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The US Deep State is funding Macron.

Quick Rundown
>National Endowment for Democracy (NED) established to intervene in foreign poli
tics in 1983.
>It is officially a non-governmental organization.
>It receives $50 million annually from the US government.
>Proceeds to intervene in foreign politics.
>1985 gets caught intervening in France against Mitterand.
>Helped depose Pinochet
>Finances candidates surreptitiously.
>Sets up think tanks to launder the money.
>Has shells for right, left, labor, and management.
>Macron is a fluent English speaker and ex-Rothschild & Co banker.
>Macron linked up with the NED in 2006.
>Joined Fondation Jean Jaurs, a French NED puppet in 2006.
>Spoke at Fondation Robert Schuman, another French NED puppet, events.
>Franois Hollande utilizes the National Democratic Institute for International A
ffairs (NDI another NED puppet) for the 2012 Socialist Party primaries.
> Tom McMahon, a DNC operative, helped the NDI organize the Socialist primaries
in 2012.
>President Hollande appoints Macron as the Minister of Economy and Finance.
>Secretary of State Hillary Clinton notices him in 2012 in private correspondenc
>Tomicah Tillemann, her advisor, coordinated NED efforts though the State Depart
>Wikileaks confirmed the CIA interfered in the 2012 election.
>Tom McMahon returned to France again in 2016.
>Macron emerges as a well-funded dark horse candidate.
>Moves to the second round of the elections against Marine Le Pen.
>Macron endorsed by NED puppets Fillon, Sarkozy, Hollande, and Hamon.
>Mlenchon, without NED affiliation, stays neutral.
>Coincidence detected.
>Now we drop this info and get him BTFO
>Im with her.
==Macron linked to NED and shells in French==
https://blogs.mediapart. fr/yvster14/blog/100317/macron-est-il-un-agent-des-usa
French Language
English Language
http://www.comite-valmy. org/spip.php?article8355
French Language
English Language
http://www.minurne. org/?p=10212
French Language
English Language
==Fondation Robert Schumann==
https://ec.europa. eu/france/node/491_fr
French Language
English Language (He spoke at one of their events.)
==Fondation Jean Jaurs==
http://www.linternaute. com/actualite/politique/1363862-emmanuel-macron-biograph
French Language
English Language
> In 2007, before the presidential election , Emmanuel Macron was part of the gr
oup Les Gracques, made up of former bosses and top officials engaged on the left
and wishing to push the left to modernize . The collective, "group of reflectio
n and pressure", then called for an alliance Sgolne Royal-Franois Bayrou. From 2006
, Emmanuel Macron also collaborated with the Jean-Jaurs Foundation, which is clos
e to the Socialist Party and whose aim is "to promote democratic and humanist id
eals through the debate of ideas and research" and "to carry out cooperative act
ions Economic, cultural and political (...) in the world ".
http://www.bfmtv. com/politique/hamon-et-fillon-bouscules-sur-les-ailes-macron-f
French Language
English Language
> "In the right place at the right time", concludes, about the leader of En Marc
he !, the director of the Jean Jaurs Foundation, Gilles Finchelstein. According t
o the observatory, Emmanuel Macron is, in the minds of the respondents, the only
candidate to invest a large central area in the French political landscape.
>The study, published this Wednesday by the Jean Jaurs Foundation in partnership
with the Huffington Post (and taken from the last wave of the CEVIPOF / Jean-Jau
rs / Le Monde Foundation by the IPSOS Institute), mirrors on a scale From 1 to 10
(0 being the leftmost, 10 the most right) positioning candidates on this scale
according to the respondents, their self-positioning and their voting intentions
http://www.palestine-solidarite. org/analyses.thierry_meyssan.160417.htm
French Language
English Language
http://lintegral.over-blog. com/2017/04/de-la-fondation-saint-simon-a-emmanuel-m
French Language
English Language
https://fr.sputniknews. com/france/201704061030770923-france-prsidentielle-macro
French Language
English Language
> For his part, General Jean-Bernard Pinatel, a businessman and a specialist in
geopolitical issues and economic intelligence, believes that this vision is bias
ed. For him, in fact, the US "always preferred the left, because the left is Atl
antis and the left, it is a soft democracy. So the American establishment prefer
s soft democracies rather than strong democracies all over the world. "
http://katehon. com/article/macron-another-political-puppet-rothschilds
http://lintegral.over-blog. com/2017/04/de-la-fondation-saint-simon-a-emmanuel-m
French Language
English Language
>Emmanuel Macron then makes a detour by the bank Rothschild & Cie. Then entered
the Elysee as assistant to Jean-Pierre Jouyet. In this role, he replaces another
managing partner of Rothschild & Cie, Franois Prol.
