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Lakbay-Buhay pilgrims are joined by some parishioners in praying before leaving Naga City to continue their caravan march to Manila in order to painstakingly raise the ante of popular awareness that death
penalty neither deters crime nor provides restorative justice to offenders and society as a whole, May 14, 2017. 51ST WORLD

Cardinal Tagle calls for Gina Lopez’s
rejection a
alternative to death ‘great loss’,
bishops say
penalty in crime fight CATHOLIC Bishops said that
Gina Lopez’s rejection as
environment chief is a ‘great
loss’ to the nation.
Bishop Antonieto Cabajog of
Surigao believes that Lopez is
By Roy Lagarde Backing the pilgrims of collective study, prayer, Backed by the CBCP people throughout the route the right person for the job if
the 21-day cross-country discernment and action, National Secretariat for of their journey. only to protect the environment
caravan against death we hope to be a people that Social Action (Nassa), the and take care of the country’s
CARDINAL Luis penalty, the cardinal said promote a culture of life,” marchers are composed ‘More socially engaged’ remaining resources.
Antonio Tagle that capital punishment he said. of 14 core pilgrims from Nassa executive secretary “She is a great loss! The law
of Manila said must be replaced with better A multi-sectoral group various sectors including Fr. Edwin Gariguez said the should serve the common good.
that the whole alternatives. of cross country pilgrims women, farmers, fishermen, march also aims to affirm It’s the spirit of the law we should
“The march gives us an reached Cavite province laborers and the youth. their “unqualified stand for pursue not the law itself for its
question about opportunity to find ways of on May 18, or 15 days after Passing through the island the right to life”. own sake,” Cabajog told Radio
the death penalty fighting crimes, for all crimes embarking on “Lakbay- of Cebu, and the provinces “This caravan is our way Veritas on Thursday.
is something that violate life, but without Buhay”, a march-caravan in Eastern Visayas, Bicol to let our lawmakers know Retired Archbishop Ramon
should be ruled out resorting to measures that all the way from Cagayan and Southern Luzon, the that the church is not only Arguelles of Lipa said the
in the fight against also violate life, like capital de Oro City in Mindanao to pilgrims were joined by the ones against death Commission on Appointments’
punishment,” Tagle said. drum up public awareness civil society groups, human penalty but also Filipinos decision to reject Lopez as
“With personal and against death penalty. rights advocates and church Executions / A7 Loss / A6

CBCP exec laments lack of priority German bishops join call for end to drug killings
ANOTHER non-Filipino The prelate stressed they
given to prison reform collegial body of Catholic
bishops added its voice to
are one with the Catholic
Bishops’ Conference of
a growing chorus of world the Philippines (CBCP) in
leaders protesting the spate calling for the “observance
of extrajudicial killings in the of human rights in the fight
Philippines. against drugs and an end to
Archbishop Ludwig Schick, extrajudicial killings”.
head of the German bishops’ The German bishops
Commission on International are also “exce ptionally
Church Affairs, said they concerned” about the
support the Philippine Duterte administration’s
Archbishop Ludwig Schick, President
of the German bishops’ Commission
Catholic hierarchy in its efforts to reimpose the
for International Church Affairs. PHOTO appeal to uphold values of capital punishment in the
COURTESY OF THE ARCHDIOCESE OF BAMBERG human rights in the country. Killings / A7

Pinoys in Fatima pray for end to summary executions
FATIMA, Portugal– Days
after the celebration of the
centennial of the Marian
apparitions in this town to
three shepherd children in
1917, Filipino pilgrims share
that peace in the Philippines
and guidance for President
Rodrigo Duterte are top on
their prayer list.
