transformational technologies over time. When I was first starting
relevant to our professions. Just out, I had a few mentors who helped
learning about something can spark advise me when the going got rough.
new ideas to put things together in Wouldnt it be nice to have a smart
new ways that others havent done mentor again, someone (or something)
before (called mash-ups). Engage with who can recognize the patterns that I
others who know more than you do, cant see yet, and might help me make
read, go to meetings, watch webinars, a better decision?
volunteer at a workshop. For example,
It will be a while before my AI starts
I volunteered at a school to work in
showing the kind of leadership skills
the Beta Box, a visiting grant-funded
I need to get everyone on my team
technology lab environment with 3-D
working together well. So Ill still have
printers and laser cutterswhere kids

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Page 6 PMI Today March 2017

From the Board Continued from page 5

evaluating change requests in the light
of overall strategic objectives, ensuring The use of AI will transform project
that project constraints and outcomes
take into account sustainability management decision making.
objectives, and boosting our risk Efficiency gains in activities such
management practices so that were
operating at a higher level. as project monitoring will allow project

Ms. Romero: The use of AI will managers to focus on areas where AI falls
transform project management short, such as ensuring strategy realization,
decision making. Efficiency gains in
activities such as project monitoring team building and people management.
will allow project managers to focus
on areas where AI falls short, such as Kathleen Romero, MBA, CSM, PMPO, SPC, PMP
ensuring strategy realization, team
building and people management.
A primary source of value creation to improve itself based on what Chablis state that the quality that
in todays world is the processing of happened in the project. Wouldnt that makes for a smart team (as opposed
information through AI. be amazing? to smart individual) is, their ability to
consider and keep track of what other
PMI Today: Can AI programs and The best teams work better than if each
people feel, know and believe. In a
robots ever replace smart teams led of the individuals on the team work
word, empathy. Without the ability to
by skilled project managers? on their own. You know how good it
know what humans feel or believe, it is
feels when your team shows collective
Ms. Tharp: Years ago, I was designing difficult to believe that AI systems or
intelligence that is smarter than any one
a project management methodology robotsno matter how intelligentwill
person on the team. That kind of smart
for a large biotechnology company. ever replace a smart team.
team would be very difficult to code,
There were a couple dozen project
as it doesnt come from any one team PMI Today: Bottom line: Can these
managers who all had different levels
member. Empathy and collaboration technologies eliminate some project
of experience. We needed to get to
those are tough things to encode. Thats management positions altogether, or
the point of developing repeatable,
why some branches of AI say that it will they just replace tasks?
excellent results, and we couldnt
wont be mature as a field until we start
wait until everyone on the team Ms. Romero: Emerging technologies
teaching machines human psychology.
was certified. and AI have the potential to eliminate
Will we get there? I just dont know.
more junior project management
So what to do? I ended up working Machines sure do a lot more than I
positions, replacing some tasks,
with a software engineer to design a imagined when I was a child!
while also presenting opportunities
simple program. A project manager
Ms. Romero: I think AI programs and in other areas.
answered a bunch of yes-or-no
robots will assist and augment smart
questions related to risks in the project. Gartners Top 10 Strategic Technology
teams led by skilled project managers,
Had this project been undertaken Trends for 2017 notes that Rich digital
more so than replacing them. Effective
before? How big was the team? services will be delivered to everything,
teams are greater than the sum of their
Was this super critical, like a failure and intelligence will be embedded in
human components and possess a
could mean loss of life? The answers everything behind the scenes. We call
measurable collective intelligence
to those questions spit out a list of this mesh of people, devices, content
that can be greater than the average
deliverables the project manager and services the intelligent digital
or maximum individual intelligence
needed in order to plan his project a leader seeking to exploit the
of their individuals.
effectively. I had basically coded digital mesh, you must respond to the
a project managers wisdom and In a 16 January 2015 New York Times disruptive technology trends enabling
experience into a simple program! web article Why Some Teams Are this future.
Smarter than Others, Anita Wooley,
Now imagine if my little program My advice: Be like AIlearn and adapt.
Thomas W. Malone and Christopher
got smarter over time, if it was able

PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 6 2/10/17 10:02 AM

PMI Today March 2017 Page 7

Global Volunteers Gather, Get Ready for Change Continued from page 1
community, and that information
energized the volunteers.
PMIs new approach to organizations
and academia was also of keen interest
to the senior-level volunteers. Entities
in these important markets for the
project management profession will
now be treated as partnerships, rather
than as customers in a buying or selling
relationship. The volunteers learned
that this will enable PMI to focus on the
individual project practitioner.

