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BILL DELAUNE........................ 30

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Linda Melancon
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'Cooking for a Cause' Jambalaya Cook-Off
We say it every year, and this
RAISES $17,075.00
people still forking up money for with certainty that if it didnt cross went into the final round (after
year is no exception, Ascension damages, and ya'll never skipped my mind, it surely wasn’t a they went home for dry clothes)
Parish always shows up for a a beat. We could have easily put thought in anyone elses! and all 20 showed back up to get
good cause! With so many people this to the side while were still wet again! Thank you once again
still getting their lives back to recovering, or we could have We had 50 teams cooking this for helping us support such a
normal after the flood, so many canceled with the weather year and they were all soaked to great organization. If you haven't
people still displaced, so many conditions that morning. I know the bone before 6AM. 20 teams dealt with the impact of war first
hand, or been affected by the COOKING FOR A CAUSE!!! Laynes Jewelry trophies for the cooks and
impact of war from a spouse or Cook Off Results Ascension Body Shop helpers
close family, then you have no Overcast Vapor Lounge • Ascension Paper
idea what Wounded Wear has 1st place- Bart Himel (no helper) Fred’s Amusements • Loupes Customs for 1st, 2nd,
done for these American Heros. I 2nd place-Tyler Bourque Big River Glass 3rd place trophies
can only imagine they have been & Jake Avrill Ascension Signs • Blue Runner donated 125lbs
the saving grace for so many 3rd place-Tunney King Geaux Shirts of beans
selfless men and women that put & Austin King PD Inc • Work Box for donating
your life before their own every porta potties
single day. We sincerely We're sending Wounded We also had quite a few • US Marine Corps recruiting
appreciate everyones support and Wear a check for $17, 075.00. contributors: office in Gonzales for sending
commitment each year! See yall • Ascension Magazine out pulleys to help with the
next year for our 5th Annual The sponsors this year were: • DEEP SOUTH LASER, not only leg work

D&J’s Grocery do they help sponsor the event- • JFA for volunterring their
DEEP SOUTH LASER they donate all the finalist time to judge

Saturday, May 27th, 2017 • 7:00 AM - Registration /Sign In
8:00 AM - 1 Mile Fun Run - "Kids Run" 8:30 AM - 5K Run Start
Sponsored by Caro Clinic

2017 VFW
MINI POT 1st - Brandon Olinde

Gas Division Wood Division
Pork & Sausage Chicken
1st - Jordan Sheets 1st - Jordan Sheets
2nd - Tyler Bourque 2nd - Justin Courville
3rd - Bart Hymel 3rd - Tyler Bourque

30 Years of Top Notch Services
Braud Company Welding & Industrial Supplies Abrasives Janitorial Equipment
has been providing material to industries for over Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes Marking Tools
thirty years. Our emphasis is on service. Chemicals, Lubricants & Paints Material Handling
We take pride in same day delivery and
Display Units Measuring & Leveling Tools
customer service is always our number one
Electrical & Lighting MRO Supplies
priority and we deliver ontime, everytime.
Electrical Tools Plumbing Equipment
We have a well stocked walk-in sales counter
Fasteners, Clamps & Straps Pneumatics

where you can purchase any quantity of an item.
Hand Tools Pumps
Oilfield Power Tools
HVAC Safety & Security

225.673.3370 • Toll Free 888.269.4315 •
Gonzales Garden Club
Announces Winners

GGC Flower Show winners were, from left,
Patti Mouton, Marilyn Rice, Barbara McCormick and Mary Jo Pohlig.

The Gonzales Garden Club ended Winners of a flood grant, the club activities such as
their year of civic activities with a flower show, and the election of an annual plant
May 3, 2017 ceremonial meeting club officers were announced at sale that raises
at the Clarion Inn on Hwy 30 and this season’s final gathering. money for
Grant Chairman Jamie Trisler presents check to grant winner
a Mike Anderson’s style luncheon worthwhile St. Amant High Teacher/4-H Sponsor Mandy Delaune
hosted by Members Cynthia The Louisiana Garden Club service projects and Principal Mia Edwards.
Cagnolatti and Conchita Richey. Federation had collected donations for the
for flood victims and accepted community. the Ascension Parish Library Anita
grant proposals. The St. Amant Young announced People’s Choice
High School 4-H Club won the Public Relations Coordinator of Awards tallied from 158 votes at
grant in collaboration with
the Gonzales Garden Club.
Grant Committee Chairman
Jamie Trisler presented a
check for $6,000 to St.
Amant High Teacher/4H
Sponsor Mandy Delaune
and St. Amant High School
Principal Mia Edwards to
replace a tool shed and gar-
den equipment destroyed by
the August flood. The 4-H
Club and the Future Farm-
ers of America at St. Amant
High will be able to resume Seven members with perfect attendance for the GGC 2016-17 season were, from left, Priscilla Monson,
Priscilla Monson received a painting as a their many horticulture Janis D’Benedetto, Patti Mouton, Jamie Trisler, Barbara McCormick, Gwen Heck and Loretta Ramirez.
parting gift for her terms as club president.

the Annual Floral Design Exhibit
held in April. The first place award
went to Patti Mouton; Marilyn
Rice and Mary Jo Pohlig tied for
second place, and Barbara Mc-
Cormick won third place.

Corresponding Secretary Mary Jo
Pohlig crafted individual dried rose
bud boutonnieres for club
members who achieved a year of
perfect attendance. She presented
these unique mementos to Mem-
bers Janis D’Benedetto, Gwen
Heck, Barbara McCormick,
Priscilla Monson, Patti Mouton,
Loretta Ramirez, and Jamie Trisler.

Treasurer Cynthia Cagnolatti
Gonzales Garden Club 2017-19 officers are, from left, Jamie Trisler, Mary Jo Pohlig, Gwen Heck, Lorraine Gautreau,
Cynthia Cagnolatti, and Barbara McCormick with Outgoing President Priscilla Monson and Ceremony Hostess Conchita Richey.
reported details of a successful
April 28 fundraiser plant/back sale.
President Monson recapped club
activities held during her four years
as the club’s president. She has
particularly enjoyed helping others
through garden therapy, horticul-
ture programs, Yard of the Month
recognitions and donations to
flood victims. President Monson
gave each club officer a small metal
trellis and each member a decora-
tive garden animal figurine. Vice
President Jamie Trisler presented
Monson with a painting of flowers.