Detainees at Manila City Jail. FILE PHOTO For Alma, a Filipino based
in San Francisco City in
THE country’s already- Mr. Rodolfo Diamante, “I do not believe that the U.S., the drug-related
strained penal system could executive secretary of the problem is funding. killings in the country is a
get even worse should the the CBCP Commission There are funds. They just cause for alarm.
government continue putting on Prison Pastoral Care, have the wrong priorities,” “Other places are quiet but
little attention in addressing lamented the lack of Diamante said at media it’s still chaotic because many
People raise candles as Pope Francis leads the blessing of candles at the Shrine of Our
the problem, an official of priority and the weak forum Roundtable at Lido in are getting killed. Everyday, Lady of Fatima in Portugal, May 12. The pope was making a two-day visit to Fatima
the Catholic Church’s prison implementation of the law Quezon City May 10. there are killings…The drug to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Marian apparitions and to canonize
ministry said. to improve penal facilities. Prison / A6 Fatima / A6 two of the young seers. PAUL HARING/CNS
A2 WORLD NEWS May 15-28, Vol 21, No. 10 CBCP Monitor

Francisco and Jacinta

Vatican Briefing
officially declared saints Pope urges new priests to serve with joy, never
Pope Francis on May 7 ordained 10 men to the
priesthood, telling them to im-itate Jesus in every aspect
FATIMA, Portugal— Pope Francis on of their ministry, so as to avoid hypocrisy and draw near
Saturday officially declared Francisco to their people, always serving with the joy that comes
and Jacinta Marto saints of the Catholic from being unit-ed to Christ.“Aware of having been
Church in front of hundreds of thou- chosen from among men and formed in their favor to
sands of pilgrims at Fatima, Portugal— attend to the things of God, exercise in joy and sincere
teaching us that even young children can charity the priestly work of Christ,” the Pope said. He
become saints. told the priests to “be joyful, never sad. Joyful, with
“For the honor of the Blessed Trinity, the joy of the service of Christ, even in the midst of
the exaltation of the Catholic faith and suf-fering, incomprehension, of your own sin.” (Elise
the increase of the Christian life, by the Harris/CNA)
authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, and
of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, Kidnapped Indian priest pleads for help in
and our own, after due deliberation and new video
frequent prayer for divine assistance, Fourteen months after his kidnapping in March 2016,
and having sought the counsel of many Salesian priest Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil has appeared in
of our brother Bishops, we declare Official portrait of Francisco and Jacinta Marto, designed by Silvia Patricio. Courtesy of the Fatima Shrine. another video asking for help in obtaining his re-lease,
and define Blessed Francisco Marto criticizing the response of a local bishop and the Indian
and Jacinta Marto to be saints,” Pope daily crosses and even refrained from through Europe. In October 1918, Mary govern-ment.Opening with a word of thanks, Fr. Tom
Francis exclaimed May 13 as the crowd drinking water on hot days. again appeared to the sick siblings and apparently references either a message he’s received, or
roared with applause. With anti-Catholic sentiment very prom-ised to take them to heaven soon. the general concern surrounding his case.“I re-ceived
“We enroll them among the Saints, prevalent in the country, the mayor On April 3, 1919, Francisco declined the message of concern that you sent to me, my dear
decreeing that they are to be venerated in the district of Fatima had grown hospi-tal treatment for influenza and family people. I’m thankful to you. Thank you very
as such by the whole Church. In the suspicious of the growingly popular died the next day. much,” he said in the video, published on YouTube
name of the Father, and of the Son, and apparitions, and had unsuccessfully Jacinta was given hospital treatment May 8.The video, which has not yet been authenticated,
of the Holy Spirit.” tried to get the children to renounce in hopes of prolonging her life, but she shows a cardboard sign with the date April 15, 2017,
Pope Francis presided over their their story. knew that she would soon join Francisco sitting on the lap of a thin-looking Fr. Tom, who appears
canonization Mass during his two-day Wanting to stop the children from in heaven. On February 19, 1920, Jacinta with overgrown hair and a beard. (Hannah Brockhaus/