PMI President and CEO Mark A. Langley

Sustainable Success Our primary role is to deliver value to

As PMI Chair Mark Dickson, MBA, FAICD, our stakeholders. If we deliver value we
PMP, told attendees, PMI is an enviable will remain relevant and if we remain
success story for any organization. relevant, we will grow. It isnt about
To continue to be successful, we growing just to grow. We have the
must evolve, and we must make sure opportunity to transform what it means
our success is sustainable. We must to be a professional association that
continually strive to be current and advocates for and represents people who
relevant to the project management select project, program and portfolio
profession, and make changes to create management as a profession.
PMI Chair Mark Dickson, MBA, FAICD, PMP a sustainable organization. Mr. Dickson assured the attendees that
the transformation wont change the fact
About LIVPM that volunteerism is an essential part of
PMI. It is part of our culture, one of our
PMI has a strong corps of global-level volunteers who advise staff and other
values and a competitive advantage.
volunteers on many of its programs and services. Once a year, these senior
It is part of our North Star.
volunteers look forward to the Leadership Institute Volunteer Planning
Meeting (LIVPM), a face-to-face confab in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. This Three Pillars
year, 175 of 184 leaders (30 attending LIVPM for the first time) made the trek and, PMI President and CEO Mark A. Langley
unlike several meetings in the past few years, there was no snowstorm to make told the senior volunteers that PMI has
travel interesting. formed a strategy department to further
At this event, dedicated volunteers involved in almost two dozen advisory groups develop our strategy competency.
and committees that support the PMI Board of Directors assemble to plan their Murat Bicak, senior vice president,
year and work toward their chartered goals, all with the aim to move PMI forward. strategy, is heading this department.
LIVPM also offers its attendees many opportunities to network with the other Operationalizing the Boards strategic
global-level volunteers and share lessons learned. decisions will require mastery of three
Continued on page 8

PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 7 2/10/17 10:02 AM

Page 8 PMI Today March 2017

Global Volunteers Gather, Get Ready for Change Continued from page 7
strategic pillars over the next five years He reiterated an Institute aspiration he
strategic focus, customer centricity shared in past LIVPMsPMIs desire
and organizational agility: to have a role in the World Economic
Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Mr.
n PMI will examine its slate of prod-
Langley said PMI is getting closer to
ucts and programs to see how they
attending. He said attendees at the 2017
fit within the new focus, with an eye
Davos event all received a publication
on the products that best meet the
of European CEO magazine with a cover
needs of the individual practitioner.
story featuring PMI.
n Customer centricity means chang-
ing our offerings based on customer Team Building and Analysis
needs. The backbone of this effort An important priority of the senior-
will be customer segmentation. By level volunteers attending LIVPM
developing clear customer profiles and project managers everywhere
and robust value propositions, we is building a successful team. Attendees
can deliver improved customer expe- all benefited from a keynote session on
riences and scale to meet the needs team building and analysis, presented
of tomorrows customer. by Adrian Furnham, PhD, professor of
psychology, University College, London,
n Organization agility enables a
and the author of 700 scientific papers
quick response to the voice of the
and 50 books.
customer, as well as better change
and risk management, according to Prof. Furnham noted the team issues
Mr. Langley. PMI plans to strengthen that can occur when technical people,
and integrate its sensing capabilities, for example, are promoted beyond
enable product innovation capability, their skill set. He said the biggest team
explore new growth opportunities, issues hes seen are trust, having the
and assess and revise metrics ability to disagree (not being frightened
as needed. of conflict) and Keynote speaker Adrian Furnham, PhD
Our message is
resonating with His talk went He suggested appointing a neutral
the U.S. federal through many observer to comment on team
government. aspects of team members behaviors that might not
In December, behavior and otherwise be noticed. Prof. Furnham
the Program team success, also said that brainstorming works
Management including emotional better as an individual exercise than
Improvement and intelligence, the something done as a group, and is
Accountability conflict between better for problems with a definite
Act (PMIAA) cooperation and answer, not for problems with
was signed into competition, many answers.
law. It calls for individualistic
The bottom line on teamwork,
an emphasis on versus collectivistic
according to Prof. Furnham, is how
best practices in cultures, and
you work with other individuals. The
federal projects personality types
dynamic of a team is important. How
and programs. and teamwork.
This magazine, with a cover story featuring can a team be more functional? By
Mr. Langley also High-performing
PMI, was given to attendees at the World making sure its members are happier
reported that teams have clear
Economic Forum. and more productive.
the new U.S. goals and plans,
government administration includes a enhanced communications, and timely The bulk of the five-day meeting was
director of strategic initiatives, former decision making; manage conflict well; taken up by individual group working
Microsoft executive Christopher Liddell. and are clear on team members roles, sessions, where the almost two dozen
he said.

PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 8 2/10/17 10:02 AM

PMI Today March 2017 Page 9

Board support committees and advisory

groups planned how they will progress
their chartered goals. However, there
were also numerous opportunities to
network with the other global-level
volunteers and share lessons learned.
One such opportunity was an offsite
reception at the Barnes Foundation, the
art institution famed for its extensive
collection of Impressionist and early
modern paintings. Prior to the opening
of the galleries, Barnes Executive Vice
President, CFO and COO Peg Zminda
gave a short talk on the complex project
of moving the entire collection from
its former home in Merion Station,
Pennsylvania to the current site in
Philadelphia. The project was completed
on time, under budget and with no LIVPM attendees enjoyed a dinner and networking event with a beach theme.
damage to the art.

LIVPM always has a component of fun.

PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 9 2/10/17 10:02 AM

Page 10 PMI Today March 2017

Global Volunteers Gather, Get Ready for Change Continued from page 9

Attendee Perspective
Alo Odefa Obasi, CAPM, and Emily Jeffrey Smithson, PMI-ACP, PMP, Anna Maria Felici, PMP, and Bernard
Luijbregts, PMP, are both first-time and Nagesh Ramamurthy, PMP, have Wong, PhD, PMP, are members of
LIVPM attendees and members of been members of the PMI Professional the new International Organization for
the PMI Community Champions Awards Member Advisory Group for Standardization (ISO) Member Advisory
Advisory Group. This team will provide multiple years. Mr. Smithson said he Group (MAG). Both have a passion
recommendations on finds LIVPM always interesting and for standards. Both were chapter
a new program aimed informative, and said its great to see leaders and looking for the next step in
at building productive his PMI friends year after year. Mr. volunteer opportunities.
relationships Ramamurthy said each year he is
Dr. Wong said that he
with exceptional amazed at the number of new changes
has had a long history
members of the introduced at LIVPM.
in the quality assurance
What I really like is not doing my job field. This ISO MAG is
com community, Ms. Obasi
in a vacuum, gathering a great opportunity to
with the end goal of
best practices and apply my passions.
improving community
lessons learned from
offerings and Dr. Felici was a content Dr. Felici
other groups here
removing barriers to contributor for A
at LIVPM, said Mr.
participation. Both Guide to the Project
Smithson. I volunteer
joined this group Management Body of
for many organizations
to give back to the Knowledge (PMBOK
and I dont see them Mr. Smithson
project management Guide), third through
Ms. Luijbregts rising to the level they
community. sixth editions, and
could if they met face
very much enjoys the
I strongly believe in being the change to face, as the groups
collaboration of global Dr. Wong
that you want to see and, when the do at LIVPM.
opportunity came to help PMI with its
Mr. Ramamurthy
Champion program, I jumped at the Dr. Wong praised LIVPM, saying it is
enjoys the opportunity
chance, said Ms. Luijbregts. I am very great to meet the other attendees who
to informally mentor
excited in helping coordinate the strategy are so focused on the global intent of
new people in all Mr. Ramamurthy
for the champion role and being involved PMI. Its not just networking, he said
volunteer groups.
in defining what a champion is, and of LIVPM. I had no idea it would be so
selecting and keeping champions. She Mr. Smithson, like many at LIVPM, big. Its very important work.
thinks the new PMI focus on individuals progressed to global-level volunteering
is good for the champions program and He thinks advisory groups role is to
after being president of his local
makes PMI stronger. do just thatadviseand both he and
chapter. He likes to tell chapter leaders
Dr. Felici say their group is not about
that there are other roles outside of the
Ms. Obasi said she was touched making decisions. They both feel that
local chapter to aspire to, and that they
by the support she sees from other staff members helping their group
should continue to grow as a
volunteers and staff at LIVPM. Her set the agenda for the year are very
PMI volunteer.
favorite moment was meeting Mr. respectful of volunteers limited time.
Langley, especially in light of his signing Regarding changes coming up for PMI,
her Certified Associate in Project Dr. Felici said it is very important
he said that we are in a good place
Management (CAPM) certificate. She that PMI focus on individuals now,
to undergo change now. We shouldnt
is looking forward to seeing the strategy especially because individuals
just sit back. We need to find new
refresh at work. themselves, rather than their
roads forward.
organizations, define peoples careers.

PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 10 2/10/17 10:02 AM

PMI Today March 2017 Page 11

PMI China News c on gre sse s | c on fe re n c e s | se mi n ars | symposi ums | e- Learning

Volunteering in China Continues to Grow

T he year 2016 was a flourishing
one for PMI China, as volunteering
activities were continuous and
two new volunteer teams were set up in
Ningbo and Chengdu City. Hundreds of
aspects of team management: project
team selection, team costs and outputs,
balance of team working and learning,
and balance of the team performance.
Its exciting to see fresh blood in the
development of Chinese volunteering.
We hope to see more people join the
PMI China volunteer team. This team,
expected to get stronger, will promote
people joined to strengthen the power Jojo Xu, PMI China community specialist,
more interactions and services for project
of the PMI China volunteer team. introduced information about PMI,
management in China.
including PMI certifications, the growth
After the two new volunteer teams and development of the PMI China
were formed, they helped conduct Community and the construction of the
two activities, Chengdu volunteer team. At the end of
themed on the salon, volunteers asked questions
a business regarding project management. As the
analysis sharing activity was first held in Chengdu, the
session in volunteers were inspired by the salon
Ningbo and a and looked forward to participating in
volunteering future events centered around project
salon in management in this area.
Chengdu. Zhang Chang, PMP