The meeting’s final order of
business was the installation of The Gonzales Garden Club held its annual plant sale on April 28 Pictured from left are Mary Jo Pohlig, Donna Reynaud, Dana Teepell,
Gwen Heck, Jamie Trisler, Ellen Richmond, Barbara McCormick, Janis Poche, Marilyn Rice, Loretta Ramirez, Priscilla Monson,
officers for the 2017-19 term. Cynthia Cagnolatti, Weezie Cashat, and Patti Mouton.
Member Conchita Richey hosted
the ceremony by presenting each positions in September of 2017 are Gautreau, Parliamentarian Barbara birds by covering the plants with
new officer with a handmade President Jamie Trisler, Vice McCormick, and Historian Ellen bird netting. This summer, the
shabby chic corsage. Each corsage President Mary Jo Pohlig, Richmond. garden club board will plan 2017-
was accented with a different color Treasurer Cynthia Cagnolatti, 18 projects mindful of pollinator
to symbolize the responsibilities of Recording Secretary Gwen Heck, The monthly horticulture hint is to gardens and native plants.
the office. Officers assuming their Corresponding Secretary Lorraine protect ripening tomatoes from

First American Bank at 404 N. Burnside won the Commercial Landscape of the Month. Yard of the Month winner Debbie Anderson of 1117 S. Shirley for the residential award
It’s important to note that
people with a lighter skin and
eye coloration are more
susceptible to skin cancer, but
everyone should take
precautions to avoid harm.

Basal cell carcinoma

Some things to remember:

You should do a self

Skin Cancer
examination once a month, and

Screening and
a professional exam at least once
common form of skin cancer. melanomas can sometimes be a year, especially after the

Unlike basal cell, this cancer is smaller than this. age of 21.
in the upper layer of the skin.
It’s also more deadly than BCC, E is for Evolving: The Apply sun screen prior to even
but preventable and treatable. mole is changing in size, getting out in the sun. Experts
It’s mostly caused from UV shape, or color.” say two ounces (about the
exposure over time but can also amount of a shot glass) is the
Skin Cancer is the most
be caused from skin minimum amount you should
common form of cancer, yet is
inflammation and diseases. apply, and you should reapply
the most preventable. Here are
BCC is more commonly found every couple of hours if you’re
some things to keep in mind
in older adults; however, more out in the sun or water.
when looking out for signs of
cases are being diagnosed in Wear protective clothing or go
skin cancer.
younger adults. indoors when you feel like
you’ve got too much sun.
Skin Cancer Types SCC spots are rough and scaly
and sometimes bleed if brushed Finally, avoid the sun,
Most skin cancer is classified as
or scratched. They can also especially during the hottest
basal cell carcinoma, also called
look like a sore with a depressed part of the day.
BCC. Some of these cancerous
center or raised border.
growths have visible blood
While doing research for this
vessels throughout, can look
Melanoma appears to be a article, I was encouraged to be
like open sores, and can be pink
freckle that becomes irregular. more cautious and take better
and flat or multi-colored and
According to, you care of my skin through
raised. These are most often
should be aware of the A, B, C, prevention, monitoring freckles
found around the head and
D & E’s of melanoma. They and spots on my own skin, and
neck, including the scalp, which
are: getting a thorough professional
is quite difficult to examine
“A is for Asymmetry: One half Squamous cell carcinoma exam once a year.
of a mole or birthmark does not
match the other.
Squamous cell carcinoma, or
SCC, is the second most
B is for Border: The edges are
irregular, ragged, notched, or

C is for Color: The color is
not the same all over and may
include shades of brown or
black, or sometimes with
patches of pink, red, white, or

D is for Diameter: The spot is
larger than 6 millimeters across
(about ¼ inch – the size of a Melanoma
Basal cell carcinoma pencil eraser), although
Eagle Scouts Recognized by
Ascension Parish Council
A gathering of Eagles took place The certificates state, in part,
at the April 20 Ascension Parish “The Eagle Scout rank is the
Council meeting. Eagle Scouts, highest rank attainable in the
that is. Boy Scouts of America. The title
of Eagle Scout is held for life,
Eagle Scouts Zachary Williams thus giving rise to the phrase
(Troop 69), Jacob Johnson "Once an Eagle, Always an
(Troop 65), and Michael Conger Eagle.”
(Troop 888) all were recognized
for their achievements in attain- Congratulations to these young
ing the rank of Eagle Scout. men for their achievement.

Left to Right: Jacob Johnson,
Zachary Williams, and
Michael Conger.

Left to right – Ascension CAO Ken
Dawson, Councilman Randy Clouatre,
Gregory Williams, Eagle Scout Zachary
Williams, Councilman John Cagnolatti,
Eagle Scout Jacob Johnson, Councilman
Benny Johnson, Tina Johnson,
Eagle Scout Michael Conger,
Mark Conger, and Laurina Conger.
Skin Pen Microneedling Q&A
WHAT IS SKIN PEN in softened wrinkles and
scars, as well as a thicker dermis.
It is a cosmetic procedure
used to improve texture,
tone and wrinkles in the
skin. Microneedling is a
The needle penetration occurs
very quickly, meaning it feels Services Offered
like sandpaper or a

great way to smooth fine
microdermabrasion facial . The
lines, scars, wrinkles, and

small channels in the epidermis
even increase overall begin to close immediately

rejuvenation of the skin. and the healing response
Microneedling also allows begins right away.

topical gels, creams and
serums to be absorbed into

the skin more effectively.
This allows our providers
to customize treatment to a TREAMENT?

specific issue, using

topicals to accelerate After treatment,
results. you will likely look like

you have a sunburn. Depending
HOW DOES IT on the skin defect, you

will see some redness which

can last anywhere from 24
hours to several days depending

Microneedling is based on on the depth of treatment.
the use of tiny needles to If you would like to learn

create very small channels more about Microneedling
in the skin. This procedure

and the benefits it can have
stimulates your skin’s healing for you, call the Williamson
process, producing Cosmetic Center.
more collagen and elastin.
The repair process begins
almost immediately, resulting

GONZALES, LA 70737 • 225.927.7546

“How to Retain
share them with other customers.
You can do this through your

your Social Media
Facebook page, on Twitter, and
elsewhere whenever customers
@mention your business.

Testimonials are a powerful form
of social proof and feedback for
your business.