pil-grimage to Fatima, Portugal May seeing the fourth apparition, Arturo asked the hospital chaplain who heard her CNA)
12-13 to take part in celebrations for the Santos, an apostate Catholic and high confession to bring her Ho-ly Communion
100th anniversary of the appearance of Mason who was the local mayor, devised and administer the last rites, because she Christians in Africa – Pope Francis’ May prayer
Our Lady of Fatima. a ruse to kidnap the children before the was going to die “the next night.” But the intention
The brother and sister, Francisco and scheduled day of her appearance. priest said that her condition was not that In the prayer video for May, Pope Francis challenged
Jacinta, who tended to their families’ Despite bribes, threats of death by serious and that he would return the next the Catholic community to pray that the continent’s
sheep with their cousin Lucia Santo burning oil, and threatening to lock day. The next day Jacinta was found dead Christians will witness to reconciliation, justice, and
in the fields of Fatima, witnessed the them in a cell with criminals, the – she had died in her sleep. peace. Beyond the natural beauty of Africa, the Pope
ap-paritions of Mary, now commonly children never recanted their story. Pope John Paul II beatified Francisco said, “we see its joie de vivre, and above all, we see
known as Our Lady of Fatima. Convicted by Mary’s requests and the and Jacinta May 13, 2000, on the 83rd grounds for hope in Africa’s rich intellect, cul-tural,
In her message to the children, vision of hell, both children lived lives of anniversary of the first apparition of and religious heritage.”Pope Francis then asked for
Mary brought with her requests for prayer and penance after the apparitions, Our Lady at Fatima. Both under 12 prayers to assist the Christian communities’ witness to
conver-sion, prayer (particularly the offering themselves for sinners as Mary years old, they were the youngest non- Christ, and promote peace among the countries struck
recitation of the rosary), sacrifices on had asked. Francisco was known for his martyrs to be beatified in the history by bloodshed and famine.“Let us join with our brothers
behalf of sinners, and a three-part secret devotion to the Eucharist and his strict of the Church. and sisters of this great continent, and pray together that
regarding the fate of the world. physical mortifications, while Jacinta Sister Lucia, the third visionary, lived Christians in Africa, in imitation of the merciful Jesus,
The children followed Mary’s was especially known for having a heart much longer, dying in 2005 at the age of may give prophetic witness to reconciliation, justice,
requests, praying often, giving their for the poor and the suffering. 97. The Church is currently examining and peace,” said Pope Francis, appearing near the end
lunch to beggars and going without Both children fell victim to the documents and collecting testimonies of the video. (CNA)
food themselves. They offered up their influenza epidemic of 1918 that swept for her beatification cause. (CNA)
Vatican, Myanmar officially establish diplomatic
Pope says he hopes to find common ground with Trump ties
In a meeting May 4 between Pope Francis and
Myanmar’s Foreign Minister Aung San Suu Kyi, the
VATICAN CITY— In a press of lateness, because they
two cemented their diplomatic relationship, agreeing
conference on Saturday, Pope accumulate there, you have
to send ambassadors to each other’s countries. The
Francis voiced hope that he to make legislation for this...
move to officially establish diplomatic ties comes just
will find “open doors” in his what should the diocesan
two months Myanmar’s parliament voted in March to
meeting with U.S. President bishops do?”
make their country the 183rd nation to enjoy diplomatic
Donald Trump later this The fact that nearly all
relations with the Holy See.The proposal from the
month, saying he never dioceses have a protocol to
Vatican was postponed in February by the nuncio to
judges another person’s follow for abuse allega-tions
Thailand, Archbishop Paul Tsang-in Nam, who also
views until he hears them is “a great improvement,”
acts as a dele-gate to Myanmar. He then held a meeting
for himself. he said. Still, the process is
with Cardinal Bo and Aung San Suu Kyi, resulting in the
Pope Francis and President lengthy and can get delayed
March announcement. (Elise Harris/CNA)
Trump will meet at the President Donald Trump ADDIE MENA/CNA Pope Francis DANIEL IBANEZ/CNA. or even sent back if proper
Vatican on May 24. The two protocol has not been followed.
