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Haley Sousa

Syeda Menebhi

Gender Studies

May 16, 2017

1. Why are women feminine and men masculine? How does the media shape how

we view gender? Please use evidence from the first unit to answer these questions.

Women are feminine and men are masculine because society shaped them this

way. The media is constantly showing women being portrayed as sex objects and

blatantly dehumanizing them. The media is also showing men as dominant, strong and

tough. As shown domestic violence projects that we did in Unit 1, these stereotypes

have an effect on people because men believe that they are stronger than women and

that they have all the power.

2. Expand on two ways that the LGBTQIA community has been historically oppressed

and/or oppressed today (HINT: use the list of materials above).

One way that the LGBTQIA community has been historically oppressed is

violence in their sanctuaries. For example, the Pulse Nightclub mass shooting that

occurred last year. One of the alleged theories behind this horrific crime was an attack

against the gay community. Another way that the LGBTGIA community has been

oppressed is the negligence of allowing trans teens to use their appropriate bathrooms.

There are laws that have been put in place to actually ensure that trans teens are made

to feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

3. Discuss why it is important for movements to be intersectional by using specific


Its important for movements to be intersectional because there are many issues

in society that need to be talked about, not just one specific issue. It also could leave

people fighting for a different cause out and add to the oppression against them. For

example, the womens march shouldnt have just been about women, it should have

encompassed more issues. Issues such as black lives matter.

4. What is your ONE major takeaway from gender studies class? Why do you think that

this idea/message stuck with you the most? How will you use this in the future?

One major takeaway from gender studies is the idea of intersectionality. I think

this stuck with me the most because I never really thought about two important issues

intersecting. This is something that we see everyday and its important to recognize and