Be sure to retweet or repost
by Orhan Mc Millan customers’ raves and reach out
dezinsINTERACTIVE to them directly if they express
dissatisfaction on social media.
When you reach out directly to a
customer on social media, even if
you do it privately to address a
complaint, you might be able to
persuade an uncertain customer
to stick with your solution and
#2: Make Sure
even reverse a customer’s
In this day in age, technology has efforts from within social apps.
decision to move to a
Your Business Is
allowed us to connect with the
different solution.
world easier than ever before. Other third-party applications,
Social media can help deepen Easy to Find on such as SproutSocial, allow you
Social Media
your connections with existing to manage multiple social media
customers, and it allows you to accounts through a single
One of the more effective ways
market your product to new platform and even schedule when
This sounds easy, but far too to retain existing customers is
consumers on a more your posts will be made ahead of
many businesses are difficult to through social media. The reason
personal level. time. This helps ensure your social
find on social media. They either for this is social media is a deeply
media accounts are not only
restrict their activities to one or personal platform that delivers
With times constantly changing, active but consistent in the
two social networks, or simply deep insights into customers’
it’s important to stay on top of timing of your posts.
don’t promote their social behaviors and preferences. Social
recent trends and maximize
media marketing is an effective
#4: Help Your
marketing efficiency. In this article, media profiles enough for
anyone to notice. way to develop one-to-one
you’ll discover four ways to
increase customer retention via Customers Spread relationships with customers and
encourage them to continue using
social media. The customer service experience
has changed profoundly in recent the Word for You your business in the future.

#1: Get to Know
years. Email and call centers
If the only people seeing your
Your Customers
remain valuable touchpoints for For more tips on social media
customers. At the same time, posts are those who are already management and other

as Individuals however, increasing numbers of familiar with your company, the marketing-related topics be sure
customers are active enough on “social” part of your online to subscribe to our newsletter.
social media that they expect you presence can be significantly Looking to increase your social
Customers want to be more than to be reachable where they are. limited. Encouraging your media presence? Give us a
just a number or email address customers to leave feedback and call at 225-615-8358.
you send invoices to. Getting to Solving this challenge is relatively share their experiences can help At dezinsINTERACTIVE, our
know them better and learning easy. Identify the social media boost your social media presence team is ready to assist in all
what’s important to them allows platforms where your customers and extend your marketing to your social media and web
you to anticipate your customers’ are active and talking about you, new potential clients. design needs.
needs and offer appropriate and be sure to maintain active
solutions for new challenges profiles on those platforms. Then Look out for customer
they face. promote your various social testimonials on social media and
media profiles on your site and
Profile enrichment services will in your communications with
help you fill the gaps in your customers.
knowledge about your customers.
#3: Utilize
For example, Clearbit for
Salesforce can scour social media
services and other available data Social Media
Management Tools
sources for insights and deliver
more complete profiles of each
audience member.
Again, being dedicated to solving
Armed with these insights, your your customers’ challenges means
sales team will be better your customer support team
equipped to personalize sales needs to maximize efficiency and
pitches and appeal directly to effectiveness on social media.
your customers’ real needs.
In recent times, advertising and
marketing has evolved with the
change in technology. Fortunately,
the major social networks have
embraced their changing roles
and developed powerful solutions
to help you optimize support
statement to control disagreed.
YOUR ESTATE MATTERS disposition of the deceased’s
remains can act. The surviving If you are considering
By Linda Melancon spouse is third in priority, but cremation instead of a
only if no pending petition for traditional funeral service, it’s
divorce was filed before the not enough just to tell your
authorization form that death of the deceased spouse. family. Consult a qualified
identifies the human remains, A majority of the deceased’s professional to ensure that
gives the date and time of surviving adult children are your last wishes are
death, and provides fourth in priority. The order documented accurately and
notification as to whether the of priority continues with the in accordance with legal
death occurred due to a deceased’s surviving parents, a requirements.
disease considered dangerous majority of the deceased’s
to the public health. The form surviving siblings, and on to The information provided is not
also has to be signed by an more distant kin. intended to be legal advice and
authorizing agent, has to state does not constitute an
Estate the authorizing agent’s In our example above, where attorney/client relationship.
relationship to the deceased Dad left no will, and his You should consult with an
Planning and person, and has to state that children wanted cremation but attorney for individual advice
Cremation: the authorizing agent in
fact has the right to give
Mom didn’t, Mom would
take priority in making that
regarding your own situation.
Ms. Melancon has engaged in
Louisiana permission for the deceased decision. If Mom won’t sign the practice of law in
person to be cremated. the form, cremation isn’t an Ascension Parish for the last
Legalities option. If a divorce was eighteen years. The primary
What if there is a disagreement pending, then the adult focus of her practice is estate
as to whether a loved one children would take priority planning, probate, special needs
Dying can be an expensive should be cremated? Who can and be able to make that planning and elder law.
proposition these days. A sign that form and make that decision. If Dad left a will and For more information or to
traditional funeral service and decision? Suppose Dad dies gave his brother Jim the right attend an upcoming estate
burial can run upwards of and doesn’t leave a will or any to make the decision, Jim planning seminar, call her
$10,000 when all of the other written documents could sign the cremation office at (225) 744-0027.
funeral and cemetery fees are expressing his last wishes. authorization form even if
taken into account. This Everyone in the family knows Mom and the adult children
expense is one reason that Dad wanted to be cremated,
people may consider cremation because he told them so on
as a more affordable option. more than one occasion. His

Hey Dr. Rob,
three adult children are

I have a question,
There are different types of agreeable to that, but Mom is

after my nap.
cremation options, just as vehemently opposed. Can the

Me too,
there are different types of children overrule Mom by
majority vote and have Dad

after my nap.
funeral options. A cremation
funeral service is intended to cremated? What if Mom and
replace a traditional funeral Dad had filed for divorce
service, and can average about before Dad died? What if Dad
$3,900. A direct cremation left a will saying he wanted to
can be even less expensive, be cremated and named his
as there will be no funeral brother Jim as the person who
services. Rather, the could make decisions as to the
cremation takes place once all disposition of his remains?
necessary documentation is
completed, and the remains Louisiana law specifies an
are returned to the family order of priority as to who
afterward. has the right to act as an
authorizing agent for
Necessary documentation? cremation. First, any person
Wait a minute. What arranging the cremation can
documentation is needed for act as authorizing agent if the
cremation? It should be as deceased has given specific
simple as telling my loved authorization in his last will or
ones I want to be cremated, a written and notarized A SCENSI ON PA RI SH
shouldn’t it? Not necessarily. statement for cremation.
In order for a cremation to
take place, a funeral director
Second, the person named in
the deceased’s last will or a
has to have a cremation written and notarized 225.744.4905
So proud of our students at Dutchtown Primary for
being #1 in the state for raising the most money for the
American Heart Association in the Jump Rope for Heart
program with over $20,200 raised! #DTPeagleaproud

