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Macy Bell

Mrs. Crowell

Advanced Comp

10 February 2017

Dress Code Issues

According to the GWA 2016- 2017 Student Handbook, we students must be dressed for

success. Dress code is claimed to teach responsibility, accountability, attention to detail, and

the importance of a neat and well-groomed appearance (18). I believe the administration and the

students have two very different perspectives when it comes to viewing dress code. According to

the Handbook, Dress code violations are defined as the disregard or failure to comply with dress

code policies (18), yet many students view their dress code violation as something that will

most likely go unnoticed. Students view dress code as unnecessary due to the fact it is not taken

seriously by the teachers. Although the Handbook, that was written by the GWA Board, claims

that our dress code is important, I believe the administration falls short of enforcing the rules

because there is still an outstanding number of students who continue to get away with wearing

whatever they would like.

I believe the image of George Walton is displayed partly by the clothes students wear.

GWA has tried to put forth effort in installing the importance of a neat and presentable

appearance among the students, as well as the importance of our overall image. Although image

is not everything, it plays a large part in our role at GWA. The administration believes each

student should represent the school in a prestigious manner, not only with our appearance but

academically as well. I believe that is why there is a dress code in place.

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Recently, the size of clothing has become an issue. The faculty has concerned themselves

more with the size of clothing rather than if the student is actually in proper uniform. Clothing

must be appropriately sized (18), although that statement, regarding the size of our clothes, is

rather broad; what I deem appropriately sized may not be what others see fit. To avoid the

embarrassment of being told my pants are too tight, or that my skirt is too short, there should be

more detail under that guideline. The sizing needs to be addressed in a more realistic manner. Dr.

Dolan, our principle, has sat down the female students and asked for our opinion on skirts.

Students threw out the idea that skirts should be measured by the tip of your finger rather than

breaking out a ruler to measure the length. The fingertip rule can save students from

embarrassment and help improve the image being portrayed, if that rule is properly enforced.

While some students get away with wearing sweatpants to school, others are being

confronted about the shade of khaki they are wearing. Favoritism is also a problem when it

comes to enforcing the dress code. The Handbook does not specify which shade of khaki is to be

worn, so when a student is called out for wearing what he or she deems as proper dress code,

offense is taken because other students are getting away with wearing jeans, leggings, or

sweatpants. Some students fly under the radar, while others are constantly targeted for what they

wear, thus demonstrating a great sense of favoritism.

The GWA handbook states, Dress code issues should be addressed at the beginning of

school each day by the students first period teacher (21). I cannot speak for all, but I know that

most teachers do not uphold this rule. The handbook states, Teachers will use the dress code

violation form to write up the students who violate dress code (21), although when it comes to

receiving a dress code violation or not, it all just depends on which teacher notices that you are

out of dress code. The enforcement of dress code by our teachers is rare and has become a
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prominent issue. Mrs. Stancils job is to enforce the dress code and considering she is only one

person and she can only be in one place at a time, it is also the job of the teachers to help enforce

the dress code, making it not as easy to slip past without being written up.

Not only should the sizing of uniform be addressed, the actual enforcement of the dress

code guidelines set aside in the Handbook need to be addressed. For the students to display a

proper image of George Walton, the rules need to better enforced by the teachers at the start of

each day. The students that continue to break dress code need to be properly written up at the

start of each day and face the consequences set aside in the Handbook such as the

administration notifying the parent following the third violation (21). Although The Handbook

is claimed to be important, I believe the administration falls short of properly enforcing the rules

regarding dress code that are listed on pages 18-22.

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