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Results of Needs Analysis that helped me plan out my PD.


These results helped me prioritize professional development needs in my

college. Most teachers rated themselves as good users of educational

technology. Most of the respondents identified e-mail, educational

websites, Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint as the educational

technology they currently use in their teaching. This lead me to decide

that most of my PD would make use of their knowledge of these tools

either building up on that or using the same tools to present new


The data also shows that teachers mainly used overhead projectors,

teacher-run computer workstations, and cellphones, iPods, iPads and

other hand-held devices as the current technology hardware that they

used. This made me decide to conduct my PD through a projector, using

a teacher-run computer workstation, with teachers responding through

their iPads or iPhones.

In terms of 21st century teaching and learning, responses clearly show


Collaboration and teamwork, creativity and imagination seem to be

adequately addressed throughout teachers curriculum and lesson


However, critical thinking is poorly addressed in teachers following of

Interestingly, problem-solving skills seem to have varying responses:

ranging from poorly addressed to adequately address to superbly

address. I speculate that these varying responses are because of the

different content that teachers are teaching, which causes them to use

problem-solving skills in different ranges. However, this made me decide

that the practice of problem solving needs to be incorporated into all

lessons, starting with the students. So I decided to conduct a STEAM

approach PD to the students themselves.

Most teachers felt that flexibility and adaptability were adequately

addressed, as well as global and cultural awareness, information literacy

and civic literacy and citizenship.

However, most responses show that the skill of leadership are NEVER

addressed. This was an interesting point to pursue, and so I added a

video about important contributors to STEAM, choosing a personality

that would our student demographics would feel connected to, and plan

to create further workshops in which students look at role models in

leadership positions.

Oral and written communication were superbly addressed, so I wouldnt

focus many PDs on that, but I would want to focus some themes on social

responsibility and ethics. I chose to include a cyberbullying PD because

of this.

Technology literacy were response to be both adequately addressed and

superbly addressed equally, and initiative was response to as adequately

addressed. Both these themes would be covered lightly in all the PDs.
The majority of teachers responded that they would be moderately

interested in learning more about basic productivity tools, and very

interested in learning about google docs. I plan to incorporate a google

classroom PD with an explanation about google docs.