Many parents or others may resources. At Dutchtown state of Louisiana! It has
ask, “Why are the schools Primary, we raised $32, actually been proven
Muscular Dystrophy Association

asking the kids for a 895.00 this year for charity. scientifically that giving
National Down Syndrome Society

donation for dress down?” Our goal is to give back to One of the primary reasons increases self-esteem
“What are they collecting organizations that directly our founding fathers created and self-confidence. By
money for at school?” “What impact our students or our public schools was to create witnessing their ability to
are they using that money community in some way. a nation of informed citizens. help others locally or glob-
for… It’s public school!” This year Dutchtown In Ascension Parish our ally, kids realize they have
At Dutchtown Primary the Primary Eagles gave to: citizens are community the power to make a positive
money raised from dress minded. We are preparing difference. William James
down donations is used to is quoted as saying,
American Heart Association
our students accordingly! It
give back to others. It is part “Act as if what you do
Ascension Alzheimer’s Association
is my belief that one of the
of our school culture and our makes a difference.
Ascension Flood Recovery
greatest things about
school’s philosophy to It does.” Our eagles are
Ascension Jr. Livestock Association
Ascension Parish Schools is
provide opportunities to making a difference.
Ascension Leadership-Rebuild the
our community and I know
teach our little eagles to be
flooded libraries project
that Dutchtown Primary
charitable and give back
Autism Speaks
School’s community is
with our time, talent or
Cheering for Breanna Foundation
Louisiana Pediatric Cardiology among the greatest, in the

"Proudly Sponsored by Dutchtown Physical Therapy"

"Your Community
Physical Therapy
Provider" for
almost a decade.

Stephen Jackson, PT, DPT

(225) 744-3631 • fax (225) 744-3647

speaking or moving the likely cause, your dentist may factors.
Oral Cancer - A change in the way the teeth fit
jaw or tongue. treat it and ask you to return
for re-examination.
• There has been a nearly five-fold increase in inci-
dence in oral cancer patients
The Importance of together under age 40, many with no known risk factors.
• Oral Cancer most often occurs in Dentists often will notice a spot or • The incidence of oral cancer in women has in-
Early Detection those who use tobacco in any sore that looks harmless and does
creased significantly, largely due to
form. not have a clear cause. To ensure
• Alcohol use combined with that a spot or sore is not dangerous, an increase in women smoking. In 1950 the male
By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD
smoking greatly increases risk. your dentist may choose to perform to female ratio was 6:1; by 2002, it was 2:1.
Ascension Premier Dental
• Prolonged exposure to the sun a simple test, such as a brush test. A
Your dentist has recent good news increases the risk of lip cancer. brush test collects cells from a Prevention and Detection
about progress against cancer. It is • Oral cancers can occur in people suspicious lesion in the mouth.
now easier than ever to detect oral who do not smoke and have no The cells are sent to a laboratory for • The best way to prevent oral cancer is to avoid
cancer early, when the opportunity other known risk factors. analysis. If precancerous cells tobacco and alcohol use.
for a cure is great. Only half of all • Oral Cancer is more likely to are found, the lesion can be • Regular dental check-ups, including an examina-
patients diagnosed with oral cancer strike after age 40. surgically removed if necessary tion of the entire mouth, are
survive more than five years. • Studies suggest that a diet high in during a separate procedure. It’s im- essential in the early detection of cancerous and
Your dentist has the skills and tools fruits and vegetables may prevent portant to know that all atypical and
pre-cancerous conditions.
to ensure that early signs of cancer the hdevelopment of potentially positive results from a brush test
cancerous lesions. must be confirmed by incisional • Many types of abnormal cells can develop in the
and pre- cancerous conditions are oral cavity in the form of red or
identified. You and your dentist can biopsy and histology.
Regular Dental Check-ups white spots. Some are harmless and benign, some
fight and win the battle against oral
cancer. Know the early signs and see Important Facts About Oral Cancer are cancerous and others are pre-cancerous, mean-
your dentist regularly. ing they can develop into cancer if not detected
Oral cancer screening is a routine Incidence and Mortality early and removed. (American Cancer Society)
You Should Know part of a dental examination. Regu- • Finding and removing epithelial dysplasias before
lar check-ups, including an examina- • Oral cancer strikes an estimated 34,360 Ameri- they become cancer can be one of the most effec-
• Oral Cancer often starts as a tiny, tion of the entire mouth, are cans each year. An estimated 7,550 people (5,180 tive methods for reducing the incidence of cancer.
unnoticed white or red spot or sore essential in the early detection of men and 2,370 women) will die of these cancers in • Knowing the risk factors and seeing your dentist
anywhere in the mouth. cancerous and pre-cancerous condi- 2007. for oral cancer screenings can help prevent this
• It can affect any area of the oral tions. You may have a very small, but • More than 25% of the 30,000 Americans who get deadly disease. Routine use of the Pap smear since
cavity including the lips, gum tissue, dangerous, oral spot or sore and not
oral cancer will die of the disease. 1955, for example, dramatically reduced the inci-
check lining, tongue and the hard or be aware of it.
• On average, only half of those diagnosed with dence and mortality rates for cervical cancer in the
soft palate. the disease will survive more than five years. United States.
- A sore that bleeds easily or does
• Other signs include: Your dentist will carefully examine
the inside of your mouth and tongue • African-Americans are especially vulnerable; the • Oral cancer is often preceded by the presence of

- A color change of the oral tissues
not heal and in some patients may notice a incidence rate is 1/3 higher than whites and the clinically identifiable premalignant changes. These

- A lump, thickening, rough spot,
flat, painless, white or red spot or a mortality rate is almost twice as high. lesions may present as either white or red patches
small sore. Although most of these or spots. Identifying white and red spots that show

- Pain, tenderness, or numbness
crust or small eroded area are harmless, some are not. Harmful Risk Factors dysplasia and removing them before they become
oral spots or sores often look identi- cancer is an effective method for reducing the inci-
anywhere in the mouth or on cal to those that are harmless, but • Although the use of tobacco and alcohol are risk dence and mortality of cancer.

- Difficulty chewing, swallowing,
the lips testing can tell them apart. If you factors in developing oral cancer, approximately
have a sore with a
25% of oral cancer patients have no known risk

• IV Sedation
• Invisalign Certified
• Laser-Assisted Decay Detection
• Porcelain Veneers
• Implants
• Wisdom Teeth

