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Kanchanok Sine Chaipitakroj

Mr. Abel Cadias

English 10 / 10:03

May 16, 2017

Should MUIDS Impose Restrictions on Selling Junk Foods in School Cafeteria?

MUIDS should restrict the selling of junk food to students because it may lead to health

problem and obesity. The purpose of this research is to explain and argue that MUIDS should

restrict selling junk food in cafeteria. The importance of this research is to raise awareness of

disadvantage of in taking junk food that causes health problem and obesity. The pieces of

information found in this research report are based on eight sources. First, the article of Linda

Gorman narrates the information about junk food availability in schools raises obesity. Second,

the article of department of health of Thailand describes about nutrition that people need in every

day. Third, the article of Ashlesha Datar and Nancy Nicosia explains and shows the data of junk

food in schools and childhood obesity. Fourth, the article of Dr. Nitithorn Pillawass describes

how to teach children about how junk food is bad for students. Fifth, the article of Daniel and

Kaitlin narrates information about nutrition and the effects on student behavior and academic

performance in the classroom. Sixth, the article of John Dively shows the comparison of

advantage and disadvantage in school. Next, the article of Committee on Nutrition explains

about a teenagers nutritional needs per day. Lastly, the article about the students guide to

nutrition that shows how much nutrient that students need.


Junk Food

The food that contributes lots of calories but has little nutritional value is generally called

Junk Food. According to the Dr. Nitithorn Pillawass article in 2013, junk food is a type of

food that consists of the high level of sugar, fat, starch and sodium. It gives people a lot of energy

but a few of fiber and nutrient. Even the food that people eat every day or fast food if it

contained a lot of sugar or salt. it is also called as a Junk food. For example, candy, soft drink,

snack or chips. If people eat these type of food every day, it can cause the people a chance of

obesity or other disease and also cause the people malnutrition disease even though they eat a lot

of stuff such as vitamin or mineral that very important to human body to do all the process such

as digestive system and excretory system because the process need vitamin to help them do the

process. Moreover, eating junk food can cause a respiratory system that causes from lack of

nutrient that needed in human life. Junk food not only contains little amount of nutrient but also

contains a lot of material that might damage your brain and your health. However, considering

the type of food depends on people who judge. Some people may say that pizza is a junk food

but some are not. Pizza is a food that full of nutrient. It has a lot of vegetables, meat, whole-

wheat, tomato sauce and fat from cheese that give human a vitamin, mineral, energy or even

fiber which is good for human body. So people may say it is completely not a junk

food(Magee,2017). However, there still have some advantage of junk food. Junk food is the food

that easy to eat and to find because it was made very fast, cheaper than other food and the test is

very tasty. Surely that it is very easy to carry because it is one type of an instant food and also
fast food. So most people prefer to eat it more than clean food that needs to spend a lot of money

on one meal. Most school in Thailand serve fast food and junk


food to student because they think that it cheaper, easier to eat and faster to cook and serve for

student. On the other hand, it is not really hard to make a great food that full of nutrient and serve

for student. Student are in the ages that still need the great food and the food that full of nutrient.

It good for them to grow up well and have a healthy life. According to the advantage of junk

food, there are still less than a disadvantage. When people have a bad eating habits or eat without

awareness it might ruin the human life without knowing. So people should pay attention to eating


How Junk Food Affect MUIDS Students Health?

MUIDS school has varieties food to serve for students. So the students have a chance to

select the food by their own. However, food and beverage that school serves to students have a

lot of junk food such as snack, soft drink, and chips that can damage the student health or cause

to obesity. Obesity is when people have too much fat in their body and it might cause them to the

nugatory impact to the human body. It can happen when people eat too much food especially

junk food. Junk food is one huge reason that can make people get obesity very easy. Since junk

food contains a lot of calories and when people did not use all of the calories that they got in

each day. So it still has some calories left that people did not use and that make people get

obesity (Nichols, 2016). When people get obesity or have overweight it causes them to get other

diseases easily too. Since the enzyme, metabolism or every other organ decrease their abilities to
work because fat blocked their pathway of doing work, so it will be easier to get cause from a

disease such as heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers, gallbladder

disease and gallstones,


osteoarthritis. Gout, breathing problems, such as sleep apnea (when people stop breathing for

short time while they are sleeping) and asthma (Dr. Mercola, 2008).