Pope Francis: Closed hearts cause suffering in
have been at odds on some he expects from a meeting with resignation of clerical abuse The addition of more
the Church
issues in recent months. a head of state who hold public survivor Marie Collins, who capable people to process
Moralists without empathy are unable to see how God
During the in-flight press opinions very different from in March stepped down accusations is an important
transforms “hearts of stone” into real hearts of flesh—
conference returning from his own, the Pope responded, from her post on the Pon- step in fixing these delays, the
and it’s a problem that harms the Christian community,
Fatima to Rome on May 13, a “Always there are doors that tifical Commission for the Pope said.
Pope Francis said.“This causes suffering in the Church.
reporter asked Pope Francis are not closed. Look for the Protection of Minors, citing He also pointed to his
The closed hearts, the hearts of stone, the hearts which
his opinion about President doors that are at least a little frustrations with “a lack of creation of a new tribunal,
do not want to be open, do not want to hear, the hearts
Trump’s poli-cies on issues bit open, enter and talk about cooperation” by the Curia as led by Archbishop Charles
which only know the language of condemnation,” the
such as immigration and common things and go on. leading factor. Jude Scicluna of Malta, who
Pope said during his homily at Casa Santa Maria on
climate change. Step by step.” A laywoman from Ireland, has a strong record of fighting
May 2.He reflected on the hardness of heart which lead
The Pope responded, “I “Respect the other, say what Collins had been one of two clerical sex abuse.
to the death of Saint Stephen, as depicted in the day’s
never make a judgment of a you think, but with respect, clerical abuse survi-vors In the interview, Pope
reading from the Acts of the Apostles at Mass. (CNA)
person without listening to walk together,” he added. tapped to join the commission Francis also reiterated his
them. I believe that I should “Do you hope to soften his when it was established in openness to a personal prel-
Pope Francis: Work is more than money, it’s
not do this. In our talk things decisions after the meeting?” March 2014. ature for the SSPX and voiced
about the person
will come out, I will say what the reporter asked. “This is a Pope Francis said that he skepticism over the alleged
Reflecting on the dignity of work, Pope Francis said
I think, he will say what he political calculation that I do had spoken to Collins, and continuing appari-tions at
that a society of fraternity promotes the dignity of
thinks, but I never, ever, not permit myself to make,” that she had some justifi- Medjugorje, although he
the person and provides a solution to the “global eco-
wanted to make a judgment the Pope replied. cation for her frustration. clarified that the original
nomic dictatorship.”“Do not be trapped in the vortex
without hearing the person.” The pontiff also answered “Because there are so many apparitions de-serve further
of pessimism, please! If each one does his or her part,
Further questioned on what a question about the late cases, then in this period study. (AsiaNews)
if everyone always places the human person – not
money – with his dignity at the center, if an attitude
Latest migrant tragedy prompts call to address root problem of solidarity and fra-ternal sharing inspired by the
Gospel is strengthened, you will be able to leave behind
WASHINGTON D.C.— After hundreds coast of Libya on Sunday. Seven people increasing use of rubber boats instead of the morass of a hard and difficult economic season of
more migrants perished last weekend were reportedly rescued by the Libyan wooden ones,” Grandi stated. work.”This was the Pope’s message to the Pontifical
in the deadly Mediterranean passage Coast Guard, while 163 others were For migrants headed to Europe from Academy of Sciences, corresponding to the feast day
to Europe, one Catholic expert insisted feared dead or missing. sub-Saharan Africa, the Mediterranean of Saint Joseph the Worker traditionally celebrated by
that the root causes of migration need Overall, more than 1,300 migrants have Sea crossing is not the only perilous aspect the Church on May 1. The research institute is meeting
to be addressed. died trying to cross the Mediterrane-an of journey north. Some don’t even make for a Plenary Assembly at the Vatican April 28 to May
“The real tragedy is that these deaths from North Africa in 2017, the UNHRC it to the coast but are trapped and sold 2, 2017. (CNA)