Calvin G. Bessonet, DDS, FAGD
13375 Hwy 73, Suite 1 • Geismar, LA 70734 • Call: 225.673.6910 • www.
GAMBLING PROBLEM? 1-877-770-STOP (7867)
Join Us May 26th - 28th
Ascension Magazine Interviews the ‘Jim Hawthorne’
By Mike Strong
of the Jambalaya Festival, Todd Long.
Ascension Magazine is proud to support the Sunday at 6 o’clock ever since and has had a great Champion Kevin Braud with Jason wins Champ of Champs 2014
Jambalaya Festival. With it being the 50th time while doing a superb job. His connection to the
Anniversary I thought it would be fun to find out cooks is the amazing part and whether you are a
more about, Todd Long, the voice of the festival. rookie or first time finalist Todd makes you feel like
Todd is married to his wife Kathy of 26 years with you deserve to be there and that you have a chance
two daughters, Meredith 20 and Marissa 18. He to win the coveted title of this years World
lives in Gonzales but he was raised on Hwy. 22 in Champion Jambalaya Festival Cook.
the Acy/St. Amant area. He likes to call it Suburban I asked Todd where was his first announcing gig
Sorrento. and how he got started.
His primary job is used car salesperson at Ledet’s He got started announcing a bull riding event at
Auto Sales but built interest in broadcasting by the Boucherie Festival when Mr. Lyle Schexnaydre
working with David Young on APTV, Robin Coco told him to get on stage and announce the cooks.
Sports Scene Live, Clint Falcon Living Ascension, Jeff
Michael Inside Sports and Jenny Heroman at Eatel.
These TV shows all at one time or another covered
the festival.
Todd has been associated with announcing or
broadcasting the festival all together 16 years.
The first few years it was with APTV. Then in
2005, when the festival went to the Todd said, “I don't know any of those people. I Elisar when he won if he minded his joking about his
current format with a semi-finals, he don't think I can make it exciting. It’s easy last name and he said, “I don’t care, I won!” He
became the emcee of the cooking contest. announcing guys riding bulls, risking their lives. loves to imitate Ricky Bonneval and he loves the
Tee Wayne Abshire called and explained Those guys are cooking jambalaya and cracklins, unique way he talks. He has gotten a lot of
the new format to him and asked if he how exciting can that be.” Mr. Lyle said, “Get up comments from people that know Ricky. They think
would be the emcee. He has made us there and call out their names. If somebody’s last he sounds just like him and enjoy his imitations.
laugh and spiced up the finals on name is Gautreau, say something funny about a He’s heard Mr. Ricky doesn’t think he sounds
Gautreau that you know and do that with everybody anything like him.
and it will work out.” That’s how the Elisar’s became Mr. Lyle was right. If you say something funny
the Elisur’s. In school his friend’s name was Kyle about them it works out.
Elisar but one of their teachers pronounced it Elisur Many times through the years these finalists feel
and he always laughed about that. He asked Lee like there is divine intervention taking place. Many

Youngest Champion ever Lee Elisar with Kirk hear the winning numbers
champs have won the Champion Scott Duplechein passes the paddle Hoss and Brett
same year that one of
their family members or
important people in
their lives had passed.
The time that comes to
mind is one of the years
that Ricky Breaux won.
It was the year his
father, former champ
Black Breaux, passed
away. That year all of
the Breaux brothers
except one made the
finals. Todd has gotten
to hear and share a lot from his first one until he was 20 years old.
of stories over the years and is excited to find out While conversing with Todd I asked about some
who will win year 50. of his favorite winners. He pointed out all the
If he had to pick a favorite champ it would be two winners have been friends but a few stood out. The
time champ Donnie Mire. He was an ‘Uncle’ to him young Elisar brothers Lee and Kirk winning was very
and probably cooked every jambalaya Todd ate special, the youngest cooks ever to win. Guys he
grew up with winning like
Jeff Parent and Scott
Duplechain. Kim Leblanc

The Hall for
winning was great, he’s
known Kim his entire life.

All Occassions!
Joey Cornett winning was
special since he works with
his dad Peanut. Danny
Robert who was the official

Accommodates up
cook of his bull riding
events and Jody Elisar who

to 300 guest.
is his brother’s father-in-
law’s brother in law’s
brother in law. He liked

• Full catering menu
when Stump Marchand
won. He’s the only champ

• Outdoor Pavillion
that Todd is taller than and

for Weddings
Hoss Reine who Todd
Scott Duplechein and Champion Jeff Parent
watched getting started

• Space for seminars
• Business meetings
• Birthday parties
Call to set up an appointment
to view our venues.

17425 Airline Hwy • Prairieville

Champion Scott Duplechein with wife Kellie accepts paddle from Danny Robert

For more than 20 years, we have developed, owned and
managed senior housing communities throughout
Louisiana and Georgia that provide alternative living
arrangements for seniors combining wellness, independence
and personal care in a warm dignified setting with over
100 years of personal and professional experience.

Happy Mother’s Day
2305 S. Purpera Avenue,
Gonzales, LA 70737

cooking. There are so many
great cooks that make the
finals every year.
I asked Todd about special
achievement cook? Hoss is
the only person to win twice
with the semi final format.
Some of the other guys have
won multiple times in different
formats including Ricky
Breaux, Tee Wayne Abshire
and Byron Gautreau.
To watch Hoss and his son
Brett start cooking at the
Boucherie and the smaller Champion Stump Marchand
contests and keep working with Eric Lambert
hard and not give up. For him
to win twice is unbelievable. This is another story of Todd goes to a few different Jambalaya cook-offs
divine intervention. Hoss’ brother-in- law, Russell Ayo, every year and we have a lot of great cooks in
helped Hoss cook before he passed away. Hoss won Ascension but the Jambalaya Festival is the hardest
after Russell’s passing. Russell was one of Todd’s one to win. You have so many things that can go
favorite people and an all around great guy. wrong, cooking a chicken jambalaya over a fire. It is
I asked Todd about the local sponsors and the hard to do it 3 times in a weekend, especially twice
affects winning the title has on these cooks lives? on Sunday, that is very tough.
Ledet’s Auto Sales is the semi finals sponsor. The The Champ of Champs on Saturday afternoon is
various awards are special – the plaques from Krazy dear to his heart. It is different from the main contest
Kajun, Layne’s Jewelry ring that he gives the champ, because pork and sausage jambalaya is cooked.
the two headed axe for the helper, having their Some of the past champs have retired and this is the
names engraved on the golden paddle. But the honor only time they compete. He likes to visit with them
of being the champ, chosen out of all of these great and talk about how winning has changed their lives.
cooks, has a tremendous effect on these men’s lives. One of the biggest compliments that he ever received
Todd has gotten to meet a lot of people through the was when someone said that he was the
festival and the older he gets the more it means to ‘Jim Hawthorne’ of the Jambalaya Festival.
him. This is one of the biggest events that happens Todd truly enjoys getting to know these guys and
here in Ascension and he gets to tell the story. That’s being a part of this great community event.
unbelievable to Todd. The queens that come back Ascension Magazine would like to thank Todd for
every year and their dedication is amazing. It is a sharing with us his history and unique knowledge of
tremendous effort to put this festival on. Wally Taillon the festival. I must say the Jambalaya Festival
and his crew work hard to pull it off. The JFA ladies Association is lucky to have you and keep up
take their jobs very seriously and work hard on the fun work.
keeping Todd straight and organized.