>In 2006, Emmanuel Macron joins the Socialist Party and the Jean-Jaurs Foundation
, part of whose funding is provided by the neo-conservative Trotskyists of the N
ational Endowment for Democracy (NED). In 2007, he joined Les Gracques, a group
of former bosses and senior officials, including Jean-Pierre Jouyet. This associ
ation tries to organize an alliance between the Socialist Party and the centrist

==National Endowment for Democracy==

http://rightweb.irc-online. org/profile/National_Endowment_for_Democracy/
http://thirdworldtraveler. com/Blum/TrojanHorse_RS.html
>Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, was quite c
andid when he said in 1991: "A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 year
s ago by the CIA." In effect, the CIA has been laundering money through NED.
https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/National_Endowment_for_Democracy
https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Carl_Gershman
https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Allen_Weinstein
http://www.sourcewatch. org/index.php/Talk:National_Endowment_for_Democracy
http://www.sourcewatch. org/index.php/National_Endowment_for_Democracy:_Grants_B
http://www.bibliotecapleyades. net/sociopolitica/sociopol_cia11.htm
>This is evident from a testimony given by Ms. Louisa Coan, NEDs Program Officer
for Asia, before the House Sub-committee on Asia and the Pacific on September 17
>She said:
>"NED has been able through its direct grants program to support the dissidents,
to support the democracy movement of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, particularly through
assistance to the groups along the borders in Thailand and in India, including
twice daily radio programming through the Democratic Voice of Burma (authors comm
ent: based in Scandinavia), newsletters, underground newspaper, underground labo
ur organizing, particular programs to foster inter-ethnic co-operation and unity
among the opposition forces in support of Aung San Suu Kyis call for tripartite
dialogue and national reconciliation."
https://monthlyreview. org/2006/12/01/the-myths-of-democracy-assistance-u-s-poli
(Explains how the NED provides technical and tactical political assistance.)
>Even when NEDs funding of Chiles 1988 election helped bring down the Pinochet reg
ime, the opposition parties that benefited nonetheless expressed resentment agai
nst U.S. interference.
http://www.voltairenet. org/article30022.html
>Following the same principle, the NED found correspondents in several allied st
ates, NATO members or members of the former ANZUS, among them: the Westminster F
oundation for Democracy (United Kingdom), the International Center for Human Rig
hts and Democratic Development (Canada), the Fondation Jean Jaurs and the Fondati
on Robert Schuman (France), the International Liberal Center (Sweden) and the Al
fred Mozer Foundation (Holland).
http://www.voltairenet. org/article192992.html
(How it works with shell organizations)
(Mentions Fillion and Sarkozy connection.)
Tom McMahon DNC hack was an NDI official who helped organize the French socialis
t primaries in 2016.
https://object.cato. org/sites/
(memory holed pls halp find)
http://www.ned. org/dr-judy-shelton-is-new-chairman-of-national-endowment-for-de
https://williamblum. org/chapters/rogue-state/trojan-horse-the-national-endowmen
http://www.veteransnewsnow. com/2014/12/09/512598-dont-risk-war-with-russia/
(NED and Rusophobia)
http://www.jobzilla. ng/2016/04/jobs-at-national-democratic-institute.html
https://www.opednews. com/populum/page.php?f=Gershman-NED-and-the-Ukr-by-Michael
http://mearsheimer.uchicago. edu/pdfs/Ukraine
(Another PDF gone)
https://alethonews.wordpress. com/tag/carl-gershman/
http://www.ronpaullibertyreport. com/archives/ned-booted-from-russia-gershman-ap
http://www.realjewnews. com/?p=690
http://www.washingtontimes. com/news/2017/jan/30/firing-americas-mischief-makers
https://4emesinge. com/25-verites-sur-reporters-sans-frontieres/
French language
English language archive on Reporters without Borders as a NED front.
http://www.ned. org/about/how-we-work/
>Cooperating with other democracy foundations
>NED is working to increase international cooperation among existing democracy f
oundations and to encourage all established democracies to create similar instit
utions. In 1993 NED convened the first of several democracy summits among democrac
y foundations in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, and Canada. In addit
ion to general information-sharing among foundations, these summits provide opport
unities to coordinate strategy and assistance for some of the most difficult pla
ces to promote democracy, including Burma, Belarus, and Serbia. Over the past fe
w years new foundations have been founded in France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Au
stria, Australia, and Spain. Ireland, Taiwan, Portugal, Italy, and Japan may soo
n follow suit. NEDs effort to expand this network is based on the belief that dem
ocracy promotion is in the common interest of all democracies, and that globaliz
ation has made cooperation easier and more relevant than ever.
