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Haley Sousa

Tasche Bryant

Senior Sem

May 16, 2017

At the end of my senior year, I decided to take over Leslie Medinas project

regarding sexual assault on college campuses. I did not know that I would discover a

hidden passion within this topic. I took Writing 104 first semester and our first

assignment was to write an investigative report on an issue. Tasche gave me

permission to use my senior topic. Therefore, by the end of those few months, I had a

majority of my senior paper written. That alleviated a ton of stress for me. While

everyone was freaking out, I was worrying about other things aside from my paper.

One of the challenges that I faced during senior sem was figuring out a way to

portray my message and get my point across. At first, I wanted to bring in a guest

speaker who was a victim of sexual violence but I soon realized that wasnt feasible. I

then met with my coach and we discussed different ways to reach my goal. We came

up with the solution to host the Genderfull Life documentary showing and to do a

presentation about bystander intervention. I then found speakers and delivered a

presentation. I was incredibly proud afterwards because by reading the survey results I

knew I got my message across.

I learned a lot about myself through senior sem. I learned that I like to get work

done way beforehand that way I dont have major stress issues. I also learned how to

handle stress better. Throughout this year, my grandfather has been in and out of the
ICU. I had to balance work, school and now this family issue at home and I got

overwhelmed. With the help of some great teachers, I learned how to combat the

anxiety and I learned different techniques to calm down. Senior sem taught me how to

manage my time as well. Giving assignments at the beginning of the week and making

them due at the end of the week, guided me to become better at managing my time. I

feel like now I am ready for college and the course load that comes with it.