Champion Joey Cornett
with Dad ‘Peanut’

Robert ‘Hoss’ Reine

Margaritas, Mint Juleps and Murder
in May with Sam Stone, P.I.
by Bill Delaune

Spring had sprung in New
Orleans but the one that had
sprung into my eye and
awakened me was an exposed
spring from a hole in the couch
that I was sleeping on.
I rolled over with no way to
hold my head that didn’t hurt
and through one bloodshot eye
witnessed a scene of what must
have been a monumental
struggle or party or
combination of both.
There were tequila bottles
scattered like last night’s
clothes, cigarettes, papers and a
pistol on the floor. Had I not
been able to make out a blurry
“Sam Stone, P.I.” on the door,
I may not have been able to
determine where-or for that
matter-even who I was.
I stumbled to the water closet
and found more evidence
supporting the battle theory.
There was a lipstick letter
written on a mirror shattered on
the bathroom floor. And
despite a few missing pieces,
I could put together enough
to read “…never see me no
With all these mysterious
clues boggling my already
confused brain, I was
confronted with the first major
decision of the day-should I
brush my teeth or finish off the
dregs of the Jose Curevo
bottles. I opted for the latter,
collapsed into the chair at my
cluttered desk and tried to Burrito on Magazine and ended The race itself was no bucking routine that resembled
retrace the events of an up at the all-night party at mystery. Acting on a tip from the old donkey basketball
extremely lost weekend. Superior Grill on St. Charles. weatherman Jim Cantore, I games. Needless to say, he
Friday, I remembered had Somewhere between the unloaded on a foreign horse didn’t finish the race but his
been Cinco de Mayo or as one burritos and enchiladas, some named Thunder Snow. jockey who masterfully stayed
of my incoherent cohorts called lovely conchitas had joined the Whether the bad weather in aboard got several offers from
it “Sinko de Mayo”-the wreck group because a couple of Louisville spooked him or the some Texas rodeo companies.
of a ship carrying Hellman’s. them were miraculously still bad hats in the crowd freaked That is where it started to get
My motley crew of friends-those with us on Saturday for the him out, Thunder came out of foggy. There is a fine line
who weren’t dead or in jail-had Kentucky Derby party out at the gate like he’d been hit by between truth and fiction and I
started celebrating at the Flying the Lakefront. lightning and went into a think I snorted it Saturday

night. I do remember we saw was stabbed him twice in the so high I couldn’t scratch my St. Louis took exception to his
Stevie Wonder at Jazz Fest-al- neck to make it look like one of rear without a stepladder. I’m sharking methods and removed
though I don’t think he saw us. Anne Rice’s vampires.” pretty sure I didn’t drive,” Mr. Pointer with a machete.
And I do know at least one of “But it’s not even I whined trying not to The middle digit’s removal
the Mexican girls made it back Halloween,” I tried to hold up incriminate myself. came some years later when
to my office with me because my end of the conversation. “Did Lee come back here to Freddie made an obscene
she had to drive us back to the “But I must say I’m not your office? Because, obviously, gesture at a heckler during a gig
Fairgrounds for the Sunday surprised. Stagger Lee has somebody did,” Anderson said at Utopia on Bourbon.
show. I would say I suffered a screwed everyone in the surveying the wreckage. “How was I to know the loud
“blackout” for the rest of the Quarter at one time or another. “No,” I sighed. “That I mouth was one of Marcello’s
weekend but with the huge I conveniently neglected to know for a fact. We dropped ‘Dixie Mafia’?” he would ask
amounts of Boone’s Farm grape way that he was also one of the most of the crew off at the after relating the story for the
wine we consumed it was few people on the planet that House of Blues on Decatur-they umpteenth time.
probably more like a owed me money-a commission were looking for some of those Arthel “Doc” Watson came
“purple out”. he had forgotten to pay for my off-site jam sessions. The only in shortly after. Doc was
About that time the pounding tailing one of his wayward New folks I remember here were Doc nicknamed-not for the
in my head subsided enough to Orleans ladies a few weeks back. Watson, Three-Finger Freddie, legendary blind bluegrass guitar
realize that someone was Now in my confused state, I Boston Blackie and some chick player, but for his uncanny
pounding on the office door. had assumed the police had named Rita.” ability to forge prescriptions for
Now if this was a Film Noir come to ask for my assistance in “Strictly the A-list you’re Schedule 2 narcotics. He then
from the 1940’s, Bogart would solving the case, but that was running with, Stone,” Anderson used the profits to turn around
say, “…And trouble walked not the case at all. sneered sarcastically. “Don’t and support his own compulsive
through in a pair of four-inch “We have witnesses that saw leave the city. We’ll be in gambling habit. He justified his
stilettos…” and a beautiful Lee-very much alive-getting touch.” shady dealings with comments
client would stroll in. But the into your truck when Jazz Fest Now I was shaking like a like, “It’s good for the
way my luck was running, ended last night,” Anderson’s long-tailed cat in a rocking chair economy” or “I’m my own
trouble walked in disguised as revelation hit me like a Joe factory and I knew I could use a personal economic stimulus.”
two New Orleans detectives in Frazier left hook. Bloody Mary so I stumbled next The last to arrive was our
suits with badges already out. Now my ragged old truck-a door to a bar. I ordered one transplant from the Frozen
“You Stone?” asked the 1997 Ford pick-up-was one of with a double shot of Nawth, Boston Blackie, who
clean-cut one in charge. He was the few things of my country Tito’s-vodka made deep in the had actually helped me out on a
so obviously Irish he could have roots I had insisted on keeping heart of Texas and not by those few cases in the past. But being
had a shamrock on his forehead. when I’d moved from my office election-stealing Russians. from the Northeast, he retained
“Yeah, but it’s probably a in the Prairieville C.B.D. to Next, I called an impromptu a more-that-aggravating elitist
second-hand contact high from New Orleans to escape some meeting of the three hombres view that everything from that
all those bongers at Jazz Fest,” trumped-up accusations from a who had survived the weekend area was inherently better than
I answered. “Excuse the mess, young lady on the beverage cart with me hoping they could shed other places.
boys, but Trump sent my at our golf club who had lost some light on what had Blackie had tried to run a few
Mexican maid back to Juarez.” her moral compass. happened and they agreed to scams on those “dumb-ass
He was not even mildly “You’re moving to New meet me at Johnny White’s Midwesterners” and
amused. “I’m Sgt. Jimmy Orleans to get out of trouble,” for a liquid lunch. “dumber-than-dirt” rednecks
Anderson, N.O.P.D Homicide. one of my friends had asked A wise man once said which was why he now found
This is my partner Detective incredulously. “That’s like that New Orleans was the kind himself wanted in all states that
Joey Catalanotto. You know a when Waylon Jennings moved of place you could hide from began with “I” and banned
guy named Leon “Stagger” to California to get off drugs.” anything-even yourself. Right from those that start in “A”.
Lee?” The truck wasn’t exactly the now, I just needed a little Big I bought the first round and
Hell, the whole city knew Honeysuckle Rose that Willie Easy beat to free my soul and let in a voice as calm as I could
Stagger Lee-hustler, con man, Nelson hauled his “family” me drift away into-as Mike muster, “Gentlemen, the New
pimp, wanna-be musician. around in, but it was common Tyson might say-“bolivion”. Orleans Police seem to believe
“I’ve heard of him,” I pro- for any number of my gang of Ironically, it was the musician that one of us is a murderer…”
ceeded cautiously. gypsies, tramps and thieves to “Three Finger” Freddie who ar- To be continued in next
“You won’t hear much hop in the back when we went rived first. Generally recognized month’s “Ascension
from him anymore,” said out on the town. as the best stand-up bass player Magazine”…
Catalanotto-as Italian as “Sergeant, I didn’t-don’t- in the city, Freddie played in
Anderson was Irish. “He was can’t-never know who’s in the several jazz groups despite not
murdered last night. Somebody back of that truck when we’re having a second or third finger (To Be Continued)
cut his jugular. He bled to death on the move-especially with all on his left hand.
in an alley not for from here. the madness of last weekend,” The loss of the index fin-
“Somebody with a warped I made a feeble attempt to ger was a direct result of his for-
New Orleans sense of humor,” regain my composure. mer pool hustling days when