The business
analysis sharing
session of
Bruce Yu
PMI China
Ningbo volunteers team was supported
by Bruce Yu, supervisor of Union
Pay and Zhang Deyou, PMI China
senior community commissioner.
Mr. Yu gave a keynote talk entitled
Business Analysisthe Edge Tool for
Strategic Docking and Requirement
Ningbo volunteer team
Management. He comprehensively
analyzed the value of business analysis
in project management. The volunteers
considered the session a great
networking opportunity and a chance for
them to learn about PMI and its news.
In Chengdu, Zhang Chang, PMP, senior
project manager, joined the volunteering
salon and carried out discussions
with the attendees about project
management. He gave a keynote speech
about the key project management skill
of team building. Mr. Zhang shared four Chengdu volunteer team

PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 11 2/10/17 10:02 AM

Page 12 PMI Today March 2017

2017 Pulse of the Profession

Organizations Are Seeing More Success

with Implementing Strategic Initiatives
T here is good news from our
annual Pulse of the Profession
research: For the first time in five
years, more projects are meeting original
goals and business intent and being
Project Performance Averages
of champions versus underperformers

Average percentage of projects completed on time 88%


completed within budget.
Average percentage of projects completed within budget 90% 25%
More good news from Pulse: There Average percentage of projects that meet original goals/business intent 92% 33%
has also been a significant decline in
Average percentage of projects experiencing scope creep 28% 68%
money wasted, 20 percent from a
year ago. Poor performance is causing Average percentage of projects deemed failures 6% 24%

organizations to waste an average of Average percentage of budget lost when a project fails 14% 46%
$97 million for every $1 billion
investedless than in any of the nine
lens, we identified two new performance professionals (i.e., the PMI Talent
years PMI has been doing Pulse research.
levels among responding organizations: Triangle), with 32 percent of survey
Figures are U.S. dollar amounts, but respondents considering both technical
n Champions: Organizations with 80
represent a percentage that applies to and leadership skills a high priority
percent or more of projects being
any currency. a 3 percent increase over last year.
completed on time and on budget,
Our findings confirm what we have and meeting original goals and busi- n Benefits: More attention is being paid
learned in the past: When proven ness intentand having high benefits to benefits realization management.
project, program and portfolio realization maturity. One in three organizations
management practices are implemented, (31 percent) reports high benefits
n Underperformers: Organizations
projects are more successful. realization maturity.
with 60 percent or fewer projects
being completed on time and on n PMOs and Strategic EPMOs:
This report, PMIs annual survey of proj-
budget, and meeting original goals Organizations can bridge the chasm
ect management practitioners and lead-
and business intentand having low between high-level strategic vision
ers, aims to advance the conversation
benefits realization maturity. and implementation with a project
around the value of project manage-
management office (PMO). Among
ment. The research represents feedback As expected, champions have higher
organizations in our survey that have a
from 3,234 professionals globally who project success rates (92 percent, versus
PMO, half report having an enterprise-
represent different levels within organi- 33 percent of underperformers) and
wide project management office
zations from diverse industries. enjoy more successful business out-
comes: They waste significantly
What Is Success?
less money due to poor project
The definition of success is evolving. performance. These findings suggest
The traditional measures of scope, that organizations are becoming more
time and cost are no longer sufficient mature with their project management
in todays competitive environment. practices and are investing in several
Realizing expected benefitsthe ability factors that distinguish more successful
of projects to deliver what they set out project performance:
to dois just as important. So, for the
first time, when determining project n Talent: Organizations are stressing
success, we looked at levels of benefits the importance of developing the
realization maturity as well as the technical, leadership, and strategic and
traditional measures. Through this wider business management skills of project HIGH BENEFITS REALIZATION MATURITY

PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 12 2/10/17 10:02 AM

PMI Today March 2017 Page 13

(EPMO). And those that align their Trends Creating

EPMO to strategy report 38 percent Growing Need for
more projects meet original goals and Project Leadership
business intent and 33 percent fewer A number of dramatic
projects are deemed failures shifts are causing
n Executive Sponsorship: What is the organizations to
top driver of whether projects meet pause and reevaluate
their original goals and business in- their relevance and
tent? Our research shows it is actively their ability to meet
engaged executive sponsors. Survey current and future
respondents indicated 62 percent of market demands. The
their organizations projects had ac- shifts are creating
tively engaged sponsors, compared to opportunities for
59 percent in the previous year. project managers
to elevate their
n Agile: Organizations increasingly are
value as a strategic
embracing agile as a technique for
partner in business
managing projects. A full 71 percent
success. These
of organizations report using agile
project leaders are
approaches for their projects, either
helping to drive
sometimes or more frequently.
optimum project
Driving Decisions and Outcomes performance
Every day, executive leaders are driving when faced with the following
decisions and outcomes to make trends and issues:
improvements in their organizations. and opportunities, including an
n Digital advancements, such as robotics increased need for skilled and
Many are making the connection that
projects and programs are the core of n High customer expectations, pushed experienced project leaders.
their strategic initiatives. by instant feedback on social media
As noted, Pulse research aligns with the
n Disruptive organizations, such as increased emphasis to be more agile,
Leaders in our 2017 survey classify
those in the share economy customer-focused and competitive.
more of their organizations projects as
strategic initiatives (50 percent, versus n Changing workforce demographics, Throughout 2017, PMI will explore these
38 percent in 2016). Yet, one in four with mean age of the workforce goals further in relation to issues of agile
(28 percent) of those strategic initiatives going down transformation, including in the PMO,
failed outright. that are driving business change. We
The trends may change the nature of the
will focus on how people, process and
The primary cause of failure was a lack of work, but the competencies demanded
culture are being impacted in the pursuit
clearly defined objectives and milestones by them are critical project management
of greater agility and the demand for
to measure progress (37 percent), capabilities. Organizations and project
greater innovation.
which suggests a lack of discipline when professionals will make the most of the
implementing strategy. disruptionsnot just react to them. The 2017 Pulse of the Profession report
Change, after all, creates new projects includes quotes and case studies
from leaders in a
variety of prominent
Organizations with 80% or more of Organizations with 60% or fewer of Caterpillar Inc., Telstra
projects being completed on time and on budget, projects being completed on time and on budget, Corporation, Michelin,
and meeting original goals and business intentand and meeting original goals and business intentand Teradyne and CH2M.
having high benefits realization maturity having low benefits realization maturity The report is available
(7% of organizations in study). (12% of organizations in study). for download at

PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 13 2/10/17 10:02 AM

Page 14 PMI Today March 2017

Events Calendar

PMIToday Deadlines:
MAY 2017......................................... 15 MARCH
JUNE 2017........................................... 14 APRIL UPCOMING >
Free listings in the PMI Today Events

Calendar are reserved for activities organized


by PMI, its communities and its cooperating

organizations. For information on how to
purchase a paid advertisement in this
PMI EMEA Congress
calendar, email Rome, Italy
Please see PMIs online Events Calendar at 13 May 2017 for more events.
MARCH 2017
2324 March
PMI Global
PMI Mass Bay Chapter Conference
9th Annual Professional Development Chicago, Illinois, USA
Day North 2017 2830 October 2017
Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA. Each year the
PMI Mass Bay Chapter brings together talented
speakers and quality product and service firms
to produce a high-caliber professional develop-
ment conference, and increase awareness of Jolene Watson (Clarity Coaching & Develop- ment, the impact of agile on implementing
the positive impact of project management on ment), speaking on a wide range of project projects, how to blend traditional and agile
profitability, competitive advantage, strategic management topics aligned to the PMI Talent projects and real transformational leadership.
change and employee engagement. pmimass- Triangle. Earn eight PDUs when you join us Networking receptions each day. for this event filled with learning, networking,
great professional development and fun. 19 April
APRIL 2017
PMI Canadas Technology
7 April 78 April Triangle Chapter
PMI North Saskatchewan Chapter PMI Northeast Florida Chapter An Evening with Jim Snyder
2017 Professional Development Day 2017 PMI Northeast Florida Chapter Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Join PMI Founder
ConferenceExpand Your Horizons Jim Snyder, PMI Fellow, with guest Peter
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Ready,
Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Enhancing your Monkhouse, PMP (a former PMI Chair) for a
Set, Grow! The 2017 Professional Develop-
leadership and management skills while keep- discussion of PMIs beginning, current trends
ment Day will feature Alan Mallory (Project
ing up with business trends is essential for all and where project management is heading as
Everest), Lee Genier (Saskatchewan Rush) and
professionals. Whether you are new to your a profession.
profession or have many years of experience,
our PMI Northeast Florida Conference is the 20 April
Interested in having a FREE place to be. Come join us for this signature PMI Southern Ontario Chapter
PMI Today event listing on this event to enrich your skill set, network with An Evening with Jim Snyder
like-minded individuals and expand your ca- Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Join PMI Founder
page? Please go to reer horizons. Jim Snyder, PMI Fellow, with guest Peter 1819 April
Monkhouse, PMP (a former PMI Chair) for a
and click on the link for discussion of PMIs beginning, current trends
PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter and where project management is heading as
submitting events. Mega Event 2017Navigating Projects a profession.
in Turbulent Times
Your listing will be considered 28 April
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Mega Event keynote
both for the speakers will be delivering morning sessions PMI Great Lakes Chapter
online calendar and the offering new insights that apply to the current PMI-GLC 16th Annual Spring Symposium
market place in turbulent times. Afternoon
PMI Today calendar. workshops in themed tracks include change
Novi, Michigan, USA. PMI-GLCs annual
symposium is an educational and networking
management in a dynamic business environ-

PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 14 2/10/17 10:02 AM

PMI Today March 2017 Page 15

c on gre sse s | c on fe re n c e s | se mi n ars | symposi um s | e- Learning

forum designed to facilitate continued

professional development in the latest tools, M
D enver, arch
techniques and advancements made in the SeminarsWorld Events Colora
do, US
field of project management. The annual 36 Ap A
spring symposium is one of the highlight Leading subject matter experts share their experience Montr r il
events the chapter has offered for the last and deep knowledge on a variety of emerging topics. Canad al, Quebec,
15 years. The 2017 theme is Mastering Whether you are looking to build your leadership a
Complexity in Project Management. skills, work on soft skills such as communications and 14 M
ay collaboration or delve deeper into agile, these events P hiladel
Pennsy phia,
provide unique opportunities to learn and connect lvania,
with the project management community. 45 M
57 June Rome,
Learn more about SeminarsWorld courses Italy
PMI Parana Chapter being held in these locations and throughout 2629
12th annual Brazilian Conference of the world. Use PMIs search tool for project Mega S June
Management, Projects and Leadership management training matched to your O rlando inarsWorld
, Florid
Curitiba, Brazil. With the support of other 14 specific needs. Visit 1720 a, USA
PMI chapters in Brazil, the events objective Indiana July
is to provide its participants an excellent Indiana polis,
opportunity to improve their professional , USA
skills, and stimulate networking and
business opportunities for entrepreneurs
and companies. The three-day event will
feature lectures with renowned professionals,
workshops and interactivity among the

17 August
PMI Honolulu, Hawaii Chapter
Professional Development Day 2017
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Save the date! We
welcome our project management community
and anyone interested in leadership and
professional development.

Live Webinars from

As a valued member of the community, you can access webinars that provide insight from the industry's most respected
voices on the most relevant and important topics todayand earn PDUs.

16 March, 3:00 p.m. EDT (UTC 4) 21 March, 1:00 p.m. EDT (UTC 4)
Project HEADWAY: What We Still Get Wrong Emerging TechnologiesThe New Norm
About Team Building for Projects
The idea of team building has been around for more than 50 years. Industry and subject matter experts believe that we are in the early
So has the dominant model of team building. The only problem is stages of an era of technological advancement that will dwarf the
that it doesnt actually work. We will revisit what we knowand internet era. Having a basic understanding of these technologies and
should knowabout building effective teams. Presented by Mark their current status will provide program and project managers with
Mullaly, PhD, PMP. the tools they need to move forward. Presented by Kevin Coleman.

For more information and to register, visit

PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 15 2/10/17 10:02 AM

Page 16 PMI Today March 2017

PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 16 2/10/17 10:02 AM

PMI Today March 2017 Page 17

Award Applications Due 15 May

Show Your Pride in
Pro Bono/Volunteer Projects
I n keeping with the focus of the PMI
Educational Foundation (PMIEF),
Project Management for Social Good,
the PMIEF 2017 Community Advance-
ment Through Project Management
the PMI Professional Awards Gala at
PMI Global Conference.
The Individual Project Manager recipient
also receives an all-expenses-paid trip

