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Unit 4 Assignment 3 Management Report

Management techniques

The Agile movement seeks alternatives to traditional project management. Agile approaches help
teams respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences and empirical
feedback. Agilists propose alternatives to waterfall, or traditional
sequential development.

Scrum is the most popular way of introducing Agility due to its

simplicity and flexibility. Because of this popularity, many
organizations claim to be doing Scrum but arent doing
anything close to Scrums actual definition. Scrum emphasizes
empirical feedback, team self-management, and striving to build
properly tested product increments within short iterations. Doing Scrum as its actually defined usually
comes into conflict with existing habits at established non-Agile organizations.

Contingency plans

Possible staff absences will occur. I will have cover in place or in that is not possible then I could cover
them when/if they are off. The actor with have to have a backup as I cannot do that. Illness could
spread to others so ask them to take the day off.

I also need backup if something happens to the resources.

Camera could break or lose data so have a spare camera
and back up the files regularly. Editing software may not
know how to use it which might mess up the footage so
have a trial run with other videos. Computer might lose
files or break so have a backup computer and back up the
files regularly. Trainers might get ruined so have a spare

Monitoring and reviews

Milestones are a significant stage or event in the development of

something. I will make milestones and put them on set days so that
when I come to that day I can write down if I'm on schedule or not and
if not then how I can get back on or if I am then what I have done. If I
get behind on this, then I will not know whether I am up to date or not
properly and if I get behind then I might not get done for the deadline
that has been set, which would upset the client.
Crisis management

To manage a crisis well, I need to assess the crisis and look at it from a bigger
picture, this way I can see if it can be prevented or how I can fix it. Then talk
about the crisis with the team. I need to then look at how I can fix it and how
that would turn out. Pick the most appropriate and effective method then out
it into action.

Quality control

To keep quality when filming I need to have lots of consistency. For example,
dont film half in the day then half at night, don t uses two completely
different scenes (unless that is what you intend to do), dont use different
trainers (unless that is what you intend to do) or two different actors. In my
idea, nothing changes so that shouldnt be a thing. When filming you need to
remember that when played back and edited that it needs to run smoothly and
not cute massive bits out so that it skips and looks jolty.

Meeting submission dates

I will have to work quick to film and edit as Im not so quick at editing so if
I can film as quick as I can then I can have more time to edit. I have spoken
to the client and I am going to set some milestones so that I finish for the
deadline that the client set.

Modifications after pitch or completion

I will not be changing anything so my pitch and ideas stands as they are. However, I am making slight
changes to the logo as the fonts that I liked didnt really work so I used instead for it.