added Anderson. “Whoever it “To be honest with you, I was some good ole boys from Bay
have employees in place that you the back of the truck because of
can actually count on to carry out my physical condition.
those responsibilities. About halfway through the fish
There was no wind when we cleaning process the old man, still
first arrived at the lake. No one else bleeding, had to stop and take a
was there which did not surprise break. Shortly after I finished the
me although the location is a very chore the two of us sat down to
good fishing spot. The old man drink a cool one. At that point I
fished on one side of a small realized what a wonderful day this
peninsula and I fished on the other had been. Two old friends had
side. The bites were slow at first. caught a beautiful mess of fish
We both missed a few fish but it without the use of a boat in a very
wasn't very long before we'd short time. The fish had been
caught seven or eight nice catfish cleaned and they were now ready
between us. The bites picked up as to be prepared for the table. There
time passed and at one point dad were no great things of history to
caught a nine pound blue cat. It be noted on this day. No great
wasn't long after catching that fish election won. No great feats in
that an incident occurred that had sports history. No terrorist strikes.

May 31, 2016 happened earlier in the year on
another trip with the now
eighty-five year old man. He
It was just May 31, 2016, a day I
won't forget. They'll never be
another 5-31-16 but I sure hope
One week prior to May 31st I a call for a couple of employees to somehow lost his balance and had they'll be another day where some
was getting a hernia operation. I come out and make some repairs. a serious fall. I heard the ole man and his semi old son can
was then one week into my recov- The calls were made and I returned commotion and raced over to help enjoy the same things that we
ery when my dad and I determined to sleep. The alarm finally sounded him up. Fortunately, by some enjoyed together on that small
that I'd recovered enough to make off and after a cup of coffee my miracle, just like the time before he peninsula at Lake Palourde...
a fishing trip. The plan was to fish dad and I packed the truck for the did not seriously injure or kill
from the bank near Lake End Park trip. The drive to this fishing himself. The skin on his elbow was
on Lake Palourde. We had made a location brings me past the present torn badly and he was bleeding Till Next Time,
trip there a couple of weeks before location of my employment. As we profusely but there was no
and we were very successful. passed by my mind ventured off to stopping him now for the fish were Help Em Up While You Can,
The clock was set for four thirty what my guys were doing at that biting. We'd been fishing for about
in the morning with the hopes of moment and digested the reality two and a half hours when he James "Goosie" Guice
getting to the lake a little early and that just one week from this day belted out, "my box is full, what ya
maybe catch an early bite so we I would be back on site performing say we head home?" I immediately
could return home early. Although my duties. It was a humbling agreed and after a short time
I'd been off work for a week now, I feeling to know that the job can go picking up rods, boxes, etc. I had
was reminded of my job duties at on without you and yet a very to get the bleeding old man to
1:30 that morning when I received rewarding feeling to know that you help me load my half box of fish in

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June 2nd

with Kellie
Useless Random Facts

Monday Night
The St. Louis Cardinals have the 2nd most DJ MUSIC & KARAOKE
World Series wins with 11, but have never won $4 Bombs
back to back World Series. $2.50 Blue Moon Drafts

The tallest player in Major League history is pitcher Jon
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Tuesday Wednesday
Carlos Beltran was the first switch hitter to hit $5 Double Wells! 2 for 1 Bomb Shots Sp ecial $5 Bombs Coors Draft Combos
300 home runs and steal 300 bases
• Friday
Mixed breed cats are called domestics.

5/19 ... Contraflow
Over a lifetime, an American woman will spend 5/26 ... Zip Ties
$125,000 on clothes. 3,000 items—271 pairs of shoes,
185 dresses, and 145 bags.
6/2 ... Voyage
• 6/9 ... Backlit Stereo
Women’s nominal clothing sizes have increased in physical size 6/16 Karaoke
over the years in a phenomenon known as “vanity sizing.”
A size 8 dress with a 32-inch bust in 1967 is now
considered a size 0 today.
• 5/20 ... Karaoke
In a study of 200,000 ostriches over a period of 5/27 ... Sofa Kings
80 years, no one reported a single case where an
ostrich buried its head in the sand. 6/3 ... Spank the Monkey
• 6/10 ... Side Effects
Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase
the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.
6/17 ... Original Music Night

In 1955 the richest woman in the world was
Every Sunday
Mrs Hetty Green Wilks, who left an estate of $95 million DJ MUSIC & KARAOKE ... $2.50 Domestics!!

Come Enjoy Golden Tee and Target Toss Pro
in a will that was found in a tin box with four pieces
of soap. Queen Elizabeth of Britain and Queen Beatrix
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The record for the lowest attendance at at E V E R Y D AY A T H A P P Y H O U R ,
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Thoughts from Bully

34 Steps
to Heaven
Unfortunately this time of the
year I am looking for guys to
play golf with because most of
my golfing buddies take off for
a 4 day golfing trip to Florida.
Fortunately this year they
extended me an invite.

