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Optimizing Remote Treatments

by John White
16th August 2014

Treating a person remotely is nothing new. Each day thousands of people use
DNA samples to sent frequencies to recipients who are often thousands of miles
away. The means of applying these frequencies differ considerably. Some people
report great results, whilst the results of others are disappointed. The purpose of
this document is to clarify the science behind remote treatments, and provide
the optimum means to treat by remote, so everyone can experience success.

Scalar waves are used to transport frequencies. These waves have amplitude
(force) but no direction. Spooky Remote creates scalar waves using 2 planar coils
that are magnetically opposed. The DNA sample is placed between these coils
where the scalar waves are being created. The electric field produced by the coils
is in phase with but angular to these scalar waves. This field extends the scalar
waves beyond the coils.

Placing a powerful permanent magnet on the top of Spooky Remote and
electrically coupling this magnet to the top coil electrical potential increases the
effectiveness of Spooky Remote enormously. The scalar waves become non-
localized. The magnetic field strength increases from 64 to 796,000 A/m; an
increase of over 1,243,600%. Spooky Remote becomes 12.4 thousand times
more powerful. The improvement in effectiveness is astonishing.

Spooky Remote v1.1 has a powerful magnet already installed. Older Spooky
Remotes can be upgraded from v1.0 to v1.1 specifications.

Upgrading Spooky Remote from v1.0 to v1.1
If you wish, you may purchase a cheap upgrade kit from The kit comes complete with the
magnet, double sided tape, metal contact tag and foam. No tools are required for
the upgrade kit and the instructions are easy to follow.

Alternatively, you can do an upgrade without the kit. The procedure is slightly
more complex. You will need a soldering iron, a short length of wire, some
double sided tape and covering foam.

1. Purchase a disc shaped high power neodymium magnet. The ideal
specification for this magnet is N50 grade material, 30mm diameter and
3mm thick.

2. Determine the magnetic orientation of the magnet by using a compass.
The red needle of a compass is magnetic North. In this photo the South
pole of the magnet is closest to the compass. The North pole is on the
opposite side.

3. Place the North pole of the magnet flat down onto wide double sided tape.

4. Cut the tape so it forms a square.

5. Peel back the other side of the tape and stick it to the top of your Spooky
Remote. The North face of the magnet must be facing downwards. Some
remote transmitting devices have magnet South facing the DNA. This is
generally regarded as harmful by most researchers.

6. A thin wire must be soldered onto the top of Spooky Remote as shown.
The insulation has been removed where the wire goes over the magnet.

7. Place another piece of double-sided tape over the magnet / wire and
cover with foam. This is to prevent the magnet from making direct contact
with nearby metals.

Optimizing Spooky2 Settings

Electrons flow in a specific direction when an electrical potential is applied. The
resulting magnetic field is polarized according to this flow. Because we know the
field polarity of both the coils and the permanent magnet, there is no guesswork.

The following are the optimum settings for Spooky Remote v1.1 (or an upgraded

The modified Spooky Remote works best with Spooky Boost, a cable that can
provide a true bipolar signal with sufficient amplitude. The cable must be
installed correctly. To do this set the parameters shown above. The duty cycle is
99 - 100%, square wave, Inverse+Sync & the Calibrate program loaded. Refer
to the Spooky2 Manual for more details.

When the channel is started, one of the LED indicators will be much brighter
than the other. If Spooky Boost is connected correctly the top LED will be
brightest. If the bottom LED is brighter, swap the plugs going to OUT1 & OUT2.

Now we must optimize Spooky2 to take advantage of the supercharged Spooky
Remote. The screenshot above show the optimal settings for frequencies up to
500 kHz. For higher frequencies use F2 = F1 x 3. Do not use an even number for a
multiplier. The single direction spikes generate a magnetic field that is aligned
with the field of the strong neodymium magnet to create a single offset magnetic
barb that greatly increases the performance of Spooky Remote.
Set the other program parameters as desired. Optimum amplitude is 20 volts.

Final Notes

1. Most researchers agree that subjecting DNA to magnetic South is harmful.

2. Running Spooky Remote with a zero voltage offset exposes DNA to
magnetic South. This has recently become known as Frequency Fatigue.
A more precise term could be Frequency Poisoning because of exposure
to an alternating field that is magnetic South for half a cycle.

3. Applying a positive offset to Spooky Remote v1.0 will not prevent
frequency poisoning, as there is no reference point for the fields
generated. Scalar waves have no direction and are not vector. Inverting
the Spooky Remote unit will invert the magnetic orientation in exactly the
same way as changing the offset of the generator from positive to
negative. In space there is no up or down. Spooky Remote v1.1 has a
powerful magnet that creates a point of reference for the offset to ensure
the system gives optimum results every time.

4. During treatment you may hear some frequencies as a ringing in your
ears. This is perfectly normal and indicates that you are receiving the