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Grassroots Democracy Commitment for Maryland Governor

We the undersigned elected Democrats in Maryland, commit not to make an endorsement in
the 2018 race for Governor until the candidate filing deadline has passed and there have been
one or more debates between the filed candidates.

We are in a period of dramatic grassroots expansion of our party, and we believe it would be
wise to provide all rank and file Maryland Democrats -- including those who are engaging for
the first time -- the opportunity to help shape the future of the party. At this early stage in the
nomination battle, endorsements may create a primary among insiders that reduces voter input
and unnecessarily keeps potential candidates out of the race.

Moreover, delaying endorsements will push those who seek to lead Maryland Democrats to
articulate a broad and compelling vision and agenda for our party, debate the issues in detail,
and compete effectively for support throughout the state.

In short, we think an open and competitive gubernatorial primary will help us win in
November and will encourage candidates to develop strategies that harness grassroots energy
to strengthen the Maryland Democratic Party.

Let's use our resources now to strengthen the organizing base and structure of our Party so we
can make the best possible choice for a standard-bearer in next year's critical primary election.


Mayor Jacob Day (Salisbury)
County Councilmember Dannielle Glaros (Prince George's)
City Councilmember Ryan Dorsey (Baltimore)
City Councilmember Isaac "Yitzy" Schleifer (Baltimore)
City Councilmember Robert Wu (Gaithersburg)
County Democratic Central Committee Chair Dave Kunes (Montgomery)
Delegate Erek Barron (Prince George's)
Delegate Luke Clippinger (Baltimore)
Delegate Kathleen Dumais (Montgomery)
Delegate Sheila Hixson (Montgomery)
Delegate Ariana Kelly (Montgomery)
Delegate Brooke Lierman (Baltimore)
Delegate Jazz Lewis (Prince George's)
Delegate Robbyn Lewis (Baltimore)
Delegate David Moon (Montgomery)
Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins (Montgomery)
State Senator Will Smith (Montgomery)
Representative Jamie Raskin (Montgomery)