How the project was
identified, planned and executed
How available resources
were managed
to the PMI Professional Awards Gala at n How the nonprofit/
Award recognizes pro bono/volunteer
PMI Global Conference, and, his or her nongovernmental agency partner
project management contributions
nonprofit partner receives a US$5,000 demonstrated the incorporation
to nonprofit/nongovernmental
cash award. of the use of project management
organizations. The deadline to submit
applications is 15 May 2017. skills in the organization
The representative of the nonprofit/
nongovernmental organization receiving n Completion of a pro bono/
Project managers and project
pro bono project management guidance volunteer project that has a
management teams completing
from the Corporation/Government high-value, mission-catalyzing,
successful pro bono/volunteer projects
Agency recipient will receive a US$5,000 organizational impact
over the last three years (January
cash award and an all-expenses-paid trip
2014May 2017) are encouraged to For more information visit,
to the PMI Professional Awards Gala at
submit applications in one of three go to Scholarships, Grants and Awards,
PMI Global Conference.
categories: PMI Chapter, Individual and click on Awards. Or, view a video
Project Manager and Corporation/ An independent panel of expert judges highlighting one of last years recipients
Government Agency. will evaluate the projects submitted in at
each of the categories on: collection/caterpillar.
Project managers and their nonprofit/
nongovernmental organization (NGO)
partners are recognized for a significant
volunteer achievement that applies proj-
ect management principles to increasing
a nonprofit/NGOs competencies, and,
through the completion of a project,
improves the capacity of the organization
in the delivery of its important services.
The PMI Chapter Category is
accelerated by Hewlett Packard
Enterprise. One representative of
the PMI chapter recipient receives
an all-expenses-paid trip to the PMI
Professional Awards Gala at PMI
Global Conference. One representative
of the nonprofit/nongovernmental
organization receiving pro bono project
management guidance from the From left, Suketu Nagrecha, PMP, PMIEF 2016 board chair; Tracy McKinney, 2016 Community
chapter receives a US$5,000 cash Advancement Through Project Management AwardIndividual Project Manager Category recipient;
award and an all-expenses-paid trip to Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, PMP, PMI 2016 Board chair.

PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 17 2/10/17 10:02 AM

Page 18 PMI Today March 2017

Chapter Links news | people | projects

PMI Karachi Pakistan Chapter

Dual and Relevant Themes for IPM Day Celebration

By Sana Waqar, PMP, director, publications and Tashbeeh Zehra, volunteer, publications

T he PMI Karachi Pakistan Chapter

celebrated International Project
Management (IPM) Day 2016 with
a full-day event capped by presentation
of its annual project management awards.
that are much needed in todays age of
competitiveness. He expressed that the
event themes have direct relevance in the
current scenario of megaprojects, such
as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
and director, Institute of Business Admin-
istration, and Mohsin Sheikhani, chair,
Association of Builders and Developers of
Pakistan, were the invited chief guests. Dr.
Farrukh Iqbal showed how countries with
The conference had two session themes: (CPEC), which will help Pakistan stand better project management cultures are
Project Management Culture and prominently among emerging economies. the ones with faster economic develop-
Entrepreneur Project Management. ment and growth. He recommended cer-
Leading organizations across the world
tifications and training for project teams,
2016 Chapter President Asghar Ali Syed, are embracing project management as an
and use of project management software
in his welcoming address, told attendees instrument to deliver goals in an effective
and formal project management units to
that the chapter has been operating very and timely manner. Fortunately, Pakistan
run projects.
consistently for the last 10 years. Based on is not lagging behind in any way, Prof.
its high performance, it was named one of Iqbal said. He added that entrepreneurs Mr. Sheikhani said that the current most
three finalists in its size category for the all over the world are considered national important need is to prepare the people
PMI Chapter of the Year Award in 2016. assets, and Pakistan has much to celebrate for upcoming challenges and provide
with young entrepreneurs making it to the them training for successful survival in the
Prof. Ahsan Iqbal, minister of planning,
forefront of the global stage market. Management skills have become
development and reforms, through his
important for businesses to achieve goals
special message, appreciated the chapters Prof. Iqbal noted that CPEC is the first
effectively, he said.
approach for organizing events on themes project of its type, involving more than
15 ministries and autono- Panel discussions were held on Chang-
mous bodies in its imple- ing the World as Project Manager and
mentation. The project Entrepreneur Project Manager. In the
offers new dimensions former, panelists noted that project teams
and brings forth enormous comprise different people with different
learning opportunities mind-sets. For project success, a leader
for project management should be able to minimize these differ-
practitioners, he said. ences by managing and instructing in such
a way that results become achievable.
The event was honored by
the presence of renowned In the latter discussion, industry leaders
industry professionals, expressed that entrepreneurship is not
speakers and experts. just limited to start-up firms anymore. For
The Project Award of Corporate Excellence, given to the survival, it is important that owners should
Farrukh Iqbal, PhD, dean
organization with the most chapter and PMI members for the year,
be able to organize, manage and make
was earned by Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. for the third time.


PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 18 2/10/17 10:02 AM

PMI Today March 2017 Page 19

Chapter Links news | people | projects

optimum use of resources. They con- the chapter and its collaboration partners The IPM Day celebration coincided
cluded that to avoid the chance of failure, develop programs for both entrepreneurs with the 10-year anniversary of the PMI
entrepreneurs need project managers to and project management professionals. Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct.
go to the next level. Project managers Chapter Executive Vice President Fahad To mark this event, Zahara Khan, PMP,
streamline systems for entrepreneurs to Ahmed, PMP (now chapter president) a member of the PMI Ethics Member
progress well in their domain, they said. presented the vote of thanks. He Advisory Group and past president of the
This friendship of project management especially recognized and appreciated chapter, conducted the Who Wants to
and entrepreneurship will have positive volunteers contributions, noting that Be a Smiley-onaire game. Through this
impacts in the long run. they are the lifeblood of the chapter and fun game, event participants got to test
of project management community. their knowledge of the Code while earn-
Experts and audience took a keen interest
ing smileys. The game also highlighted
in the discussion and recommended that
the recently launched PMI Ethics Toolkit.

