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Imagine that three people with three different backgrounds, one of them in

marketing, the other one in production and a sales person are involved in an
interesting discussion because they want to launch a new product in the market.
Write a short essay (no more than 1000 words) describing that conversation. You
can include information about what would they talk about, what ideas might come
up from this discussion, how it might end and, in the same time, dont forget to be
as creative as you wish.

Conversation between a marketing specialist (Ms. A), an engineer (Mr. B) and a

sales agent (Mr. C).

They want to launch a new product on the market, so they canvass a bold subject
into a hilarious conversation.

Ms. A: -Lets launch a new line of snacks! ...something clever, maybe we will hit the
market this year

Mr. C: -Something like what? We dont need it! The sales from previous year are

Mr. B: - ...straight?? Please define me this word, Mr. Smarty. I have a different

Mr. C: - And why did you say that Mr. Inventiveness ?

Mr. B: -Because you didnt saw what I saw. Three months ago, I walked on the street
I am saw a child unfolding a pack of our product, taking a bite of snack ...and what
you think happened next?

Mr. C: -Oooh ..Its kind of hard to say! Maybe he threw the snack!? (chuckilng)

Mr. B:- Exactly!! How did you know?

Mr. C:- I did the same thing! Our product isnt tasty at all. It is salty, bitter and it
smells like antiquated wet socks.

Ms. A:- Agree with him. And its all your fault, Mr. B!

Mr. B:- My fault?? Why? (astonished)

Ms. A:- Cause you are the master chef of this company. Your recipe is wrong!
The product is under any criticism.

Mr. B:- How could you say that? Our snacks passed all the organoleptic tests, with
scores higher than any other product!! And beside this, Mr. Smarty said that the
sales are straight. Explain this paradox to me! (saying with confidence)
Mr. C:- We did our job quite well, to be honest with you! My sale strategy worked
perfectly. Finance department is very proud of me. The last years profit increased
with 1.6 percent!! (saying with huge pathos)

Mr. B:- Whoooa! What a magnificent profit! And all this due to you (saying ironically)

Ms. A:-You both live under a big delusion! I personally have the biggest contribution
in this business. I successfully conducted a brilliant marketing campaign. I sketched
the design of packs and...and the slogan is so stimulative: Keep munching, we'll
make more (saying all this with a little sparkle in her eyes)

Mr. B:- Lets not argue anymore and get prepared for a fresh product!

Mr. C:-So, what should be about?

Ms. A:- A innovative one! Ive been thinking to a product special created for Easter.
A limited edition one in order to take minimal risks. Then, if we hit the market we
can go to next level (wondering)

Mr. C:-That should work! But time is limited, so I cant make business with
hypermarkets, at least for a while. I must pay attention to local stores and

Mr. B: -Really?? A limited editon product? Working with local stores? It wont fit for
us. We cant afford to make a new production line just for this!

Ms. A:-Why we cant readjust an old line just for this new product?

Mr. B: - Because all the lines are working at maximum efficiency. And a new line is
costly. First of all we need another new extruder machinery, a new drier, a new
packing robot, and so many another large equipments. All we can do is to stop
production to a product.

Mr. C: -But we cant do this to any product. I have contracts with hipermarkets, so I
just cant stop supplying them. I can also lose my job!

Ms. A:- Same to us! That was a bad idea, Mr.B. I have marketing campaigns for all
the products and for a long time. I also have contracts with PR companies. (saying
with enthusiasms)

Mr.B:- All right! We can find another solution, easily. But I need to know about your
ideas with new product. How should it be? Ms.A, you said that it be in touch with
Easter. What exactly did you think?

Ms.A:- I was thinking to create snacks with spicery just to romanians taste, which to
be related to Easter food.
Mr.C:- Excuse me! You mean to taste like...lamb? Who the crack would buy it? You
must be nuts! Did you took into account that less than 40% of romanians eat
lamb?? My partners will kill me if they will hear this!

Mr. B:-Go on, Ms.A! Dont listen Mr. Inventiveness. I like your idea! We can
produce it. I know exactly where I can buy condiments and I know also where to
produce them. Our executive manager knows another manager from competition.
Im one hundred percent sure! (saying with persuation)

Mr. C:- What a resourceful man! You have more relations than I do...and you spend
more than 12 hours in a plant! (saying that sqeezing his fingers)

Ms.A: -About the form of snacks. Can we produce in an oval shape, like an egg?

Mr.C: -Ohh, God!!

Mr.B:-Yes, we can easily do this! But why? It is illogical to me? Egg-shaped, lamb
taste snacks (wondering)

Ms. A:- Because we will stir our clients curiosity like this! We can have one more
chance to sell this product! (rubbing her hands)

Mr.C: - That means our clients are dumbs, either you are insane..(laughing loud)
But, lets try! Im insane, too!

Mr.B:-Are we all in agreement?

Ms.A, Mr.B, Mr.C: Lets do this!!!

1. Tell us about a time when you had an idea that nobody believed in. What did you

Everything started two years ago in the summer vacation. I chose to spend my
holiday to my grandparents village's. My grandpas works in agriculture. They grow a
large variety of vegetables, especially many species of bell pepper and capsicum.
Then they sell over 87% percent of production.

