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Voting record of Sheryll Murray MP

for South East Cornwall
• Against laws to promote equality and human rights
• Against raising welfare benefits in line with inflation
and for an overall reduction in spending on welfare
• For the bedroom tax which hits the most vulnerable(an estimated
two thirds are disabled according to
• For scrapping the education maintenance allowance (EMA) in
• For increasing the rate of VAT (which hits the poor hardest) & against
tax increases for incomes over £150,000
• Against spending public money to create guaranteed jobs for young
people who have spent a long time unemployed
• For more restrictive regulation of trade union activity
You can see more about how Sheryll Murrayvoted by going to
South East Cornwall Constituency
Non Voters were a massive Conservative MP Sheryll
second place in the 2015 Murray
They tend to be the young and
the marginalised – the target of
Tory cuts and the same group
whose interests Sheryll Murray
has consistently voted against.