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Creative Media Y13 2016-2017 Unit 32 TV Idents Assignment 4 & 2

M1 M3 Tu3 Tu4 W2 W4 Th1 Th2
17/10/16 Intro Ass 4 Software Task 4 Task 4 Task 4 Task 4 Task 4 Task 4
DIARY Create TV Create TV Create TV Create TV Create TV Deadline for
ILP Director or Ident Ident Ident Ident Ident Creating TV
Sources Flash (will Ident
Document need to work Session Review Session Review Session Review Session Review Session Review
Today I Client review In todays In this Session Review
in own time)
continued with
Software Skills Milestone session I Client review session I Not in
my ident and
Session Review finished the first review 1 completed the 2 checked over
Today I started page. In this session second page Milestone my ident and
Set 3 Client
the ident on
Liaison I began the of the ident review 2 looked to see
director. I
meetings downloaded all of second page adding more In todays if I had
my assets and and updated my clips to the session I anything else
inserted them to diary. collage. completed the I needed to
Director or
the software.
Flash (will need I also ident for the include to
to work in own completed a deadline update my
time) milestone tomorrow ident. I also
review. morning. I updated my
also project diary
Session Review completed a and checked
Today in the first milestone it included
session I was
review and everything.
introduced to this
assignment and had a client
what we need to do. meeting.
As I was behind
due to time off I
continued with
some work due in
last week.
31/10/16 REVIEW DAY REVIEW DAY Task 6 Intro to Ass 2 Task 3 Task 3

Task 5 Production Sources Research Research

Management ILP Report on Report on
Review product Task 6 Review DIARY Opportunities Opportunities
Questionnaire , and Creative , and Creative
Peer Feedback Production DEADLINE Examples Communicatio Communicatio
Management Ass 4 ns of TV ns of TV
Statistical Review Start Task 3 Idents Idents
Review Session Review

Research Session Review Session Review

Session Review Session Review Report on In this
Today I finished
In this session we In this session I session I
the assignment Opportunities,
created a created my
two and looking and Creative continued DEADLINE
questionnaire and evaluation
through with my ASS 2
collected feedback podcast and Communications
everything to
from our peers and uploaded it to the of TV Idents research, I In this
check I
also viewed other hard drive for was about session I
completed all
peoples. the deadline.
tasks. I also Session Review half way at completed the
updated my ILP. In this session I the end of report as it is
started the
this session. I due in for this
production of
researching idents. updated my session. I
I used moodle to sources checked my
look at examples ILP was up to
and kept a
date, printed
document of my
sources. it and put it
all on her