I haven’t been on trip for a As I started to order my in the photo on this page.) I then
while and I have never been on lemon cookies. It was decided
we’d make a new list the next breakfast I noticed the chatter had to show them what my
a trip with 32 men. I started my quieted a bit. They were scattered, smothered, covered,
packing list with shorts, shirts, day but we just needed the
necessities that first night. listening to my double order of crisp hashbrowns looked like.
underwear and beer. Just the scattered, smothered, covered The next morning I heard a few
basics. and crispy hashbrowns order. orders ring out from my golfing
Everyone went to bed and
being a night owl I stayed up a They seemed to not be aware of buddies. “Give me a scattered
There was going to 7 men in the hashbrown combinations. I crispy hashbrowns.”
my condo. When I arrived I was little longer and I started up
those 34 stairs as quietly as pointed out the special window A group of our guys headed
instructed that my bedroom of all the combinations on the to Edwin Watts to purchase
was on the 3rd floor. With possible only to find Hubby on
the couch on the second floor menu including peppered, more golf balls but before they
duffle bag in hand and a spring capped, chunked or topped. left Jeff announced, “Ok all of
in my step I headed up what with eyes closed and he looked
like he was asleep. The next (All the combinations illustrated you Gautreau’s, Boudreau’s,
would be known to me as, ‘34
Steps to Heaven’. However by morning he pointed out he
steps 28 and 29 my stairway to heard every step I made. I don’t
heaven was slowing to a crawl. know if he has sensitive ears or
It is amazing to me how a set of I have weight problem.
stairs can become a teacher.
They will teach you to make After a good nights rest at 6am
sure your dumb butt doesn’t a roar of laughter erupted on
leave anything you may need the bottom floor. It happened
behind and have to face those over and over again. These guys
stairs again. wake up ready to laugh. If they
got paid to laugh these guys
It was time to make the would be rich.
shopping list. Now, I don’t have
to tell you, men are different We made our way to the Waffle
from women in most things House. The condo was in
and especially shopping. Our walking distance. How perfect
list consisted of toilet paper, is that for 32 golfers with
bathroom spray, coffee and hashbrowns 5 minutes away.

1 3 0 5 3 H W Y. 4 3 1 • S T. A M A N T


Front End


Babineaux’s, Ourso’s, This is a well known prestigious
Guitreaus’s, Simoneaux’s, trip and I was really happy to be
Arceneaux’s, Thibedeaux’s. there and was hoping I didn’t
It’s Time to Geaux!” It looks make a mistake and break a trip
like Cajuns have come to town rule. I must say I was a little
and taken over the Waffle nervous because I had heard
House. As we left we turn many stories of guys who were
around and pointed out to the invited and never to be invited 24 Hr. Emergency Roadside Service
staff, “We’ll be back tomorrow.” again. When I received my
invitation letter it had a note at

• All tires from ATV to Commercial Machinery • Emergency road service
• All brands to fit autos, trucks and assistance-Commercial Only
18 wheelers, including tractor/ • Locally owned and operated since 2004
construction equipment tires • New used and retreads

Locally Owned & Operated by
Oscar and Linda Mire and sons
Call for Appointment • 225.644.8473
for us to spend quality time honor on hole number
together because we are all in 3 one day.
line for a day that our friends
will be having a tribute and a I want to thank Pete and Peg
drink to our memory. We drank for extending me the invite and
a Miller Lite in Eddie Wilson’s hope I get it again next year.

And finally I want to tell Cub it
was nice playing with you at
Kellie Plantation. Maybe we can
at Pelican Point sometime.

the end stating, “If you have lot like Otis Redding. While
any complaints please let us playing an Otis song I was
know so you won’t be invited asked, “Is that Poose singing?”
next year.”
I learned Brent Broussard rock’s
After 4 days of golf and great and likes Creedence.
food I learned a lot and got to
know many guys I thought I I heard one of our fearless
knew, a whole lot better. leaders exclaim too guys on the
practice range and I quote,
I learned Catman supervises “Look guys I don’t like people
every meal and keeps his cooks or their pets.”
on track.
I learned it was important to
I learned the second day tuck my shirt in soon as
shopping list was added to by possible.
purchasing another bag of
lemon cookies and add a bag of I learned a golfer in our group
Snicker’s bite size snacks. is color blind.

I learned that Poose sounds a I learned how important it is

Geaux Tigers
We’ll See You at ‘The Box’

Join Us May 26th - 28th

Join Us May 26th - 28th
Final Results
1st Place:
Tina Griffin
Diane Clouatre
Michelle Remington – Remo

2nd Place:
Cheryl Neu
Kim Harding
Carla Hartenstine

3rd Place
Aaron H. Bourque
Shirley Bickman
Ursula Bethmann

Closet to Pin # 4
Carla Hartenstine
Closet to Pin # 8
Pat Morgan
Closet to Pin # 14
Tina Griffin
Closet to Pin # 17
Gracie Purvis
Most Accurate Drive # 9
Carolyn Lacey

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Cooking Gourmet at Home
8 ounces fresh Jumbo Lump crabmeat
1 small loaf French bread
1 Granny Smith apple
A lite and fresh dish for the summer 4 ounces Smoked Gouda (whatever cheese you like)
8 cherry tomatoes
1 ounce fresh basil
2 ounces extra virgin olive oil
2 lemons
Kosher salt & fresh ground black pepper to taste


First thing you want to do is get those toast points cooked. Set your oven on
375 and allow it to preheat. Take your French bread and cut it into ½ inch slices then lay them out on a
sheet pan/cookie sheet. Drizzle them with olive oil and bake for 5 minutes or until lightly browned.
Remove them from the oven and allow them to cool and get nice and crispy.

Next, grab your crabmeat and put it into a small mixing bowl. Drizzle the crabmeat with a little olive oil, the
juice of the lemon (no seeds), and salt & pepper to taste.

Crab & Apple Bruschetta Now get your cheese. Here we are using Smoked Gouda, but you can use any of your favorite cheeses. Shred
the cheese and set aside until it’s time to use.
Take out your cherry tomatoes and cut them in ½ and add them to the bowl of crabmeat

Thinly slice the basil leaves
Yield: 10-15 servings
The last ingredient to prepare is the apple. Remove the core of the apple either with an apple corer or simply
by cutting off each side of the apple. Cut the apple into small cubes and put them into the small mixing bowl
Prep: 15 minutes with the crabmeat and tomatoes, then drizzle with the juice of the last lemon (no seeds). This will keep the
apple from t
urning brown.
Executive Chef
Cook: 10 minutes
Serving: 4 Lay out your crispy French bread toast points and top them with the crabmeat, tomato, and apple mixture.
Sprinkle the shredded Smoked Gouda over the top then finish them off with the fresh basil.