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Ps Mathematics Class Unit 5

Objective: You will be able to COMPARE properties of quadratic functions represented differently (algebraically,
graphically, tables, and descriptions).

Lesson 1.6: Finding the Root and the Vertex

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1. Take out pencil and Math notebook
2. Begin Do Now
3. When finished copy Title and CLO
Do Now
Relax. Close your eyes. Breathe Wait for further
(8 minutes)
1. Read this section carefully
2. Write important words and information
In the investigation you found three important points on the graph. The two points on the x-axis are the x-intercepts. The
x-values of those points are the solutions to the equation y= f(x) when the function value is equal to zero. These
solutions are the rootsof the equation f(x) = 0.
In the investigation the roots are the widths that make the garden area equal to zero. The roots help you to find a third
important pointthe vertex of the parabola.
You will learn to symbolically solve quadratic equations written in the form y= a(x h) + k. In the next example you will
learn to approximate roots of the quadratic equation, 0=a x2 +bx +c .

The line through the vertex that cuts a parabola into two mirror images is called the line of symmetry. If you know the
roots, you can find the vertex and the line of symmetry.

Example B
Find the equation of the line of symmetry, and find the coordinates (h, k) of the vertex of the parabola y=x 2 +3 x 5 .
Then write the equation in the form y=a(x h)2+k .

This parabola crosses the x-axis twice and has a vertical line of symmetry. The x-coordinate
ofthe vertex lies on the line of symmetry, halfway between the roots. From Example A, you
know the two roots are approximately 1.193 and 4.193. Averaging the two roots gives 1.5.
The graph shows that the line of symmetry passes through this x-value. The equation of the
line of symmetry is x= 1.5.
1. Work Independently to solve the following problems
2. Anything that we dont finish in class, you will have to work on your

1. This parabola has x-intercepts 3 and 2. What is the equation of the line of symmetry? What is the x-coordinate of the

2.The equation of the parabola in Exercise 1 is y=0.4 x 2 0.4 x 2.4 .Use the x-coordinate you found in Exercise 1 to find
the y-coordinate of the vertex.

3.Find the roots of each equation to the nearest thousandth by looking at a graph, zooming in on a table, or both.

4.Solve each equation symbolically and check your answer.

**** CHALLENGE ****
5. Taylor hits a baseball, and its height in the air at time x is given by the equation y= 16 x2 +58 x+ 3 , where x is in
seconds and y is in feet. Use the graph and tables to help you answer these questions.

a. When does the ball hit the ground?

b. Use your calculator table to find the answer to 5a to three decimal places.

c. According to the table above, during what time interval is the ball at its highest points? At what time (to the nearest
hundredth of a second) is the ball at its highest point, and how high is it?