are preventable,” said Bill O’Keefe, vice said, while “over 43,000 refugees and as slaves in Libya and Niger, ac-cording
president of government relations and asylum seekers have used the Central to the International Organization for Don’t let Venezuelans fall into despair, Pope
advocacy for Catholic Relief Services. Mediterranean route to reach Ita-ly,” Migration and reported by Al Jazeera. tells bishops
“We need to ensure safe passage for all including over 6,000 just last weekend. Leonard Doyle, chief IOM spokesman In response to Venezuela’s violent riots, inflated
refugees and migrants, but also ad-dress Conditions on the boats have become in Geneva, stated back in April that mi- prices, and political mistrust, Pope Francis urged the
the reasons people are migrating in the even more dangerous than before, as grants have “become commodities to be country’s bishops to continue promoting a culture
first place,” he stressed. migrants face overcrowding on small bought, sold and discarded when they of encounter.“Dear brothers, I wish to encourage
The United Nations’ refugee arm crafts along with other perils. have no more value.” you to not allow the beloved children of Venezuela
reported on Tuesday that 245 were “I am profoundly shocked by the The migration routes to Europe are to allow themselves to be overcome by distrust or
feared dead or missing from two violence used by some smugglers,” deadly, but there’s a serious reason why des-pair since these are evils that sink into the hearts
shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea Filippo-Grandi, the UN’s high people are still choosing to make this of people when they do not see future prospects,”
over the weekend, adding to an already commissioner for refugees, stated on trip, O’Keefe explained. Pope Francis said in a May 5 letter to the bishops.“I
steep death toll for migrants headed for Sunday. He added that crowding on the “Poverty, conflict, unresponsive am persuaded that Venezuela’s serious problems
Eu-rope from North Africa. ships—and the conditions of the ships governments, and climate change are can be solved if there is the de-sire to establish
One of the boats carrying migrants, a themselves—are serious concerns. driving millions of people from Africa, bridges, to dialogue seriously and to comply with
rubber dinghy, sank on Friday with 132 “The increasing numbers of passengers the Middle East, and Asia to seek safety the agree-ments that were reached.”Riots have
on board, and “some 50 people were on board vessels used by traffickers, with and opportunity in Europe,” he said. spiked in Venezuela in recent years, re-sulting from
rescued” while 82 others “are feared an average of 100 to 150 people, are “The US must do more to negotiate unemployment, food and medicine shortages, and
dead or missing,” the U.N. Human also alarming and the main cause of solutions to conflict, fund programs to President Nicolás Maduro’s authoritarian policies.
Rights Council said. shipwrecks, and risks are increased by fight hunger and poverty, and help the (CNA)
Meanwhile, another ship sank off the the worsening quality of vessels and the poor adapt to climate change.” (CNA)
CBCP Monitor May 15-28, Vol 21, No. 10 A3

S. Korean Catholics rally
against use of nuclear power
The miracle that led to the
SEOUL, South Korea—
South Korean Catholics are
opposing both the country’s
The push to remove
nuclear power has increased
in South Korea since three
Fatima children’s canonization
reliance on nuclear power plants in Fukushima had a
and the U.S. missile defense meltdown in 2011 caused by
system recently established a Tsunami along the shores of
to pressure the North out of Japan. The meltdown forced
future weapon tests. over 100,000 people to be
A major leader of the anti- evacuated from their homes,
nuclear movement, Father and the government is still
Moon Paul Kyu-Hyn, said cautious to allow everyone
“getting rid of nuclear power to return due to fears of
is the only way to survive, to radiation poison.
save ourselves, and save the In an interview with
world,” according to Public Public Radio International,
Radio International. Father Cho Hyun-chul, a
A missile defense system theology professor at Sogang
has caused tensions between University in Seoul, said if
the U.S. and China as well there is a similar accident
as between China and South revolving South Korea’s
Korea. The country’s new power plants then there
president, Moon Jae-in, has would be “no room for us to
emphasized his goal to solve live here. There is no more
the issues in the Korean safe land.”
