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Sara Calabrese

(908) 370-5159 2000 Pennington Road Ewing, NJ

The College of New Jersey May 2018
Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and English
Cumulative GPA: 3.57
Deans List 5/7 semesters

Teasing, Intimidation, Harassment and Bullying Studies March 2017
CPR / First Aid April 2015

Kappa Delta PiEducation Honor Society November 2015

Teaching Experience:
Junior Student Teaching January 2017 - May 2017
Hopewell Elementary
During my Advanced Core Block, or junior student teaching experience, I was placed
into a 4th grade classroom for 1.5 days a week until the final two weeks of full time at the end of
the semester. I taught formal hour-long lessons with differentiated instruction once a week in
math, reading, writing, and anti-bullying, leading up to my two-week long writing unit on
Producing Written Responses to Nonfiction Texts. Aside from teaching one lesson a week, I
also ran morning meetings, administered running records, had writing conferences with all 26
students, ran math, science, and spelling centers, conducted interactive read alouds, and assisted
and circulated in the classroom each day that I was there.

Preschool Practicum Experience September 2016 - December 2016

Cranbury Presbyterian Nursery School
In my preschool practicum experience, I was placed in a pre-K class with 3 and 4 year
olds. I was able to teach a math, science, and reading lesson with differentiated instruction for the
wide range of needs in this particular classroom. Given the young age, I was able to learn a great
deal about child development through playing with the children, including their social,
emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

Science and Math Practicum Experience February 2016 - May 2016

Brunswick Acres Elementary School
For the second semester of my sophomore year, I was placed in a 5th grade classroom,
where I was instructed to observe and occasionally teach math and science lessons, including a
lesson on 3 dimensional shapes and a discrepant event science lesson on molecules. I assisted
my cooperating teacher when needed and worked one on one with the students throughout the
course of the days.

Reading and Literacy Practicum Experience September 2015 - December 2015

Towne Center Elementary School
My first practicum experience at The College of New Jersey was when I was placed in a
1st grade classroom. The objective of this semester was to select a focal student, and to
observe him for the duration of the semester. I was given the task of tracking and note-taking his
academic, physical, social, and emotional development and later created a case study based on
his developmental stage. I administered small assessments such as the running record and did
guided reading with him to determine his reading abilities.

Work Experience:
Preschool Teachers Assistant May 2016 - Present
I work as a teachers assistant at Kids Count Child Care at P.G. Chambers School for the
duration of my college breaks. I spend my summer, winter, and spring breaks working in all 3 of
the classrooms at the preschool, which include the infant, toddler, and preschool / pre-K
classrooms. My job requires constant work and play with the children, as well as assisting the
head teachers in setting up classroom lessons and activities, feeding, changing diapers, and
putting the children down for nap time.

Special Education Teachers Assistant May 2015 - Present

I work as a teachers assistant at PG Chambers School for the duration of my school
vacations. It is a private school for children with a multiple disabilities. I have been placed in one
Early Childhood classroom and one Middle School classroom, and was able to observe the
immense difference in instruction due to the age differences. My job entails assisting the teacher,
working one on one with the children, and attending to their educational and physical needs.
Given the fact that these children have multiple disabilities, and each childs needs vary greatly, I
was able to work with differentiation practices to meet the needs of every child.

Campus Involvement:
Colleges Against Cancer January 2015 - Present
Theta Phi Alpha Sorority November 2015 - Present
Fundraising Chair
Skills / Professional Development:
Multiple semesters of practice in lesson planning
Ability to differentiate in planning and in practice
Proficient in Microsoft applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Google
Docs / Google Slides
Participated in workshop Project Learning Tree
Participated in workshop on technology and Osmobots at Hopewell Elementary