==1985 French Election Interference== com/2012/04/07/the_ngos_that_spooked_egypt/
http://www.nytimes. com/1985/12/04/us/
http://articles.latimes. com/2012/mar/07/opinion/la-oe-meisler-prodemocracy-2012
==2012 French Election Interference==
https://wikileaks. org/cia-france-elections-2012/#Press%20Release%20(English)
>The espionage order for "Non Ruling Political Parties and Candidates Strategic
Election Plans" which targeted Francois Holland, Marine Le Pen and other opposit
ion figures requires obtaining opposition parties strategies for the election;
information on internal party dynamics and rising leaders; efforts to influence
and implement political decisions; support from local government officials, gove
rnment elites or business elites; views of the United States; efforts to reach o
ut to other countries, including Germany, U.K., Libya, Israel, Palestine, Syria
& Cote d Ivoire; as well as information about party and candidate funding.
>Marine Le Pen
http://www.ottawacitizen. com/news/national/united+states+asked+canada+help+cand
NED has 4 shell organizations for money laundering. Organized labor, big busines
s, center left, and center right parties are all represented. John McCain (IRI),
Madeline Albright (NDI), Thomas Donahue (CIPE), and Richard Trumka (Solidarity
Center) to name a few.
https://twitter. com/NEDemocracy
==National Democratic Institute for International Affairs==
https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/National_Democratic_Institute
https://www.ndi. org/
https://twitter. com/NDI
==International Republican Institute==
https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/International_Republican_Institute
http://www.ypfp. org/jobs/internproject-assistant-central-and-west-africa
(French-English translation skills)
https://twitter. com/IRIglobal
http://www.iri. org/
==Solidarity Center==
https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Solidarity_Center
https://www.solidaritycenter. org/who-we-are/board-of-trustees/
https://twitter. com/SolidarityCntr
==Center for International Private Enterprise==
https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Center_for_International_Private_Enterprise
https://twitter. com/cipeglobal?lang=en&lang=en
http://www.cipe. org/
==French NED Shell Organizations==
==Fondation Jean-Jaurs==
https://jean-jaures. org/
French Language
English Language com/channel/UCfNDF4xXMl5L2r5GO_IdgqQ
https://fr.wikipedia. org/wiki/Fondation_Jean-Jaur%C3%A8s
French Language
English Language
>In 1998, the Jean-Jaurs Foundation was established in the 12th district of Males
herbes, in the ninth arrondissement of Paris. The building, bought by the newspa
per Le Populaire in December 1936, had become the headquarters of the SFIO in 19
37. It was requisitioned by the Germans under the Occupation and then taken over
by the Socialist Party leadership in 1944 , Address until 1975. The Foundation
is also home to the Center for Socialist Archives (CAS), which brings together t
he documents of the contemporary history of the Socialist Party.
>In 2014, the Jean-Jaurs Foundation founded an observatory of political radicals,
led by Jean-Yves Camus , with journalists, historians and sociologists such as
Rudy Reichstadt , Nicolas Lebourg , Jol Gombin and Sylvain Crpon. These members de
ny any partisan orientation 4 .
> According to the foundation s own information, its total budget in 2010 amount
ed to 2,100,000, of which 80% came from various departments and ministries of th
e state and 2% from the socialist groups of the Parliament and the Senate.
>In 2016, the Foundation received 230,000 in funding under the institutional res
erve of the Presidency of the National Assembly 8 , whose President was Claude B
artolone , as part of the parliamentary reserve .
http://www.european-network-of-political-foundations. eu/en/members/fondation-je
http://www.lemonde. fr/m-actu/article/2016/05/13/la-fondation-jean-jaures-peut-e
French Language
English Language
https://twitter. com/j_jaures
==Fondation Robert-Schuman==
http://www.robert-schuman. eu/en/
http://www.robert-schuman. eu/fr/
https://fr.wikipedia. org/wiki/Fondation_Robert-Schuman
French Language
English Language
http://www.fondationuniversitaire. be/fr/content/fondation-robert-schuman
French Language
English Language
https://twitter. com/robert_schuman?lang=en
=FJJ Admits Macron is Vulnerable==
https://jean-jaures. org/nos-productions/le-paradoxe-macron
French Language
English Language
> Emmanuel Macron is undoubtedly the most "pro-European" of the candidates - he
is also appreciated by many of our European partners for this, his trip to Germa
ny has demonstrated this in recent days. However, on specific issues, such as bo
rder issues (55% of French people would like to see the end of the Schengen agre
ements, according to Ifop) and the direction taken by the whole European project
over the last few years Ifop, in 2015, indicated that 62% of the French would v
ote "no" in the 2005 referendum if the debate took place again), Emmanuel Macron
therefore has positions a priori far from the majority of French in this field.
> Asked by BVA about the factors that motivate their choice of a candidate, vote
rs generally cite in first place "his political proposals" (49% on average). If
this item is cited by 54% of the potential voters of Franois Fillon as Marine Le
Pen, by 55% of the voters of Benot Hamon and by 60% of the voters of Jean-Luc Mlen
chon, it is only quoted by 34 % Of potential voters of Emmanuel Macron. An almos
t equivalent proportion (33%, up two points in a week) considers it to be a "def
ault choice" because "it is the least worst of all".