Peninsula. He continued to say that
Father Moon expressed the destruction nuclear
his disappointed in the new power can cause is “directly
Terminal High Altitude against God’s intention,” and
Area Defense or THAAD, the movement is stressing
which became operational the need to care for the
on May 2 in the Korean environment—a need heavily
Peninsula. An agreement emphasized by Pope Francis
to install the system was especially in his encyclical Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas kisses an image of Saints Jacinta and Francisco Marto, two of the visionaries of Our Lady of Fatima, during a Mass at the
established between the Laudato Si. Dagupan Cathedral, May 13, 2017. GLENN MUNOZ LOPEZ
United States and South The Pope recognized the FATIMA, Portugal— On May 13, on condition, he was transferred to the the other sisters to pray to the little
Korea’s former president, “tremendous power” nuclear the 100th anniversary of Mary’s first hospital in Campo Mourao, Parana.” shepherds to intercede for him.”
recently incarcerated for energy has gifted to humanity, appearance at Fatima, Pope Francis “When we got there, Lucas was in a “And so they did,” Batista said. “In the
political corruption. but he also spoke against its canonized Jacinta and Francisco Marto, deep coma. His heart stopped twice, same way, all of us, the family, began
“THAAD is a weapon of dangers to the environment two of the three shepherd children who and they performed an emergency to pray to the little shepherds, and two
war. You can’t be for peace and the risk of being used witnessed the Marian apparitions. operation.” days later, on March 9, Lucas woke up
if you’re preparing for war,” improperly. He said a global A press conference preceding the It was at that moment that “we began and began to speak, even asking for his
said Father Moon, an activist consensus to focus on clean Pope’s arrival highlighted the miracle to pray to Jesus and Our Lady of Fatima, little sister.” On the 11th, he left the ICU
who spent three years in jail and renewable energy is that paved the way for their canonization. to whom we have a great devotion,” and was discharged from the hospital a
for illegally crossing over into essential for sustaining the The miracle involved a Brazilian boy Batista said. few days later.
North Korea in 1989. earth. named Lucas, who was miraculously “The next day we called the Carmelite Since that time, Lucas “has been
He is now leading the “Such a consensus healed through the intercession of the convent of Campo Mouro to ask the completely well and has no symptoms
charge on the anti-nuclear could lead, for example, shepherd children. sisters to pray for the boy,” he said. But or after effects,” the child’s father said.
demonstrations participated to planning a sustainable Jacinta and Francisco both died the community was observing a period “He has the same intelligence (as he did
by the clergy and lay people, and diversified agriculture, before age 12 and will become the of silence, and so the message did not before the accident), the same character,
who are opposed the developing renewable and youngest non-martyrs to be canonized. get to them. everything is the same.”
expansion of nuclear power less polluting forms of Sister Lucia, the third visionary, lived As the days went by, Lucas became “The doctors, some of them non-
in all of Korea and the rest of energy,” Pope Francis wrote much longer, dying in 2005 at the age of worse, his father recounted. On March believers, said that his recovery had no
the world. The group recently in Laudato Si. 97. The Church is currently examining 6, the doctors considered transferring explanation.”
gathered in downtown Seoul According to Reuters, documents and collecting testimonies him to another hospital, since their Batista and his wife are grateful to the
to collect a million signatures President Moon promised for her beatification cause. facility did not have the necessary care doctors who cared for their son, and to
for support against nuclear to ease away from nuclear In recounting the story of their son’s for a boy of his age. the postulator of the canonization cause
energy. energy in a campaign speech healing in the face of almost certain “They told us that the chance of of the little shepherds, “for all the care
Nearly a third of the in April. The head for the death, João Batista and his wife Lucila the boy surviving was low, and if he given throughout this process.”