Due to the fact that people who get obesity will have a high risk to get the disease

because they lack of nutrient that in need to use but have too many calories that body does not

need. The unit of counting the energy in the human body refers to energy that human use of

drinking or eating is called Calories. According to the Linda Gormans article, having junk food

in school have high risk for student to get obesity because junk food has a lot of fat that can

cause to many disease and junk food have lack of nutrient so students in school will not get as

much as nutrients that students need in every day. According to bureau of nutrition of Thailand

experiment, they have an experiment with the group of students. There are 134 students from

many grades and schools who joined in this experiment. They found that 44 percent from overall

students got high risk to get obesity because the junk food in school. So Junk food in school can

cause to the obesity is the things that students should aware of. All eating habits effect to the

students because school is where student spend time the most. Also the younger the easier to

teach them. School should be restricted on junk food and tell them the lesson of eating habits

before too late.

Nutrition that MUIDS Students Need Per Day

MUIDS should impose restrictions on selling foods in the school cafeteria. Actually, the

nutrient from food that students really need per is depending on what grade they are in.

According to the article of nutrient for students in 1970s, students should eat protein from bread,

rice or flour the most. Following with vegetable and fruits and meat but eat less fat from oil and

cheese like a


pyramid from much to less. However, in these years the nutrients that bureau of nutrition

changes the nutrition plans for people to eat. They said people or even children should eat

vegetable and fruit more than other food and follow with others. Since eating vegetables are the

best way of diet and the best way of living a healthy life. Moreover, eating vegetable can reduce

the high risk of getting the dangerous disease such as heart disease, blood pressure, and stroke.

By the way, in taking fruit and vegetable cannot offer enough nutrient in only one day that means

people should eat vegetables in everyday(Mursu,2014). According to the bureau of nutrition of

Thailand, the students in study age is the age that needs high energy to help them grow up

healthily. So the energy that they should eat is around 1600 calories to 1800 calories.

Students need to use energy to do the activities during the day and for a body to use in

order to grow up. So protein from meat, milk, bean, egg and cereal is very important to help

children body to build the muscle and hormone. Moreover, fruit and vegetable are very important

to children in order to give them vitamin, mineral or another element because those of them are

very important to children brain and other organs in the body. They help children's body to make

the organ can work usefully for a student to do activities and grow up. Also, the students in this

age need have some food that they should not eat because it may effect to the grown up of the

student body. For an example, eating too much sugar, eating flour often and too much, avoiding
to eat too much candy, and especially junk food(Bangbao,2012). Eating food is very important

for children because it can affect how children live nowadays. Due to the fact that in every type

of food has a huge impact on children behavior. According to the passage on the above, parents

and students should know what food that students really need to eat per day because if students

eat less


than that it may cause them to lack of nutrient. On the other hand, if students eat too much food it

can also cause them to get obesity. So eating is the thing that students should aware of.


The purpose of the research report was to explain and argue that MUIDS should restrict

cafeteria in selling junk food to students. This research report concluded that MUIDS school

should avoid selling students junk food. Junk food is the food that contains a lot of energy, fat,

and sugar but lacks fiber and nutrient. Since junk food can cause the students many diseases. If

students eat too much junk food it may cause to physical health like obesity. Obesity can cause

many diseases because people who get obesity contain a lot of fat in their body and that fat will

decrease capability in the body to do the process. Therefore, students should eat much more

vegetable and fruits instead of junk food. Due to the fact that vegetable and fruits contain a lot of

nutrients that good for the human body. Students in school ages, their body still needs the

nutrient to help them do activities, to grow up and to make the brain fresh and learn easier. This

research report recommends additional studies on how obesity cause the disease in students.


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