PMI Long Island, NY Chapter

Podcast Brings Value to Member Experience

By Brian K. Wagner, MBA, PMP, vice president, marketing

P MI Long Island has added to the

member experience by sponsoring
a podcast called Scope of Success.
Each episode delivers business life
lessons and educates the audience
business techniques, as well as strategies
on finding employment and keeping
employment, all in a fun, humorous way.
The guests who appear on Scope of
Success range from students, beginning
one interview at a time. The podcasts professionals, CEOs and even politicians.
are hosted by chapter Vice President, Some guests are directly related to
Marketing Brian Wagner, MBA, PMP, the chapter and give opinions on Since podcasting started becoming
and chapter Director of Marketing James the importance of membership and popular around 2001, this audio blog
Kittle, PMP. The aim of each episode certifications. format has become a major force in
is to bring out guests perspectives on how businesses, entrepreneurs and even
One of the best PMI Long Island, NY
individuals reach out to others and share
Chapter membership perks is having a
information and ideas. Listening to these
speaker from a monthly chapter meeting
podcasts gives you a candid insight into
on the show after their presentation.
the interviewed person and provides
This gives meeting attendees a more in-
a more in-depth view into the subject
depth and entertaining discussion on the
matter of your interest.
subject matter they had just heard.
Remember, if you do listen to a podcast
Scope of Success is not limited to any
and enjoyed it, please provide and share
professional field or demographic, but
the feedbackthis is how the listener can
since the hosts are Project Management
participate in the collaboration process.
Professional (PMP)-certified, they do
From left, Brian K. Wagner, MBA, PMP, and James speak with authority and discuss their Find Scope of Success at
Kittle, PMP, hosts of the podcast Scope of Success. own experiences. index.php/audio-podcast.


PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 19 2/10/17 10:02 AM

Page 20 PMI Today March 2017

Chapter Links news | people | projects

PMI Tampa Bay, Florida Chapter

Booth at Jobs Fair Boosts PMI Veterans

Hiring Initiative
P romoting the awareness and
value of the Project Management
Professional (PMP) and Certified
Associate in Project Management
(CAPM) certifications, the PMI Tampa
a military liaison and
support program
for their community
outreach. PMI believes
that service members
Bay, Florida Chapter had a booth at and veterans have
a recent jobs fair for veterans. This already performed
event, sponsored by RecruitMilitary and project and program
Disabled American Veterans, included management, just
over 70 exhibitors and educators utilizing military
offering job opportunities and career methods and
insights. More than 500 participated. An terminology. Through
article by Jay Hicks, PMP, the chapters the PMI Program for Jay Hicks, PMP (right) presents the PMI challenge coin to chapter
member and veteran Glenda Kenneth, CAPM.
military liaison, in the January issue of Preparing U.S. Military
RecruitMilitary greatly enhanced interest for Project Management veterans, 12 participants at the job fair
in learning about PMI and the value Careers, chapters can assist military committed to joining the PMI Tampa
associated with getting the PMP. personnel and veterans to get certified Bay, Florida Chapter new member
I am so impressed with how much and obtain rewarding civilian jobs, while orientation night. Chapter leaders
project experience service men and enabling the civilian workforce with believe this is the next logical step in
women have. It is such a natural fit for high-quality project professionals. service members becoming familiar with
them to pursue the PMP, which helps The interest in the PMP and CAPM and pursuing PMI certification.
them go for great jobs in the commercial [certifications] was overwhelming For more information on the PMI
market, said Sandy Cobb, PMP, PgMP, it was non-stop activity said Mr. Hicks. Veterans Program, check out Take
PfMP, who has advocated and supported It was wonderful to see some chapter Your Military Experience and Transition
PMIs military liaison effort since its members come by and thank us for to a Career in Project Management,
inception in 2014. being at the job fair. We even presented available at
Along with the PMI Tampa Bay, Florida two challenge coins to two of our
Chapter, almost 70 other U.S. chapters veteran Tampa Bay members, one for
have joined PMIs initiative of adopting achieving the PMP certification (Robert
Handzus) and the other
for achieving the CAPM
certification (Glenda
Kenneth). The chapter
created the PMI
challenge coin in honor
of military challenge
coins given for
excellence and carried
to prove membership
and trust.
In the spirit of
increasing outreach to
Mr. Hicks presents a challenge coin to chapter member and veteran military personnel and
Robert Handzus, PMP. The PMI booth.

PMI-598 PMITodayMarch2017(P).indd 20 2/10/17 10:02 AM