country’s electrical president’s team on energy Yurie could not hold back tears. did survive, his recovery would be But they are especially grateful to
consumption relies on nuclear policy said South Korea “On March 3, 2013, before 8:00 pm, very slow,” likely dealing with “severe God. “We thank God for the cure of
power from over 20 nuclear “should move away from our son Lucas, who was playing with his cognitive disabilities or even remaining Lucas and we know with all the faith
reactors. Moon Jae-in, who coal and nuclear power, and little sister Eduarda, fell out of a window in a vegetative state.” we have in our hearts, that this miracle
was confirmed president shift to clean or renewable from a height of 20 feet. He was five On March 7, Batista said, “we called was obtained through the intercession
this week, promised to halt energy-based platforms,” and years old,” related the boy’s father. the convent again.” That time, they of the little shepherds Francisco and
expansion of nuclear power that he would stop the plans “His head hit the ground and he were able to get their prayer request to Jacinta.”
and focus on clean energy to construct two new reactors sustained a very serious injury, which the sisters. “We feel a great joy because this is the
during a campaign speech in the south of the country. caused a loss of brain tissue,” Batista “One of them ran to the relics of miracle that leads to their canonization,
in April. (CNA) said during the press conference at the Blessed Francisco and Jacinta, which but especially we feel the blessing of the
Fatima Shrine. were next to the tabernacle, and felt the friendship of these two children who
The 5 prayers revealed at Fatima that Teetering between life and death, impulse to pray the following prayer: helped our child and who now help
“he was given medical care in our city, ‘Shepherds, save this child, who is a our family,” Batista said. (Alvaro de
every Catholic should know Juranda, and given the severity of his child like you’…she also persuaded Juana/CNA)
THE apparition of an angel the world, in reparation for
and Our Lady to three poor
children in Fatima, Portugal
in the early 20th century
the outrages, sacrileges and
indifferences by which He is
offended. By the infinite merits
Vatican astronomer: If you are afraid of
is one of the most famous
miracles in the Catholic
of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
and the Immaculate Heart of
Mary I beg the conversion of
science, you don’t have faith
The children received many poor sinners.” VATICAN— The Jesuit evidence for an accelerating and space.” to not trust it!”
messages, mostly calling This is another prayer director of the Vatican universe; Black hole The creative act is “An atheist could assume
for personal conversion and given to them by the angel. Observatory, who has perturbations: a review of happening continuously: “If something very different, and
prayer, as well as the words There was a Eucharistic host worked as an astronomer recent analytical results; you look at God as merely have a very different view of
of 5 new prayers. and chalice suspended in the and planetary scientist at and Observing the Signature the thing that started the Big the universe, but we can talk
The first prayer is one many air, and the angel led them the Vatican for more than of Dynamical Space-Time Bang, then you get a nature and learn from each other. The
Catholics are likely already in kneeling before it and 20 years, told journalists through Gravitational Waves. god, like Jupiter throwing search for truth unites us.”
familiar with, but the other 4 praying this prayer. Monday that faith and reason “Those of us that are around lightning bolts.” He suggested that to
are not as well-known. 4) The Eucharistic Prayer are hardly at odds. religious, will recognize the “That’s not the God that we demonstrate that the Church
Here are the 5 prayers given “Most Holy Trinity, I adore “If you have no faith in your presence of God, but you don’t as Christians believe in,” he and science are not at odds,
to the children at Fatima: Thee! My God, my God, I love faith, that is when you will have to make a theological went on. “We must believe in those who are both church-
1) The Fatima Prayer/ Thee in the Most Blessed fear science,” Brother Guy leap to search for the truth,” a God that is supernatural. We goers and scientists should
Decade Prayer Sacrament.” Consolmagno, S.J., said May 8. Br. Consolmagno said. then recognize God as the one make that fact more known
“O my Jesus, forgive us our When Mary appeared to the He spoke to journalists “There are many things we responsible for the existence of to their fellow parishioners.