One day, when I was walking near the warehouse I saw a large amount of red
pepper and chili, stored there by my grandparents. In that moment I was struck by a
bold idea. Inspired by the biography of Henry Heinz and his tomato sauce empire, I
thought to commercialize the pepper in another payable form: red pepper and chili
powder. I knew that my grandparents had a great production, I knew that on the
market is a huge amount of this spicy powder, mainly during the winter season.
So, I didn't hang in the balance and I proposed to my grandfather this profitable
business. He then started to laugh, arguing that we do not have the culture of this
process. I didn't felt daunted by his words, so I started to post up about pepper
processing methods, which implies 3 main phases: cutting it in slim slices,
dehydration of pepper with natural light, grinding it and mixing with other

One weekend, when they weren't home, I pull out from warehouse several bags of
red pepper and I cut them into slices. Till they came back home, I made about 200
kg of pepper pieces. They have scolded me, saying that my labor is worthless. They
didn't talk to me for one week.

But time just passed, and over 2 weeks my precious dried by the book. Seeing that
my fruitful plan was on the graph, they helped me to finish it. I finally got 20 kg of
beautiful red paprika powder. My idea bring in a profit of 20%.

My grandparents promised me that next year they will cultivate pepper and chili on
a larger surface and they will support me growing this business to a larger scale.

2. Youve just reached your one millionth hit on your YouTube/Facebook/Snapchat

video. What is the video about?

"I chose to respond to this question as a short interview"

Today we are talking with S.G., who is a fitness vlogger and has over 50 videos
about health and nutrition on Youtube. He became famous especially for one video
with over one million views and he wants to share with us his success.

What is the story behind your Youtube channel?

Back in 2012 my brother filmed me while I was doing my workout, he uploaded the
video and after a few months, he started receiving youtube notifications about
comments and a huge amount of views. After that, I kept uploading once a month. It
was until 2015 when I felt I can motivate people all over the world, I was getting a
lot of comments of people, mostly teenagers who started a fitness lifestyle because
of my channel.

What is about in the notorious video? Describe us!

"Gym motivation - Glorify who you are!" is the name of the video. This is because I
wanted to come into notice that everyone can do it. And this is true! I talked a lot
about the benefits of fitness, such as: "because it makes your life easier", "because
you want to feel sexy" or "because you care about your family and friends" and all
those words came spontaneously from my head; I didn't even sketch something for
this speech. Most motivating part of the video is the final: "If youre not sweating or
cant feel your heartbeat quicken then youre not pushing hard enough!"

What is the best way to motivate yourself?

I am student and sometimes exercise is the last thing in the world I want to do,
because of my limited leisure. But I log in to my social channels and when I read the
incredible comments or email I receive from my followers, I can't wait to get
moving. So, they are my inspiration!

3. You have the possibility to spend the next year of your life in either the past or
the future. What year would you travel to and why?

I would travel to the future, undoubtedly. Let's say 2517. After 500 years, I think
that borders will disappear by the development of science and technology. In other
words, the world will be united into one. By advances in transportation, people can
move to other places easily, so dividing up the land is meaningless. People will
move not only to other regions of the earth but also to other planets in space
because the Earth is already full.

I would like to see robots which possess emotional intelligence. In fact, the robots
are here and are superior to humans in all respects except for their mental ability.
Already they lift, manipulate, fly, walk and many other things. They can already
simulate tiny portions of a brain. In the next first century or two we will see the first
robots that can think like humans. Their mental powers will far exceed anything
than anyone has today.

Unfortunately the environment is an issue that comes in and out of fashion; it is

very much in. People love the environment so much that they would chop down an
entire forest so they could use the timber to build an ecohouse to live in. The future
does not predict well for the environment. Some small areas will be preserved in
reserves, I am sure.

Linguists in the world will worry that their languages will disappear. Everything is
connected by Internet, so many people will use English. English will be the language
of all the countries in the world, so people in the world can correspond easily. Maybe
English centers will disappear. We wont have to stress about English. I'm looking
forward to that happening over 500 years.
4. Lets go back in time for a few moments. Please tell us which your favorite book
character was and why (hero or villain)

Santiago, the fisherman from "Old man and the sea" by Hemingway is definitely my
hero; the most optimistic, determined and brave book character all time (at least for

He is a simple man who loves and respect the sea and all the life in it. Santiago is
alone in the world; his wife passed away and his companion has been Manolin, a
young boy that he has tutored in the ways of fishing. The boy is devoted to old man,
bringing him coffee and making sure he has something to eat.

The old man is an expert fisherman, meticulous and skilled. He makes careful
preparations for each outing on his boat and is always prepared when makes a

The most important characteristic of him, which makes an ideal for me, is his
determination. Even when he does not catch a single fish for many days, he refuses
to be discouraged, being hopeful that the next day will bring him a better luck.
Despite his great strenght and abilities, Santiago is a humble man. He lives in
poverty but he never complains. When things do not go his way, he does not blame
outside sources, but looks for the cause within himself. When his giant fish is eaten
by the sharks, he blames himself for not fighting harder and not bringing better
weapons with him on the journey.

After he has successfully brought in a marlin so big that his small boat can barely
handle its size, Santiago spends the rest of the day and night fighting with sharks.

Santiago is my hero not through successfully returning with a fish, but by fighting
against insurmountable odds. He inspires me to override every hindrance and to
keep my mentality positive.