sins, save us from the fires of children for the first time on at a press conference ahead know we do not understand. the universe, and our science He threw out some practical
hell, lead all souls to Heaven, May 13, 1917, she said, “You of a May 9-12 summit on We cannot be good religious tells us how he did it.” ideas, such as setting up a
especially those most in need will have much to suffer, but “Black Holes, Gravitational people or scientists if we The organizer of the telescope in the church parking
of Thy mercy. Amen.” the grace of God will be your Waves, and Space-Time think that our work is done.” conference, Fr. Gabriele lot or leading the parish’s
Mary told the children that comfort.” According to Lucia, Singularities” being held The summit is also taking Gionti, S.J., said Fr. Lemaître youth group on a nature hike.
people should add this prayer one of the children, a bright in Castel Gandolfo at the place in recognition of Fr. always distinguished between The Church, in a sense,
to the end of each decade of light shone all around them, Vatican Observatory, just Georges Lemaître, the Belgian the beginnings of the universe developed science through
the Rosary. and without thinking about outside Rome. physicist and mathematician and its origins. the medieval universities
2) The Pardon Prayer it, they all started reciting “The Vatican Observatory who is widely credited with “The beginning of the she founded, he explained.
“My God, I believe, I adore, this prayer. was founded in 1891 by developing the “Big Bang” universe is a scientific For example, Bishop
I hope and I love Thee! I beg 5) The Sacrifice Prayer Pope Leo XIII to show that theory to explain the origin question, to be able to date with Robert Grosseteste, a 13th
pardon for all those that do “O Jesus, it is for the love the Church supports good of the physical universe. precision when things started. century Bishop of Lincoln
not believe, do not adore, of Thee, in reparation for the science, and to do that we Addressing common The origins of the universe, and chancellor of Oxford
do not hope and do not love offenses committed against have to have good science,” misconceptions surrounding however, is a theologically University, helped develop
Thee.” the Immaculate Heart of Br. Consolmagno said, the Big Bang, such as the idea charged question.” the scientific method and was
This prayer was given to Mary, and for the conversion explaining the reasoning that it did away with the need Answering that question often cited by Roger Bacon.
the children by the angel of poor sinners [that I do behind the conference. for a creator, Br. Consolmagno “has nothing at all to do with “If there is a rivalry”
that visited them in 1916, the this].” The hope is that the said the solution isn’t just to put a scientific epistemology,” he between the Church and
year before Mary appeared Mary gave the children this encounter will foster good God at the beginning of things added. science, Br. Consolmagno
to them. prayer, as well as the Fatima science, good discussion, and and call that good, either. Br. Consolmagno said, “it’s a sibling rivalry.”
3) The Angel’s Prayer Prayer/Decade Prayer, on even friendship. Among the “The creative act of God is commented that “God is not “And it’s a crime against
“O Most Holy Trinity, Father, June 13th, 1917. The prayer speakers will be a Nobel Prize not something that happened something we arrive at the science to say that only
Son and Holy Spirit, I adore is meant to be recited when winner in physics and a Wolf 13.8 billion years ago,” he end of our science, it’s what atheists can do it, because
Thee profoundly. I offer Thee you are offering up suffering Prize winner. said. “God is already there we assume at the beginning. I if that were true, it would
the most precious Body, Blood, to God. Among the topics of before space and time exist. am afraid of a God who can be eliminate so many wonderful
Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ So get praying! papers being presented at You can’t even say ‘before’ proved by science, because I scientists.” (Hannah
present in all the tabernacles of (ChurchPOP via CNA) the conference are Strong because he is outside of time know my science well enough Brockhaus/CNA)
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